A Couple Made for Each Other! Usagi and Mamoru's Love

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Episode Data
Chibiusa imagines Mamoru leaving Usagi for Saori
Original Episode
Name (Kanji/kana): お似合いの二人! うさぎと衛の愛
Name (Romaji): Oniai no Futari! Usagi to Mamoru no Ai
Name (Translated): A Couple Made for Each Other! Usagi and Mamoru's Love
Name (Viz Dub): The Perfect Couple: Usagi and Mamoru's Love
Episode Number: 132
Director: Junichi Satou
Writer: Yoji Enokido
Animation Director: Masahiro Ando
Air Date: April 15, 1995
Previous Episode: Capture the Pegasus! The Amazons' Trap
Next Episode: Artemis' Affair? A Mysterious Kitten Appears
First English Dub Episode
Name: The Perfect Couple
Number: 125
Company: Cloverway
Air Date: October 2, 2000
Previous Episode: Baiting the Trap
Next Episode: Much Ado About Kitten

Chibiusa worries that Saori, a friend of Mamoru's from college, is romantically interested in him.


Mamoru's friends from college, Saori and Kobayashi, drop by for a visit. Kobayashi can tell that Saori has a crush on Mamoru, though he doesn't say anything in front of his friend. They are supposed to meet Usagi the same day, but their plans fall apart when she shows up with Chibiusa and make a scene.

Saori can't help but burst into laughter, and thinks that Usagi is not the suitable person for Mamoru. While everyone talks cheerfully, Chibiusa thinks that there's something strange about Saori. She can also tell there is something fishy about Kobayashi's relationship with Saori.

The Amazon Trio are planning their next target. Tiger's Eye picks Saori.

Usagi and Chibiusa are shopping. Usagi is indecisive about which doll to pick while Chibiusa questions her worries. As tension escalates, Chibiusa leaves the store.

Tiger's Eye disguises himself as a tourist and sets out to seduce Saori, but when Mamoru arrives Saori leaves with him, angering Tiger's Eye and amusing Hawk's Eye and Fisheye.

Chibiusa images Mamoru dumping Usagi for Saori and worries that she would never be born because of it. She tries to find Mamoru and sees him walking the streets with Saori. Only to realize that Kobayashi is stalking them as well. While they continue to stalk them, Chibiusa finds out that Kobayashi is in love with Saori and decides to cheer for him. Chibiusa then runs back to the store and finds Usagi still unable to make her decision. Though she tells her about the "problem" at hand, Usagi is determined that Mamoru's love for her is pure. So Chibiusa drags her away to find Mamoru.

Mamoru and Saori finish their shopping and stop for a talk in the park. Mamoru can tell that she likes someone. Just when she is about to tell him, Tiger's Eye shows up and makes his move on Saori and immobilizes Mamoru. Super Sailor Moon and Super Sailor Chibi Moon arrive just in time to stop Tiger's Eye from killing Saori after he realizes that Pegasus is not in her dreams either. Tiger's Eye summons the balloon monster, Puko, to fight them, and leaves. Puko attacks Sailor Chibi Moon and then goes after Saori, but when Mamoru calls out to her, the Lemures turns to him and immediately falls in love with his handsome looks. As she makes a move on him, Sailor Moon jumps in and takes in the hit. As she begins to suffocate, Mamoru calls her "Usako." Saori hears this and realizes that Sailor Moon is actually Usagi. Mamoru manages to break free and stab Puko's balloon, saving Sailor Moon. Seizing their chance, Sailor Chibi Moon summons Pegasus and Sailor Moon defeats Puko. Seeing the power of their bond and that Mamoru's love is a girl of justice, Saori decides to keep her feelings to herself and gives the tie she'd bought to Kobayashi instead. Though he asks her why she decides to keep those feelings to herself, she just replies that there's no way she can win against a girl who is fighting to keep peace all over the Earth.

Meanwhile, Usagi and Chibiusa continue to fight over Mamoru.

Episode trivia[edit]

  • In the first English dub, when Tiger's Eye captured Saori he said "un, deux, trois," instead of his usual "one, two, three."
  • When this episode aired on Cartoon Network, the title was listed as simply "Perfect Couple."


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