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Cyprine, the next member of the Witches 5, takes advantage of the disagreements between the Inner Senshi and Outer Senshi.


Episode Data
The brainwashed Senshi attack
Original Episode
Name (Kana): Act.32 無限6 3戦士
Name (Romaji): Act.32 Mugen 6 3 Senshi
Name (Translated): Act.32 Infinity 6 Three Warriors
Episode Number: 33
Manga Chapter: Act 32 Mugen 6 3 Senshi
Animation Director:
Air Date: May 16, 2016
Previous Episode: Act.31 Mugen 5 SAILORPLUTO Meiou Setsuna
Next Episode: Act.33 Mugen 7 Henshin SUPER SAILORMOON

Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune appear next to Sailor Pluto, and Sailor Chibi Moon rushes up to Sailor Pluto and hugs her, stunned to see her friend again. Sailor Pluto says that she was reborn through the power of Neo-Queen Serenity, in order to fulfill her mission. Sailor Moon suddenly transforms into Princess Serenity, and as the three Outer Senshi move to kneel before her, Sailor Chibi Moon thinks that Sailor Pluto is even stronger than she was before. The three Senshi introduce themselves as guardians of the outer solar system.

Sailor Uranus apologizes for their behavior before, saying that all they did was to protect the planet. Sailor Neptune explains that their role is to protect the solar system from outside threats, and they watched over Silver Millennium from a distance. Sailor Pluto says that just as Silver Millennium and the princess were reborn in this time, so were they. The three go on to explain that they awoke too late to prevent an enemy invasion, and by the time they realized it, the Death Busters were firmly settled in place. The Death Busters are from the Tau Star System, and were attracted to a warp in space-time in the area of Sankakusu, but now must be defeated quickly. Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune pretended to be students at Mugen Academy to spy on their enemies, but can no longer do so. The three Senshi apologize for getting the others involved and say they will take care of the threat, as it is their jurisdiction and the Inner Senshi will only get in the way. When Serenity insists that they will help, Sailor Uranus snaps at her for wanting to put herself in danger, then softens and apologizes for confusing her before. Sailor Neptune explains that Sailor Uranus is both man and woman, with the strength of both, and they add that the Outer Senshi were given greater power and strong weapons. Tuxedo Mask asks if they have the Talismans that will bring destruction, and Sailor Mars recalls the dreams warning that the Talismans must not be gathered. Sailor Uranus replies that they have the Talismans in order to destroy the "god of destruction."

At the Tsukino home, Usagi is racing about trying to get ready for school as Chibiusa, Luna, and Diana watch a news report on television talking about missing students from Mugen Academy, and how the facilities have been closed down. Kenji hears the newscaster mention Professor Tomoe, and observes that the "mad scientist" is causing trouble again. Usagi glances at the television and realizes that it's Hotaru's father, and asks about him. Kenji explains that he was a famous genetic engineer years ago.

At the Secret Base, Luna and Artemis pull up information on Professor Tomoe, finding that he carried out illegal animal testing and genetic manipulation, which led to him being expelled from the academic community. He then sold his findings to foreign companies and used the money to buy land in the Mugen district. Two years later, his wife and daughter were caught in a fire during construction, after which he withdrew from society and became the president of Mugen Academy. Luna asks Chibiusa to investigate Hotaru and her father. Usagi says that it could be difficult and asks Chibiusa if she will still do it, and Chibiusa agrees.

In his laboratory, Professor Tomoe notes that Kaolinite is distracted and tells her she should be focusing on eliminating the Sailor Senshi, and taunts her about the failures of the Witches 5. When she goes to see him, Pharaoh 90 is angry because the light of the Taioron Crystal is fading, and orders Kaolinite to obtain the light of the Sailor Senshi which is similar to it. Kaolinite looks into her pool and notes that the Senshi are gathering, and is especially worried about the three new ones which seem stronger than the rest. As she focuses on visions of the Outer Senshi, the water abruptly fountains upward, erasing the images in the pool. She calls Cyprine and orders her to make up for the failure of the other Witches, and Cyprine confidently replies that she will obtain the Hoste of the Senshi and please Pharaoh 90. Kaolinite drops her amulet into the pool, sending it to Cyprine, and tells her to also eliminate the two Mugen Academy students who fled.

