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Episode Data
Sailor Mars using Akuryo Taisan
Original Episode
Name (Kana): Act.3 レイ - SAILOR MARS - 
Name (Romaji): Act.3 REI - SAILOR MARS -
Name (Translated): Act.3 REI - SAILOR MARS -
Episode Number: 3
Manga Chapter: Act 3 Rei SAILORMARS
Director: Yoko Ikeda
Writer: Yuji Kobayashi
Animation Director: Hiromi Ishigami, Kozue Komatsu
Air Date: August 2, 2014
Previous Episode: Act.2 AMI - SAILOR MERCURY -
Next Episode: Act.4 Masquerade - Kamenbutoukai -

At the underground palace of the Dark Kingdom, Queen Beryl scolds Jadeite for failing her a second time. A long-haired man steps in and introduces himself as Nephrite, commander of the North American division, then points out the apparent weakness of his colleague's Youma. Nephrite volunteers take over Jadeite's mission to obtain human energy and find the Silver Crystal, but a third man intervenes, observing that the recently awakened Sailor Senshi might be also after the Silver Crystal. Jadeite wants to know more about the mysterious stone, and Queen Beryl explains that the Silver Crystal is a source of immense power that will allow its holder to rule the universe. She decides they will postpone the search for the legendary crystal until they are able to get rid of their new enemies, and gives Jadeite another chance to redeem himself.

At the Hikawa Shrine, a miko called Rei meditates before a fire, sensing that an earthshaking event is approaching. Later that afternoon she watches as Mii, a girl who often spends time at the shrine after school, leaves to take the six o'clock bus home.

While at school, Usagi's friends discuss the recent disappearance of several children who took the six o'clock bus at Sendai Hill, which is rumored to be cursed. Luna arrives and tries to wake Usagi, who had fallen asleep on her desk while her friends talked, reminding her about their strategy meeting with Ami at five. Usagi seems too sleepy to listen at first, but immediately wakes up as soon as Luna mentions their meeting place is Game Center Crown. Once at the arcade, Luna tells Ami about their princess and the Silver Crystal as Usagi plays the Sailor V game again. When she finally manages to level up, the game machine dispenses two matching watches.

After the meeting, Usagi is disappointed to hear Ami has to leave to go to cram school. Ami suggests that Usagi can come with her, and mentions a beautiful student from T·A Academy for Girls she sometimes sees when she takes the bus at that time. Usagi accepts, and as they get on the bus Luna notices that it stops at Sendai Hill. She remembers what Usagi's friends said about the cursed bus, but quickly dismisses the rumor as simple gossip. Ami sees the beautiful girl (who is Rei, the miko seen previously) standing a short distance away on the bus, and points her out to Usagi. Usagi immediately becomes entranced and stares until the girl notices. When Rei looks back at Usagi she sees a vision of a white castle, but before she has time to think about it the bus stops and she gets off.

Usagi decides to follow the beautiful girl despite Luna's objections, saying that she has nothing better to do anyway, but she soon loses sight of Rei. Luna suggests looking in the shrine across the street, but as soon as they cross the entrance two crows descend upon Usagi. Inside the building, Rei, now in her miko robes, exclaims she senses an evil presence nearby. She storms outside, throwing an ofuda with a cry of "Akuryo Taisan!" and strikes Usagi on the forehead, knocking her down. When Rei realizes who she hit she apologizes, although she remarks that her pet crows Phobos and Deimos don't usually attack humans; she thinks to herself that maybe they, too, sensed something unusual about Usagi.

Rei sees Mii's mother and two other women praying, and when she goes to meet them, Mii's mother informs Rei that her daughter has disappeared, and confesses her fears about the so-called cursed six o'clock bus. The woman and her two friends claim they don't suspect Rei and the shrine, but as soon as they start to leave they can easily be heard gossiping about Rei's eccentricities and rumored special abilities. When Usagi asks Rei about Mii, the miko tells her of the legend of a phantom sixth road that appears where five other roads meet on top of Sendai Hill, swallowing the six o'clock bus.

