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I am a <br>
girl named <br>
Joyananda Gi: <br>
25-year-old Librarian; <br>
Regional Typing Champion; <br>
Collector of cat-shaped items; <br>
Lover of pumpkin spice lattes; <br>
Fluent in three languages; <br>
Medieval history buff; <br>
Embroiderer; <br>
Vegetarian; <br>
Peace! <br>
Search for your love... <br>
You are always shining,<br>
Your smiling face is like a small star.<br>
I cherish it (Eternal Starlight).<br>
On that day, I couldn't protect you.<br>
I can only hold back my regretful tears.<br>
(I won't forget you, sweetheart.)<br>
Search for your love! (The crystal of heaven.)<br>
Search for your love! (Please don't cry.)<br>
Search for your love! (I truly...<br>
want to hold you close to me.)<br>
Your scent is what I'm searching for.<br>
Can you hear my voice? (I love you)<br>
Where are you now, Moonlight Princess?<br>
My princess,<br>
Answer me (Answer for me) <br>
Right now (Answer for me) <br>
Passing through the distant night sky,<br>
I make a wish on a shooting star.<br>
I whisper, "I want to see you."<br>
(Please tell her, Starlight.)<br>
As time passes, I've grown.<br>
I've finally realized,<br>
the pieces aren't enough.<br>
I want to find you, sweetheart.<br>
Answer me (Answer for me) <br>
Answer me (Answer for me) <br>
Answer me (Answer for me) <br>
Answer me (Answer for me)
Answer me (Answer for me) <br>
Answer me (Answer for me) <br>
Answer me (Answer for me) <br>
Answer me (Answer for me)''''

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