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Episode Data
Neo Queen Serenity talking through Sailor Moon
Original Episode
Name (Kana): Act.22 思惑 - NEMESIS -
Name (Romaji): Act.22 Omowaku - NEMESIS -
Name (Translated): Act.22 Expectation - NEMESIS -
Episode Number: 22
Manga Chapter: Act 22 Omowaku NEMESIS
Director: Nozomu Shishido
Writer: Yuji Kobayashi
Animation Director: Akira Takahashi
Air Date: May 16, 2015
Previous Episode: Act.21 Sakusou - NEMESIS -
Next Episode: Act.23 Anyaku - WISEMAN -

Wiseman reaches out to Chibiusa, telling her that he is the one she was seeking and she now must come with him. At the Space-Time Door, Sailor Pluto looks at the Key of Space-Time she had given to Chibiusa, sensing that something is wrong. As Chibiusa sets her hand in Wiseman's, a sudden storm rises at the Door, the force of its winds throwing Sailor Pluto backward.

Sailor Venus, Tuxedo Mask, Luna, and Artemis search the records in the palace library in Crystal Tokyo as King Endymion looks on. Sensing the danger elsewhere, the king suddenly turns to leave, saying that he needs to find Sailor Pluto. Tuxedo Mask joins him, and Sailor Venus complains about having to wait behind. She is soon distracted as the two cats find the records on Death Phantom, the criminal with the powers of Beast Hand and Evil Eye who had been banished to Nemesis for his crimes. Artemis says that Nemesis is cursed, and nobody should ever have gone there.

King Endymion and Tuxedo Mask find Sailor Pluto collapsed in front of the Space-Time Door. She tells them that Small Lady had gone into the mists without her key, and the storm is now coming from that direction, so something has clearly happened to her. Tuxedo Mask runs into the storm, calling Chibiusa's name, while Pluto calls after him in alarm.

On Nemesis, Usagi wanders the hallways of the Black Moon's fortress, feeling herself growing weaker. She pauses as she overhears Rubeus and Saphir talking about the other Sailor Senshi, saying that they were no longer needed and were likely dying in the Chamber of Darkness. Saphir comments that Nemesis is becoming more unpredictable and he is concerned. As they speak, Usagi faints, but is caught by Prince Demande, who carries her away.

Meanwhile, Tuxedo Mask forces his way through the time storm, searching for Chibiusa.

Prince Demande has laid Usagi on a bench to rest, but as he reaches to touch her face she opens her eyes and a flash of energy forces him to draw back. She angrily demands to know where her friends are, and he tells her that they are no longer alive. Usagi refuses to believe it and runs away, telling herself that she cannot die here without seeing Mamoru again.

She happens across Saphir at the reactor containing the power of the Evil Black Crystal, and he greets her as the future Neo Queen Serenity. He gloats about the power of the Black Crystal and their plan, but goes on to say that his brother doesn't understand how dangerous Nemesis can be. He says his brother can be impulsive, straying from what they had planned, and has been influenced by Wiseman in his obsession with the Silver Crystal. Saphir tells Usagi that he needs her to give his brother a message, just as his Droids take hold of her. He believes that once she is dead they will continue with their original plan, because her existence and that of the Silver Crystal have derailed the Black Moon's original intent. As he lunges at her with a spear of Black Crystal, the Crystal Star begins to glow in conjunction with the Silver Crystal surrounding Neo-Queen Serenity.

The light grows until even Tuxedo Mask can see it, and so do Wiseman and a shadowy female figure with him.

Usagi sees a vision of Neo-Queen Serenity smiling at her, which gives her strength. The light of the Crystal destroys Saphir's two Droids, and Usagi uses the power flowing through her to transform into Sailor Moon despite the influence of Nemesis. She reaches out to find her friends, helping them to transform in turn, and Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars, and Sailor Jupiter escape from the Chamber of Darkness together.

Back in the library, Sailor Venus senses the power of the other Senshi.

The Black Moon Clan is shocked by the power of the Silver Crystal, and Prince Demande summons Wiseman, who arrives with his mysterious shadowy companion. Prince Demande declares that the Silver Crystal's power is such that it causes war and destruction, but Neo-Queen Serenity reaches out to speak through Sailor Moon, saying that the Silver Crystal only exists to defend peace, and the Black Moon Clan was deceived into creating the war. Prince Demande disagrees, and Wiseman encourages him to kill Sailor Moon and take the Crystal for himself. The Sailor Senshi attack but Demande successfully shields himself against their power, countering in turn with his Evil Eye. The fortress begins to break up as the Silver Crystal's power makes the Black Crystal reactor malfunction, and Rubeus flees. His path is blocked by Wiseman, whose female companion mocks Rubeus for being a coward before he is killed by Wiseman's Beast Hand power.

Sailor Moon throws her tiara at Prince Demande to disrupt his Evil Eye, then uses the key given to her by Sailor Pluto to call upon the time guardian's power to help the Sailor Senshi escape from Nemesis. Wiseman is displeased that they managed to get away, but then smugly declares that Sailor Moon will return to him, bringing the Silver Crystal.

As Tuxedo Mask fights his way through the storm, he clutches the Cutie Moon Rod and asks Usagi to help him find Chibiusa. Black Lady appears and calls to him, and his eyes cloud over before she takes his arm and draws him away.

At the Space-Time Door, Sailor Pluto's Garnet Rod glows before the Sailor Senshi appear, and Sailor Venus greets them joyfully. Sailor Moon says that they escaped because Neo-Queen Serenity gave them power, but King Endymion says that Sailor Moon's own power reached through time and space to unleash the Silver Crystal. The winds of the time storm grow stronger, and Sailor Moon asks where Tuxedo Mask and Chibiusa are. Sailor Pluto explains that Small Lady went missing, which caused the storm, and Tuxedo Mask went in search of her.

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