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Please write the characters' names using the following list, for the sake of consistency. If you're going to insert a link, better to do Usagi Tsukino rather than Usagi.

Sailor Moon / Usagi Tsukino (as opposed to Sailormoon or Tsukino Usagi) Sailor Mercury / Ami Mizuno (as opposed to Sailormercury or Mizuno Ami) Sailor Mars / Rei Hino (as opposed to Sailormars or Hino Rei) Sailor Jupiter / Makoto Kino (as opposed to Sailorjupiter or Kino Makoto) Sailor Venus / Minako Aino (as opposed to Sailorvenus or Aino Minako) Sailor Chibi Moon / Chibiusa (as opposed to Sailor Chibimoon or Chibi-Usa or ChibiUsa) Sailor Uranus / Haruka Tenou (as opposed to Sailoruranus, Tenou Haruka, or Haruka Tenoh) Sailor Neptune / Michiru Kaiou (as opposed to Sailorneptune, Kaiou Michiru, or Michiru Kaioh) Sailor Saturn / Hotaru Tomoe (as opposed to Sailorsaturn or Tomoe Hotaru) Sailor Pluto / Setsuna Meiou (as opposed to Sailorpluto, Meiou Setsuna, or Setsuna Meioh) Tuxedo Mask / Mamoru Chiba (as opposed to Tuxedo Kamen or Chiba Mamoru)