Act 15 - I'll Punish the Thief!

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Usagi is determined to recover jewelry stolen from Minako Aino.


PGSM Episode
Usagi binds Mamoru's wound with her handkerchief
Name (kanji/kana): どろぼうをおしおきよ!
Name (romaji): Dorobou o Oshiokiyo!
Name (translated): I'll Punish the Thief!
Episode Number: 15
Director: Nobuhiro Suzumura
Writer: Yasuko Kobayashi
Air Date: January 17, 2004
Previous Episode: Act 14 - Usagi is Turning into a Youma?
Next Episode: Act 16 - I Must Save Osaka!

In the Secret Base under Karaoke Crown, the girls talk about Tuxedo Mask. Usagi had hoped that, since he helped them once again, the others would have changed their minds, but they haven't. Even Luna agrees that it would be best to stay away from him. Usagi looks disappointed.

At the Aino residence, Minako enters her room and, looking out the window, spots the shadow of a Youma outside. She remarks on this and Artemis looks over her shoulder, noting that they're looking for the Princess and the Silver Crystal. Minako says that she needs to do something, because it's not good to be followed around like this, and Artemis nods in agreement.

It's morning at the Tsukino residence, and Usagi enters the dining room, where her brother is already watching tv as he eats breakfast. Her mother hands Usagi her breakfast and she settles down to eat, but Shingo points out that on the news they're talking about a burglary at Minako's house the night before. On the tv, a reporter talks about how jewelry with personal sentimental value was taken. Usagi feels bad for her, and Shingo observes that Minako might be an idol but she has bad security.

In his apartment, Mamoru watches the same broadcast. The reporter goes on to note that, even though Sailor V used to appear in situations like this, nobody has seen her lately. He turns off the tv and thinks back to when Sailor V revealed herself to be Princess Sailor Venus, wondering if she's related to the Princess in his dreams. He thinks about asking Sailor Moon if she knows, but, remembering Usagi and looking at her handkerchief, he isn't sure that he should be thinking about her anymore. His phone rings and he answers it, looking less than pleased as he tells the person on the other end that the promise was for graduation time.

In the Dark Kingdom, Queen Beryl asks Kunzite why he didn't gather the Sailor Senshi's energy. Kunzite replies that he'll target them again, someday, and Nephrite mocks him for bragging without being able to deliver. The two of them verbally spar until Beryl makes them stop; she orders Kunzite to gather energy and he starts to leave. As he goes, however, he pauses to inform Nephrite that the Princess' jewelry was stolen, and mocks him with the suggestion that someone else stole the Silver Crystal before he was able to do it. Nephrite declares that it's impossible, because he had a Youma watching her, but he doesn't look confident.

Usagi wanders sleepily into the junior high and is greeted by Naru at her shoe locker. They discuss the theft of Minako's jewelry, and Naru says that her mother thinks the stolen items might be sold at an auction the next day. She suggests that the two of them go, since they can get in by using Naru's mother's name. As the two of them talk, Ami walks up to her locker and Usagi greets her cheerfully, but Naru remembers their last encounter and isn't so friendly; she starts to drag Usagi away, asking if she wants to go to the karaoke parlor after school. Usagi agrees and asks Ami to come along, but Ami notices Naru's attitude toward her and politely refuses.

At Karaoke Crown, Motoki displays pictures of female turtles for Kamekichi, trying to find him a date. Mamoru watches with some disgust and suggests he worry about himself before the turtle. Motoki insists that he's fine, and Mamoru asks about Usagi. Motoki, however, doesn't think Usagi feels anything for him, despite the trip to the amusement park. Just then, Usagi, Naru, Momoko, and Kanami enter, giggling and talking amongst themselves. Naru asks Usagi about the guy she liked who would appear and disappear; her other friends are immediately interested, as they hadn't heard about him before. Usagi spots Mamoru, though, and falls silent. Motoki asks if she's feeling better now, and she says she is, explaining to her friends that she'd caught a cold and fell asleep there. Motoki is glad to hear it, and says it was a good thing that Mamoru carried her home, which prompts Mamoru to slouch down and try to look inconspicuous. Usagi is surprised to find that out, and her friends tease her, but she shyly thanks Mamoru for helping her. Naru watches with a satisfied grin.

Luna works on the computer in the Secret Base while Rei practices mystical gestures and Makoto drinks tea. Ami enters the room, and Makoto says she'd wondered if everyone would show up. Ami replies that it appears to be becoming a habit. Rei asks where Usagi is, and Ami says she's singing with her classmates, but looks downcast enough that Rei asks if she's okay. Ami observes that, while the three of them always come there, Usagi isn't the same way. Luna makes a thoughtful noise as she stares at the computer monitor.

