To a Brand-New World

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To a Brand-New World was an image song performed by Sailor Saturn in the musicals. This song shares a melody with Miss Dream's song, "Miss Dream," from Sailor Moon SuperS - Yume Senshi - Ai - Eien ni... and its revision, but the songs have different lyrics. It has been performed by Keiko Takeda, Chihiro Imai, Mao Mita, and Ayami Kakiuchi.


[edit] Lyrics

[edit] Japanese


Brand-new world
Brand-new world


わたしは サターン
破滅の サターン
生命の サターン

[edit] Romanized

Hikari sasu tokoro kage ga dekiru you ni
Inochi aru mono wa kanarazu shinu wa
Kanashimanaide ne
Umare-naosu tame ni
Anata no ai made michizure ni suru kedo

Brand-new world
Brand-new world

Arata na sekai
Tsukuridasu tame kono mi wo sasageru

Watashi wa Sataan
Hametsu no Sataan
Inochi no Sataan

[edit] English Translation

A place where light penetrates suggests the shadows can too
All which bears life will inevitably lose it
Do not grieve
For the sake of reincarnation
I will stand firm by your side as we travel to the ends of your love

Brand-new world
Brand-new world

A reborn world
To bring it to term I will sacrifice my body

I am Saturn
Saturn of destruction
Saturn of life

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