Act 13 - The Last of the Shitennou, Kunzite, Appears

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Usagi and Mamoru meet a man named Shin who does not remember anything about himself; he turns out to actually be Kunzite, and attacks Sailor Moon in an attempt to turn her into a Youma.


PGSM Episode
Mamoru brings Shin the items they gathered
Name (kanji/kana): 四天王最後の一人クンツァイトあらわる
Name (romaji): Shitennou Saigo no Hitori Kuntsaito Arawaru
Name (translated): The Last of the Shitennou, Kunzite, Appears
Episode Number: 13
Director: Kenzo Maihara
Writer: Yasuko Kobayashi
Air Date: December 27, 2003
Previous Episode: Act 12 - Sailor V's True Identity was the Princess!
Next Episode: Act 14 - Usagi is Turning into a Youma?

In the Secret Base at Karaoke Crown, the girls and Luna talk about Sailor Venus being the Princess. Makoto is disappointed that she missed her, but says that's okay because she's sure they'll see each other often. However, as Luna tells her, Artemis and Sailor Venus insisted that it wouldn't work because she had things to do on her own, and the Inner Senshi needed to just protect the Earth from its enemies without worrying about her. Ami wonders what the Princess needs to do by herself, and Luna replies that it doesn't matter, they just need to concern themselves with their orders from the Princess.

In the Dark Kingdom, Queen Beryl contemplates the stone that Zoisite became and observes that she should have expected the Princess to be so powerful. Nephrite tells her that Zoisite's final word was "Endymion," and wonders if he and Tuxedo Mask knew each other. Queen Beryl is very displeased, and orders Nephrite to never speak that name again, backing up her command with a flare of power from the crystal beside her. She once again commands him to find the Princess and Silver Crystal, and he departs. Once he has left, Beryl summons a white rose to her hand and observes that she must use the last Shitennou; she breathes on the rose and it turns black for a moment.

In his apartment, Mamoru remembers Zoisite's final words, and his visions of the Princess. He thinks that he almost remembers something connected to those, but can't figure it out. Just then, Motoki calls, sounding depressed, and says he doesn't know what he's going to do.

Usagi enters Karaoke Crown and finds the place in complete disarray. As she picks her way through the mess, Motoki stands up behind the counter, looking pale and dejected. He tells Usagi that Kamekichi has disappeared - he was cleaning and put his turtle in a bucket, but somehow the bucket fell over and his turtle disappeared. Now, he wails, he has no reason left to live. Usagi offers to help look for Kamekichi, but it doesn't seem to have much effect. Mamoru rushes in the front door then and tells Motoki that someone found a turtle that might be his, which makes him perk up immediately.

Usagi, Motoki, and Mamoru reach a house surrounded by a fence covered in dead vines. Usagi and Motoki think the place is creepy, and approach the house uneasily. They hear a noise and, looking toward the house, spot a man looking at them through the window. Both of them scream and run, trying to climb back over the fence. Mamoru calls after them, sounding disgusted, and when they look back at the window they see the man is holding Kamekichi.

Inside the house, Shin returns Kamekichi to Motoki, who happily places his turtle in a carrier and hurries off. When Mamoru and Usagi also turn to go, Shin stops them and asks their names, saying that he thinks he's met them before. When they sit down to talk, Shin tells them that he has lost his memory and doesn't know who he is. Usagi thinks that's similar to Tuxedo Mask's situation, and asks questions in an effort to help Shin find clues to recover his memory, in the process discovering that he likes white flowers, greenery, and the ocean. Shin then tells her it's okay, she doesn't need to worry, and apologizes for delaying the two of them. Usagi tries to take him to someone who can help, but he refuses to leave the house, so she instead pulls out her cell phone and calls Rei.

At the Hikawa Shrine, Rei answers the phone and tells Usagi that if she doesn't get there soon the others will be mad. In the background, Ami and Makoto are making New Year's preparations, which Usagi was supposed to have helped with, and Makoto angrily tells Usagi that she's had to do all this work by herself. Makoto gives the rope she's twisting a jerk, knocking it down, which knocks over Ami and everything she's been working on, dumping it on Rei's head. Rei tells Usagi to never mind, she's done enough, and hangs up.

Usagi puts her phone away, looking a bit embarrassed, and tells Shin that she'll find another way to help, and takes off before he can stop her. Shin tells Mamoru that it's okay, he really doesn't need to remember. Mamoru thinks that Shin is just like him.

Usagi walks down the street with Mamoru just behind her. She finally turns around and demands to know why he's following her. Mamoru says that he's worried she'll bother Shin. Annoyed, she insists that she won't, and he asks what she's planning to do, then. Usagi spots a display of flowers and, remembering what Shin had said, buys a white rose. Mamoru asks if she's going to show that to him, and she replies that he also liked forests and the ocean. When Mamoru points out that Shin also doesn't want to go outside, Usagi gets annoyed and tells him she'll find a way, because it's a good idea. She then goes from store to store in search of something (as Mamoru follows), looking at a painting, a book of nature photographs, and a DVD of nature scenes, but finding all of them far too expensive. She finally picks up a couple of postcards.

