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Please do not comment on my talk page about specific articles or edits - those discussions should take place on the talk pages for the articles in question. Thank you!

I forgot to add the categories to a page I was a creating, and the wiki locked me out of creating pages. Could you please restore my ability to create pages? AmericanErrorist (talk) 16:41, 10 October 2016 (MST)

Request captcha removal[edit]

Hi, I'd love to contribute to Wikimoon, but I am finding it difficult to do so by having to enter a captcha every time I want to submit an edit to a page. May I request that I be relieved of having to type captchas? --Sk8erPrince (talk) 18:10, 15 November 2016 (MST)

Captcha Feedback[edit]

Just writing this to you since I know you're a frequent contributor/admin. I don't mind filling out captchas when making edits (as I'm not likely to make many, beyond possibly adding information about the Japanese version of Sailor Moon Drops), but I do think the questions should be clarified, or perhaps add an option for multiple correct answers. For example, "Who was the first Sailor Senshi?" could have multiple correct answers since the question is very unspecific - Sailor V, V, Venus, Sailor Venus, Minako Aino, Minako, Aino Minako, Usagi Tsukino, Tsukino Usagi, Usagi, Sailor Moon, Moon, etc. The questions asking who the guardian is for [x planet] don't specify whether they want full civilian names, the first civilian name only, or titles like Tuxedo Mask or Sailor [X Planet]. Mostly hoping to avoid frustration for legitimate contributors here. Thanks! :) -- SailorSoapbox

Request for creating pages[edit]

Please give me a permission for creating pages. Why you just denied creating new pages for registered users? Dipswitch (talk) 23:56, 3 January 2017 (MST)

Is it possible for me to create pages? Right now it seems I can't :/ 18:06, 1 April 2017 (MST) Arukas