At school the next day, Usagi and Ami admire their new watch-communicators when they overhear several people talking about the mysterious disappearances at Sendai Hill. As the number of kidnappings increases, rumors about the cursed bus are spreading, and now even the teachers seem worried. While Ami goes to cram school after class, Usagi suggests visiting the shrine again, and Luna agrees, wondering if a servant of the gods with noble features and a mysterious power like Rei's might be the princess they are looking for. They board the bus on line 66 to Sendai Hill, and Luna begins to explain to Usagi how to use the communicator. She suddenly stops and begins meowing loudly as she notices that the same dark-haired young man Usagi often bumps into is listening to them from a seat nearby. Usagi demands to know what is he doing there, and the man identifies himself as a second-year high school student named Mamoru Chiba. They briefly talk about the rumors surrounding the Sendai Hill route before sinking into an awkward silence. Usagi then realizes her heart is throbbing again.

Meanwhile, at the shrine, Rei is visited again by Mii's mother and her two friends, who desperately ask her to use her powers to find the girl. However, when Rei tells them that she doesn't possess that kind of power the women accuse her of being involved in the kidnappings. Usagi arrives in time to defend Rei, but when she's unable to explain the disappearances herself, she's also accused of being an accomplice. Losing her patience, Rei yells at the women to go away. Before excusing herself, Rei explains to Usagi she has always been looked down on because of her unusual powers, and sadly wonders why was she born with them. Usagi volunteers to help her find Mii, but Rei asks her to leave as well, since it would be best for her to not be seen around the strange shrine maiden.

Once inside, Rei meditates before the fire again in an attempt to solve the mystery of the disappearances once and for all. She sees a vision of Jadeite capturing Usagi and runs after the girl, but the 66 bus stops in front of her. The door opens and Jadeite, the driver, reaches out for Rei and the girl faints as the Shitennou's eyes flash green.

As Usagi and Luna stand by the stop where the five roads meet, the bus passes by and they see an unconscious Rei inside. A portal opens up in the wall behind them and the bus drives into it. Usagi pulls out the Disguise Pen and turns herself into a stewardess to boost her confidence, then jumps onto the bus, but Luna loses her grip and falls back. Tuxedo Mask arrives just in time to catch the cat as the bus disappears completely. Luna jumps from Tuxedo Mask's arms and runs away, leaving him wondering about Usagi and the transformation he just witnessed.

Luna contacts Ami at cram school, and together they use the communicators and Luna's computer to reach Usagi, then use the energy released by their transformations into Sailor Senshi to pinpoint the enemy's hideout and teleport there. Sailor Moon and Sailor Mercury find themselves inside a large room lined with columns, along with Jadeite's numerous hostages.

The Shitennou kneels before Rei and comments that he feels attracted to her, even though he has never met her before. Sailor Moon interrupts and tells him to stay away from Rei, and Jadeite introduces himself to the Senshi before attacking Sailor Moon. Sailor Mercury dodges him and uses Mercury Aqua Mist to cloud the area. She tells Sailor Moon to go help the hostages while the fog lasts, but before she can move the fog disappears, crystallized by Jadeite's freezing power. He then uses his powers against the two of them, projecting a beam of energy that paralyzes the Senshi and slowly begins to cover their bodies in ice.

Rei wakes up and sees through Sailor Moon's transformation, recognizing her as the girl from the shrine. Sailor Moon unconvincingly tries to deny it, explaining that she was drawn there because she's a chosen soldier with special powers. Rei abruptly grabs Jadeite's arm and forces him to halt his attack, but he mocks her, saying no ordinary human could ever stop him. As Rei's own hand begins to freeze, she realizes she, too, was born with special powers so that she could help others. The symbol of the planet Mars flashes on her forehead, and she sees the same vision of the white castle. Rei breaks free from Jadeite's hold and takes a transformation pen from Luna, who recognized her as a Sailor Senshi. After receiving a reassuring look from both Sailor Moon and Mercury, Rei transforms into Sailor Mars, the Senshi of fire.

Jadeite sends a blast of freezing energy against Sailor Mars, but she's surrounded by an aura of red light that renders the attack useless. Sailor Moon then uses Moon Tiara Boomerang to trap Jadeite, giving Sailor Mars the chance to perform Akuryo Taisan again, which sends flames that engulf the Shitennou and force him to retreat.

Back at Sendai Hill, Mii is woken up by Rei, who barely has time to tell the girl that the Sailor Senshi saved them before she's embraced by her weeping mother. Rei leaves them to join Usagi, Ami, and Luna, who welcome her into their team, and the girl is touched by their warmth. Luna declares that it is time to find their princess and the Silver Crystal, and Usagi exclaims they will definitely be able to now.


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