Usagi sits in the park, looking at her flower and two postcards, and sighs. Mamoru watches her for a moment, then walks over and picks up the flower. When she gets annoyed at him, he observes that the scent of a flower might actually be useful, and walks away, with Usagi chasing after.

Mamoru gets on his motorcycle and offers Usagi a helmet, telling her that it's the sea that Shin likes. Usagi eyes him for a moment, then gets on the bike, and the two of them take off. They ride along the coast, and Usagi is uncomfortable at first but after a bit tightens her hold on Mamoru's waist.

They reach an empty beach and Usagi gathers some sand, water, and shells in a jar. She says that she hopes Shin will be able to remember, but Mamoru observes that it isn't so easy, and Shin is probably afraid to find out who he is. He tells her not to be disappointed if she doesn't succeed.

The two of them walk back toward the motorcycle and Mamoru points out that by the time they get back it'll be late, so they should probably give the items to Shin in the morning. Usagi agrees, then notices something else she should buy; Mamoru replies that it has nothing to do with the sea, but she says she doesn't mind and rushes off. She returns, meat bun in hand, and finds Mamoru sitting on the wall by the beach. She tears the bun in half and offers him a piece, as thanks for helping her.

Late that night, Shin sits alone in his house. In the Dark Kingdom, Beryl blows on the white rose again, turning it black, and Shin disappears from his chair.

A schoolgirl walks down the street, talking on her phone with a friend, when a strange figure appears before her. The man takes a lock of his hair and lays it across his palm, where it glows purple and vanishes. The hair reappears around the girl's neck and tightens, then vanishes into her skin. On the phone, her friend calls her name, Ayumi. Ayumi collapses, breathing hard and digging her nails into the road; when she looks up again, her eyes glow purple.

Mamoru returns to Shin's house and finds him wandering absently through his yard. Back inside, Mamoru removes the items Usagi collected from his bags and sets them on the table for Shin to look at, suggesting that he might remember something. Mamoru observes that he knows what it's like to be afraid to remember, because he was the same way, but he learned that he can't run from himself. Shin agrees, but replies that what he's afraid of is losing the part of him that likes these things. With a distressed look on his face, he admits to Mamoru that the night before he'd dreamed about attacking people, and now he's not sure it was a dream. He asks if Mamoru would believe him if he said he wasn't human, but Mamoru doesn't get a chance to answer; Shin drops the rose he's holding and clutches at his midsection in pain. A strong wind blows and knocks Mamoru back, and black rose petals fly wildly through the air.

A group of students, including Ayumi, sit in an auditorium listening to an orchestra perform. Suddenly, Ayumi doubles over, groaning in pain; a moment later the audience runs screaming out the door as Ayumi stalks behind them, large golden claws sprouting from her fingertips. Luna comes around the corner and sees this.

The black rose in Beryl's hand blooms, and she observes that it's finally time.

Usagi enters the gate to Shin's house and finds Mamoru in the garden. She apologizes for being late and asks how Shin is; Mamoru replies that he regained his memories and went out, and said to thank her. Usagi is thrilled, but just then Luna calls her and tells her to hurry, so she makes her excuses and leaves. As soon as she's gone, Mamoru clutches at his shoulder in pain and looks back at the house. Inside, the wind full of black flower petals still whirls around Shin. He tries to reach the white rose but can't; he clenches his fist and throws back his head, screaming.

At the same time, Ayumi echoes his movement, and people around her scream in fear and run away. Sailor Moon arrives to find the girl hunched over; Ayumi looks over at her, tears streaming from her eyes, and begs Sailor Moon to help her. The girl then falls to the ground, her eyes glowing purple and claws lengthening. Luna arrives and tells Sailor Moon that Ayumi isn't possessed by a Youma, she's turning into one - but tells Sailor Moon that she should be able to use her power to destroy the Youma without hurting the human. Sailor Moon looks doubtfully at the Youma that Ayumi has become.

Mamoru enters Shin's house to find a stranger standing there, slowly crushing the white rose in his hand. In the Dark Kingdom, Beryl looks at the black rose and declares that the final Shitennou, Kunzite, has awakened. Kunzite turns around and glares at Mamoru, who calls him Shin. Angered, Kunzite pulls out his sword and attacks Mamoru, throwing him back against the wall. When he looks up again, Kunzite has disappeared.

The Youma and Sailor Moon fight, but Sailor Moon is reluctant to attack because she might harm the innocent person inside. Luna tells her to believe in her power, because she has no choice. Sailor Moon apologizes to the Youma, then pulls out her Moonlight Stick and uses Moon Healing Escalation to turn Ayumi back to normal. Sailor Moon rushes over to check on the girl and finds the lock of hair wrapped around her neck. Luna suggests that may be what turned her into a Youma. As Sailor Moon looks at it, the hair suddenly disappears from her hands, and she looks up to find Kunzite approaching.

He introduces himself and then attacks, momentarily stunning Sailor Moon, and pulls out another lock of hair. Tuxedo Mask appears and runs toward him, but is too late - Kunzite blows on the hair and it wraps around Sailor Moon's neck. Tuxedo Mask rushes over to see if she's all right; she stands up, appearing uninjured, but when she opens her eyes they flash purple for a brief second. Dismayed, Luna wails that Sailor Moon is going to become a Youma.

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