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Please write the characters' names using the following list, for the sake of consistency. If you're going to insert a link, better to do Usagi Tsukino rather than Usagi. We are aware that numerous spellings are the subject of controversy, and any debate will be referenced on the appropriate article page.

Sailor Senshi and associates

Note: In the manga, only Sailor Moon was ever referred to as "Eternal," despite the fact that the final forms of the other Senshi were similar to Eternal Sailor Moon's sailor fuku, but titles such as "Eternal Sailor Mars" or "Eternal Sailor Jupiter," etc, existed in Sailor Moon Crystal and can be used for that continuity. The title "Sailor Star [Planet]" is fanon only and should not be used on the wiki.

Dark Kingdom


Black Moon

Death Busters

  • Kaolinite / Kaori (as opposed to Kaorinite or Kaoli)
  • Eudial (as opposed to Eugeal)
  • Mimete (as opposed to Mimet or Mimette)
  • Tellu (as opposed to Teruru or Telulu)
  • Viluy (as opposed to Biruit)
  • Cyprine (as opposed to Siprin)
  • Ptilol (as opposed to Puchirol or Petit Roll)

Dead Moon

  • Queen Nehellenia (as opposed to Nephrenia or Nehelenia)
  • Fisheye (as opposed to Fish Eye)
  • Tiger's Eye (as opposed to Tigerseye or Tiger Eye)
  • Hawk's Eye (as opposed to Hawkseye or Hawk Eye)
  • CereCere (as opposed to Cerecere or Cere Cere)
  • JunJun (as opposed to Junjun or Jun Jun)
  • VesVes (as opposed to Vesves or Ves Ves)
  • PallaPalla (as opposed to Pallapalla, Palla Palla or Para Para)

Shadow Galactica

Movie villains/characters


Myu Characters

Death Mannetjes

Shadow Galactica

Kaguya Island


Black Moon

Ai no Sanctuary

Mugen Gakuen