The Fated Partner? Makoto's Innocence

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Episode Data
Makoto and Ami dance
Original Episode
Name (Kanji/kana): 運命のパートナー? まことの純情
Name (Romaji): Unmei no Paatonaa? Makoto no Junjou
Name (Translated): The Fated Partner? Makoto's Innocence
Name (Viz Dub): Destined Partners? Makoto's Innocence
Episode Number: 147
Director: Yuji Endo
Writer: Ryota Yamaguchi
Animation Director: Hisashi Kagawa
Air Date: September 2, 1995
Previous Episode: Holiday in Juuban! A Carefree Princess
Next Episode: Shadows of Great Evil! The Trio is Cornered
English Dub Episode
Name: No Prince Charming
Number: 140
Company: Cloverway
Air Date: October 23, 2000
Previous Episode: The Duchess's Day Off
Next Episode: A True Reflection

Tiger's Eye plans to seduce the girls at a university dance party, while Makoto is immediately smitten with the charming stranger.


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Episode trivia[edit]

  • This episode showed that Fisheye hated carrots.
  • This episode featured a scene in which Makoto and Ami danced together; this scene has fueled rumours amongst fans of a romantic connection between the two.
  • This was the first new episode to air in Japan after the anime's premiere in North America on August 28, 1995.


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