Act 10 - I am Queen Beryl, Queen of Darkness

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Usagi runs away from home, Zoisite writes a melody to destroy all princesses, and Queen Beryl confronts the Senshi and tells them about the Moon Kingdom.


PGSM Episode
Queen Beryl appears before the Sailor Senshi
Name (kanji/kana): わらわが闇の女王クイン・ベリル
Name (romaji): Warawa ga Yami no Joou Kuin Beriru
Name (translated): I am Queen Beryl, Queen of Darkness
Episode Number: 10
Director: Nobuhiro Suzumura
Writer: Yasuko Kobayashi
Air Date: December 6, 2003
Previous Episode: Act 9 - I'll Protect the Legendary Silver Crystal
Next Episode: Act 11 - We Got to Meet the Real Minako!

It's night at the Hikawa Shrine, and Rei is busy drawing a picture. She sets down her pencil and stares into space, remembering when she was a child and read the Princess Kaguya story as a child. She then gets up and opens a sliding door, looking out at the full moon, and smiles.

At the Tsukino residence, Usagi and her mother bicker with each other in the dining room, while Shingo sits under the table and eats his breakfast. Usagi finally declares that she's fed up with her mother, and Ikuko replies that she guesses she no longer has to cook or clean for Usagi. Usagi can't come up with a good response to that, and just storms out of the room.

Up in her room, Usagi angrily packs a bag, declaring that she no longer needs a mother like that. Luna, curious, asks what the fight was about, and Usagi tells her that it was over whether or not to put cheese on her omelet. Luna is speechless for a moment, then asks where Usagi plans to go. That, however, was something she hadn't yet considered.

Usagi wanders into Karaoke Crown with her bag over her shoulder, and is shocked to find Mamoru behind the counter instead of Motoki. She remembers the time she and Mamoru were at the amusement park and were lost in the mirror maze together. Motoki emerges from the back room and tells her that he has something to do, so Mamoru is filling in for him. He then tells Mamoru that Usagi has a year pass and doesn't have to pay, but Usagi says it's okay, she decided not to go after all. As she leaves, she wonders why she didn't want to go in.

Usagi next tries Naru's apartment, but there's no answer at the door. She goes to Ami's apartment just as Ami is leaving; she's on her way to the library, because her mother got a day off and is sleeping, and she wanted to look for Sailor V anyway. Ami notices Usagi's bag and asks if she's going somewhere, but Usagi shrugs it off. Next, Usagi vists Makoto's apartment, but finds her in the midst of remodelling work, so she just leaves her a box of treats before departing again with a cheerful grin. Makoto peeks out the door after her as Usagi's shoulders slump and she wonders where she can go now.

As Usagi walks down the street, Luna suggests that she try Rei's place, but Usagi is worried that Rei will be mad at her for running away. She cautiously enters the Hikawa Shrine and finds Rei giving drawing paper to Erika, who runs off with it. Rei spots Usagi and Usagi asks if she's busy. Rei replies in the affirmative and Usagi starts to leave, but Rei stops her, asking if she fought with her parents and is running away. Usagi is amazed and asks Rei if she knew that because of her psychic powers, but Rei just laughs and says she can tell from personal experience. She turns away then, but pauses and asks Usagi if she would like to help out at the shrine. Usagi, delighted, agrees.

Inside, Rei shows Usagi drawings that she and some local children have done for a picture story show, and asks her to help color them. Usagi recognizes the Princess Kaguya story, but Luna has never heard it before, so Usagi gives her the basic summary. Luna is surprised that a legend about a princess of the moon exists, and Usagi replies that if there really was a moon kingdom she would like to visit it, because it would have to be better than living with her mother, who, she considers, maybe isn't actually her real mother after all. Luna suggests that maybe it isn't just a story, and Usagi teases her for believing the story. Rei replies that she's always believed that there was a kingdom on the moon - her mother used to read her that story because she loved it. She gets a stern look then, and tells Usagi not to ruin the childrens' dreams by saying things like that in front of them.

In the Dark Kingdom, Nephrite apologizes to Queen Beryl for his failure in finding the Silver Crystal. She tells him that it's good that he's trying so hard for her sake, and he declares that he will definitely find it for her. She smiles slightly, then asks what Zoisite is doing. Nephrite tells her that he's writing the Requiem that will kill the Princess, and adds that Zoisite is a little creepy. Beryl observes that he's using a power that sends his soul to people, and considers trying it herself.

In the meantime, Zoisite adds notes to his Requiem, but then rips off the page and throws it to the floor to join the other rejected efforts. He sets back to work, concentrating on the music.

Usagi rambles on to Rei about the fight with her mother regarding the cheese omelet, as she sorts through the pictures. She pauses, wondering if they're missing the page where Princess Kaguya returns to the moon. Rei replies that one of the girls wanted to draw it, so she's working on it now. Usagi asks if she likes Princess Kaguya, and Rei replies that no, she wants to be Princess Kaguya, because she thinks that her late mother is on the moon. Rei once again remembers the Princess Kaguya book from her childhood, and her younger self declared that her mother wasn't really dead, she had just gone back to the moon. Just then, the little girl in question (Erika) entered the room, saying that she messed up the drawing. Rei helps her fix it, then observes that the Princess Kaguya in the picture looks like Erika, and asks if she's returning to her mother. Erika smiles and nods, and Rei replies that her mother is also on the moon. Usagi listens to them talking and realizes that Rei's mother is also dead; she gets up and goes outside and guiltily scolds herself for talking about her mother the way she did when Rei doesn't have a mother. Luna tells her that it's not her fault because she didn't know, but it doesn't make Usagi feel any better.

