The Fated Partner? Makoto's Innocence

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Tiger's Eye plans to seduce the girls at a university dance party, while Makoto is immediately smitten with the charming stranger.
The North American dub title for this episode is No Prince Charming.


Episode Data
Makoto and Ami dance
Original Episode
Name (Kanji/kana): 運命のパートナー? まことの純情
Name (Romaji): {{{Name (Romaji)}}}
Name (Translated): The Fated Partner? Makoto's Innocence
Name (Viz Dub): {{{Name (Viz Dub)}}}
Episode Number: 147
Director: Yuji Endo
Writer: Ryota Yamaguchi
Animation Director: Hisashi Kagawa
Air Date: 2nd of September, 1995
Previous Episode: Holiday in Juuban! A Carefree Princess
Next Episode: Shadows of Great Evil! The Trio is Cornered
English Dub Episode
Name: No Prince Charming
Number: 140
Company: Cloverway
Air Date: 23rd of October, 2000
Previous Episode: The Duchess's Day Off
Next Episode: A True Reflection

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Episode trivia

  • This episode showed that Fisheye hated carrots.
  • This episode featured a scene in which Makoto and Ami danced together; this scene has fueled rumours amongst fans of a romantic connection between the two.
  • This episode was the first new episode to air in Japan after the anime's premiere in North America, on August 28, 1995.


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