Chibiusa tells Ikuko that she'll be home late because she's going to a movie with a friend. When Usagi asks about it, Chibiusa says that Hotaru called her, and that she said she might want to talk about something - possibly about her father. Kenji notices the clay Holy Grail and asks about it, and Chibiusa walks over to explain what it is. Watching her, Diana observes that Chibiusa is growing as a Senshi, and Luna agrees.

Hotaru lies on an operating table, opening her eyes briefly to see her father standing over her before closing them again.

Chibiusa waits at the theater, worried because Hotaru is an hour late. She calls the number Hotaru gave her but there is no answer; Chibiusa worries that Hotaru might have suffered another fit, and goes to the laboratory to find her.

In her bedroom, Hotaru talks to her father about her "new parts." He assures her that they're all new materials and shouldn't cause any problems. As he leaves Hotaru glances out the window, wondering if Chibiusa has already gone home. She pauses to examine her arm, which is made of cybernetic parts, then looks up to see Chibiusa looking at her through the window. Chibiusa quickly apologizes for intruding, then runs away quickly. Hotaru starts to follow but collapses, overcome by another of her fits. She remembers the fire which killed her mother, and how she woke up to find herself in this cold body. She always thought she would be alone, but then she finally made a friend, and now Chibiusa has been scared away. As Hotaru clutches her head in pain, she sees images of Haruka, Michiru, and Setsuna standing outside her window watching her, and angrily throws her amulet at them. After they vanish, she thinks about how much her head hurts, like someone is trying to take over her body.

Chibiusa is lost in thought as she heads home, wondering what she should do now. She shouldn't have seen what she did, but is afraid she hurt Hotaru's feelings by running away. An unnatural hail starts to fall, and she suddenly feels numb, her strength draining away. She finds Mamoru and Usagi as the other people on the street slowly rise to their feet, black stars now emblazoned on their foreheads.

Cyprine arrives at Haruka's apartment, identifying her as one of the runaways from Mugen Academy, and attacks. Haruka dodges the attack and transforms, and Sailor Neptune and Sailor Pluto arrive to help her. Though initially startled, Cyprine gloats that now she can destroy all of them at once.

At the Secret Base, Minako says that the hail is making the people of the city vicious and bloodthirsty, and they are all fighting. Luna pulls up an image of the Outer Senshi facing off against Cyprine, and Makoto observes that they don't need to help. Usagi, however, insists that they can save them and the rest of the people in the city.

Cyprine hits the three Outer Senshi with her Ribbon Buster attack, but the Inner Senshi arrive and Sailor Mars dissipates the next attack with Mars Snake Fire. Sailor Uranus angrily orders the Inner Senshi to leave, but Cyprine lifts her staff and wraps the two groups of Sailor Senshi in bands of dark energy. She holds up the amulet Kaolinite gave her and the Sailor Senshi's eyes suddenly glow red - all but Sailor Moon, who is protected by the glow of the Silver Crystal. Now released from Cyprine's bands, the Outer Senshi and Inner Senshi attack each other with deadly intent.

Sailor Moon realizes that they have fallen under Cyprine's power, and attacks her with Moon Spiral Heart Attack. Cyprine splits in half, and she and Ptilol look for the light similar to that of the Taioron Crystal. Sailor Chibi Moon arrives and tries to use Pink Sugar Heart Attack to stop the fighting, but Sailor Jupiter is annoyed and flings an attack at her which Tuxedo Mask blocks.

Sailor Moon asks why they must fight - is it because they hate each other, deep down? She rejects that thought, remembering how the three Senshi saved them earlier; all the Senshi share the same determination to protect that which is precious to them. Sailor Chibi Moon and Tuxedo Mask rest their hands on top of Sailor Moon's, and she wishes for their hearts to become one. The Holy Grail appears before them as a golden crescent glows on Sailor Moon's forehead. She calls to everyone to lend her power.

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