Zoisite scribbles the last note on his paper, then admires it and declares his Requiem to be a masterpiece. He closes his eyes and begins to play his piano, and a breeze starts to ruffle the papers scattered about the room. After a moment, the papers all swirl together and form a Youma which begins to sing an accompaniment to his music.

Back in Tokyo, the Youma's song echoes through the air. At the Hikawa Shrine, one of the pictures of Princess Kaguya catches on fire; Rei sees it and gasps. In Makoto's apartment, a news broadcast on the tv shows the arrival of the Princess of Estoa, but as the Youma's song grows stronger the princess suddenly faints. In a park, two little girls play with their dolls, and as one of the girls says her doll's name is Princess Kirakira it abruptly bursts into flame. In the library, a little girl reads a fairy tale, but one of the illustrations of the princess starts to burn; Ami, sitting nearby, looks over with alarm. Back at the shrine Erika suddenly looks ill and is groaning in pain. Usagi rushes in to ask what's going on, and Rei asks if she can't hear the Youma's voice. Usagi looks at the ruined pictures on the table and asks if someone is after Princess Kaguya, but Luna replies that, more accurately, someone is after a princess. Rei thinks that Erika is affected because she associates herself with Princess Kaguya, and Usagi declares that they need to hurry and defeat the Youma.

The two of them run outside and transform into Sailor Moon and Sailor Mars, then follow the sound of the Youma's voice. They find it standing on top of a building, and Sailor Moon uses Moon Tiara Boomerang to knock it down. The Youma attacks by singing multicolored musical notes at them, and they dance around to avoid being hit; the Youma manages to get behind them and fires off a note at Sailor Moon, but Sailor Mars jumps in the way and takes the hit. Sailor Moon drops to her knees by her fallen comrade, concerned, and the Youma starts to run away, but is stopped by Sailor Mercury and Sailor Jupiter. Despite their ballet-fu moves, though, both of them are hit by the Youma's attacks and collapse to the ground, unconscious.

Sailor Moon looks around at her fallen friends and Luna rushes up, telling her to focus her desire to save everyone into her Moonlight Stick. Sailor Moon nods, then holds the Stick out and concentrates; it begins to glow with a pink light that blocks the Youma's musical-note attack and, finally, destroys the Youma completely. She then holds the Stick up again and concentrates, and as it glows it revives the other Sailor Senshi. Sailor Moon still concentrates, though, and all the various princesses affected by Zoisite's spell are healed. Once finished, Sailor Moon drops to her knees, tired but triumphant. The other Senshi rush up and congratulate her. Just then, the notes of Zoisite's piano ring out and the Senshi look around, dismayed.

Queen Beryl appears behind them, laughing evilly. She tells them that she's not surprised they don't recognize her, because they all were different in the past, and she introduces herself as the Queen of the Dark Kingdom. She goes on to tell them that they're just the remnants of the fallen Moon Kingdom, and should have gone on sleeping with the Princess - but now that it's too late, she plans to bring destruction to their precious Princess. She begins to laugh again and disappears in a swirl of red light.

Confused, the Senshi ask Luna what Beryl was talking about. Luna replies that their Princess is actually the Princess of the Moon Kingdom, that she herself is actually from the moon, and that the Senshi are the four guardians of the Princess, the Sailor Senshi of the moon. Stunned, the girls all look up at the moon in the sky.

At the shrine, Erika tells the story of Princess Kaguya using the drawings. The girls watch from the back of the room and quietly discuss this new revelation. Usagi suddenly begins to cry; she says that, if they're really from the moon, is her mother not really her mother? Luna, distressed, apologizes for springing the news on them suddenly, and insists that Usagi's mother is her mother. She suggests that the two of them go home, because her mother is waiting. Rei looks on sadly.

Upon arriving at home, Usagi runs into the kitchen and gives her mother a big hug. Shingo watches briefly, but turns back to his television program as Usagi tries to help her mother cook. Luna watches, but expresses concerns to herself that the Princess will be okay, with the enemy getting so near.

Minako arrives at the airport and is immediately swarmed by the media. In the Dark Kingdom, Zoisite suddenly opens his eyes, declaring that it's time for the "climax," and begins to play. Outside the airport, Minako starts to get into her car, but pauses as she hears the piano music. One of her handlers, unable to hear it, asks her what's wrong. Before she can answer, a large truck comes careening around the corner and heads right for her; the driver is glowing with a red light and seems unaware of what he's doing. Without time to move, Minako can only stare at the truck as it's about to hit.

Episode Trivia[edit]

  • Shortly after the Youma began to sing its song, an action figure of URL, a robotic peace officer from the TV series Futurama, is visible next to Makoto's TV.


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