Act.27 Mugen 1 Yokan ・ Kouhen

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The Sailor Senshi investigate Mugen Academy while Chibiusa goes on a trip to the amusement park nearby.


Episode Data
The Daimon returns to its original form
Original Episode
Name (Kana): Act.27 無限1 予感・後編
Name (Romaji): Act.27 Mugen 1 Yokan ・ Kouhen
Name (Translated): Act.27 Infinity 1 Premonition - Second Part
Episode Number: 28
Manga Chapter: Act 27 Mugen 1 Yokan
Director: Nozomu Shishido
Writer: Yuji Kobayashi
Animation Director: Yukiko Akiyama
Air Date: April 11, 2016
Previous Episode: Act.27 Mugen 1 Yokan ・ Zenpen
Next Episode: Act.28 Mugen 2 Hamon

Usagi returns home after having dinner at Makoto's apartment and finds Chibiusa on the phone with Mamoru. She immediately demands to know what they were talking about, but Chibiusa refuses to tell. Ikuko breaks up the fight and says that Chibiusa is going to the amusement park the next day with her friends and they needed a chaperone. Chibiusa proudly declares she will ride the roller coaster with Mamoru at Mugen C Park, and Usagi declares that it isn't fair.

Usagi calls Mamoru and whines about how she wants to go too, but he reminds her that she's going with her friends to investigate Mugen Academy. He points out that the park they're going to is also in the Sankakusu, next door to the school, so she can call him on his communicator if she needs him.

Back at the Secret Base, Luna and Artemis look at a map of the Sankakusu, the area in which Mugen Academy is located. They note that the very center of the area is a triangle divided into three sections called Tenouzu, Kaiouzu, and Meiouzu, and in the very center of the triangle is Mugenzu, the site of Mugen Academy.

In the enemy's dark lair, Kaolinite expresses her displeasure at the recent failure. She does note that because of the Daimon's release they were able to find those Pharaoh 90 spoke of who protect the planet. She orders the Witches 5 to find and eliminate those protectors, giving them permission to use a Daimon to do so. In addition, she promises that she will raise the level of those who succeed and also grant them the title of Magus, which she herself holds, and which will give them the ability to contact Pharaoh 90 and draw upon the Taioron Crystal.

As the girls stand in front of Mugen Academy, they sense something very wrong about it. Rei feels a strange aura and Ami observes that space is distorted on the delta. Makoto says that she feels like a storm is coming. Minako again feels someone's eyes on her, and quickly turns, but sees nothing.

Mamoru and Asanuma wait while Chibiusa rides a rollercoaster with Momoko for the second time, and invite some of her friends to join them. While she is on the ride, Chibiusa's hat flies off, so she runs off to find it, telling Momoko to rejoin the others and have fun. When Momoko returns without Chibiusa, Mamoru quickly hurries off to find her, leaving Asanuma in charge.

Chibiusa runs down the path in the direction she thought she saw her hat going, and pauses to look up at the tall building housing Mugen Academy.

Ami reads information about the school off her tablet, noting that it holds grades from preschool through graduate school and attracts people who are intelligent and gifted in many fields. The girls notice it also has strong security and wonder how they are going to get in. Usagi pulls out her Disguise Pen and transforms herself into a Mugen Academy student, then announces she'll go search, running inside and leaves her dismayed friends behind.

As she looks around the building, Usagi hears music playing and is drawn toward the sound.

Outside at different places around the school, Usagi's friends, Mamoru, and Chibiusa also hear the violin music and head toward its source.

Usagi finds Michiru playing a violin, and observes that the music feels like a gentle wave. Michiru stops as she sees Usagi.

Minako turns as she senses that same unknown watcher again, and Haruka drops down to stand in front of Usagi's friends, frowning.

Michiru tells Usagi that she's fearless to come to a dangerous place like this, and warns her that someday that could be her downfall.

Haruka tells the girls to stay away, and if they get in the way they will be shown no mercy.

Usagi is spotted by a member of the school Disciplinary Committee, who demands to know her name and grade, and quickly runs away. As she runs, she thinks about how cold Michiru's eyes were, and wonders if she could be an enemy. She finds a door into the school, now lost, and tries to find the way back to where she left her friends.

Chibiusa finds her hat again outside a building with a sign that reads "Tomoe Research Laboratory." While there, she sees a girl crouching on the ground, apparently in pain.

As it grows darker, Mamoru calls Chibiusa's name, growing more and more worried about where she might be.

When Chibiusa approaches to offer help, the girl shakes off her hand and tells her it happens to her all the time and she'll be fine soon. She tells Chibiusa to leave her alone, and that she is in an off-limits area. Usagi emerges from within the building and runs over to Chibiusa, who explains the situation.

Eudial approaches a stray cat while holding a black egg-shaped object like the one that caused a Daimon to emerge from the schoolgirl, and the brooches Chibiusa and Usagi wear begin to glow. A huge Daimon with cat-like features appears and attacks as the girls run away, leaving the strange girl behind. As the two of them rejoin their friends, two mysterious Sailor Senshi can be seen watching from a short distance away.

The girls transform into their Senshi forms and the Witches 5 arrive to watch the battle. Sailor Mercury uses Mercury Aqua Mist to distract the Daimon and Sailor Mars attacks with Burning Mandala. The infuriated Daimon rushes at Sailor Moon and Sailor Chibi Moon, who run and dodge its attacks, inadvertently drawing it back toward the black-haired girl. When it lunges toward her, Sailor Chibi Moon pulls the girl out of the way.

Eudial orders the Daimon to tear the Senshi apart, while in the meantime the unknown pair of Sailor Senshi continue to watch from the shadows.

Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Venus attack with Sparkling Wide Pressure and Venus Love-Me Chain, and the Daimon is momentarily stunned. Sailor Moon calls upon Neo-Queen Serenity to lend power to the Heart Moon Rod, and uses Moon Spiral Heart Attack to destroy the monster, leaving the cat behind.

The Witches 5 vanish, annoyed at their failure.

Mamoru comes running up to join them and Sailor Chibi Moon greets him cheerfully until the black-haired girl droops, catching her attention. Sailor Moon realizes that the stranger saw their real identities, and though she tries to come up with some excuses, Sailor Chibi Moon proudly introduces them as Sailor Senshi. The girl notices that Sailor Chibi Moon was injured while protecting her, and reaches out a hand that begins to glow with golden light, healing the wound.

The Sailor Senshi suddenly sense the two other Senshi watching them and turn, wondering if they are enemies. The pair leap away into the night, leaving the group to stare after them.

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