Usagi Will Teach You! How to Lose Weight

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A new gym which promises incredible weight loss in just a few days falls under suspicion from Usagi and Luna.


Usagi discovers that she has gained weight. Both her family and Luna agree that she eats too much and doesn't exercise, so she decides to go on a diet. Naru points out that Haruna has recently lost a lot of weight. As luck would have it, Umino has been stalking Haruna and and informs the girls that she has been going to a gym called Shapely. Finding out that the gym is offering free membership, the girls sign up immediately. The gym is actually run by Jadeite, disguised as a fitness instructor. The girls are taken in by the ruse, although Usagi quickly sneaks away for a bath. The other girls are given 'Shape Ray' treatment, which Jadeite assures them will reduce their weight. They emerge from the Shape Ray pods drained, but Jadeite tells them that they are more beautiful, and that they should come back tomorrow. The pods are, in fact, draining their energy.

Having lost track of Naru and the others, a hungry Usagi wanders the streets and passes out in Motoki's arms. She tells him that she is dieting, and he replies by telling her that she doesn't need to lose weight. Reassured, Usagi buys a large bag of dumplings and returns to her old eating habits. She then encounters her nemesis, who tells her the exact opposite of what Motoki told her. Luna agrees with him, and Usagi realises that all the dumplings she just ate will make it even harder to lose weight. Luna tries to point out that Gym Shapely is suspicious, and that the girls who go there are becoming dangerously thin, but Usagi is more worried about her excess calories.

While Usagi works hard in the gym, Luna sees an emaciated Haruna going into the basement. Jadeite puts her in the Shape Ray pod for another treatment, which will probably kill her. Luna lures Usagi out of the gym and gets her to transform into Sailor Moon. They confront Jadeite, who sets three hypnotised bodybuilders on Sailor Moon while he escapes. Following Luna's advice that fighting will help her lose weight, Sailor Moon dackles them and destroys the Shaoe Ray pods, then removes the hypnosis rings from the bodybuilders' heads. While Queen Beryl congratulates Jadeite on a semi-successful plan, Usagi discovers that despite her hard work, she is still overweight.

Episode trivia

  • Jadeite and Beryl's conversation in the penultimate scene marks one of the few times an evil minion has managed to satisfy their superior by the end of an episode.