Usagi and her friends enthusiastically sing "C'est la Vie" in one of the karaoke rooms.

While Motoki shows another picture to Kamekichi, Naru suddenly appears. She asks him if he could do something for her, and Motoki looks at her expectantly.

Usagi approaches a tall building and looks at a sign advertising a jewelry auction. Naru runs up and apologizes for being late, and the two of them enter the building together. Usagi asks where the other two girls are, and Naru says they couldn't come, and actually she's leaving as well - but someone should be there to go with Usagi. Naru glances around and spots Mamoru standing across the lobby; Usagi doesn't look terribly thrilled, but Naru keeps talking and hands her papers with Mamoru's cell number, address, birthday, and blood type. She grins, wishes Usagi luck, and takes off.

Usagi sighs about Naru misunderstanding, and goes to talk to Mamoru. He sees her and asks what she needed to talk to him about, because that's what her friend told him, and Usagi tells him that was all just Naru, she had nothing to do with it. She starts to leave, but the elevator doors open and she bumps into three men in suits, one of whom drops a briefcase full of jewelry, and some falls out. As Usagi helps pick it up, she notices a pair of earrings that she remembered seeing Minako wearing as she sang her new single on tv. She exclaims over them, and the three men grab the jewelry from her and run off. Mamoru asks her if she's okay, and she says that the jewelry was Minako's, and those men were probably going to auction it off. She starts to go after them, but Mamoru stops her and asks what she plans to do now; she replies that she's going to get the jewelry back, but he says that's a policeman's job.

A policeman conveniently walks by outside just then, so Usagi runs out to tell him what she saw. The policeman, though, doesn't believe her and tells her to go back to her mother. Usagi declares that she'll just have to do it herself, and when Mamoru asks her how, she says she'll transform into Sailor Moon. He looks at her sharply and she realizes what she said; the two of them look around awkwardly for a moment, pointing out a bird and some grass.

Down in an underground parking garage, Usagi peeks around a pillar, and Mamoru looks out the other side. She tells him that he doesn't have to help, and he replies that the policeman annoyed him, and besides, it might be fun if they actually get the jewelry back. Mamoru notes that the elevator the men got out of earlier led from the parking garage, so they came in a car, and if the two of them wait they'll have to return; he already checked and they weren't selling the jewels today, so they should still have them when they returned. Usagi nods thoughtfully, but Mamoru suddenly grabs her and pulls her down as a policeman walks by, chiding her for not paying attention.

At the Secret Base, Makoto sits at the table with the other two and wonders where Usagi is. Ami replies that she thinks she's out with her classmates again. Luna, still looking at the computer, says that she's worried about something - there have been a lot of disappearances lately, and she wonders if it's the enemy's doing.

The three men enter the parking garage, and Usagi and Mamoru duck behind the pillar. Mamoru tells her to remember the plan, and she nods. The men get into their car and Mamoru wanders over and knocks on the window; when they roll it down, he leans over and starts talking to them about the auction, but then throws a couple of flares into the car. The car fills with smoke and the men, choking, open the doors and climb out, going in search of Mamoru. While they're distracted, Usagi, wearing a motorcycle helmet, runs up and grabs the briefcase, but one of the men spots her and alerts the others. They chase after her and she trips over her own feet and falls down. Just as the thieves are about to reach her, Mamoru roars up on his motorcycle and tells Usagi to get on, and the two of them speed off.

Mamoru stops the motorcycle at a waterfront park and Usagi gets off, laughing happily, and declares that Minako will be happy to get her jewelry back. Despite himself, Mamoru grins in response. Usagi notices him looking at her and both of them look away; she remembers how he called her by name back in the garage and glances back over at him again.

Makoto, Rei, and Ami arrive at an open area where the people have been disappearing from, and Rei says she doesn't sense anything in particular.

Mamoru suggests that it's time to go home and Usagi agrees, but as they go to get back on the motorcycle, the policeman from earlier arrives and demands the briefcase. He suddenly begins to glow and a Youma separates from his body. The Youma draws a sword and moves to attack Usagi, and Mamoru calls her name and runs up to protect her. He and the Youma struggle for a moment, but it slashes Mamoru's arm with the sword and knocks him over the railing to the ground below. It then grabs the case and runs off. Usagi wonders why a Youma would want the jewelry, but transforms into Sailor Moon and follows it.

The Youma runs through a building but is stopped by Sailor Moon. She uses Moon Tiara Boomerang, but the Youma deflects it with its sword and sends it back at her. The two of them fight again briefly, with Sailor Moon using her Moonlight Stick to block its sword, and then Sailor Moon uses Moon Twilight Flash to destroy it. Sailor Moon opens the briefcase and notes that nothing in there is the Silver Crystal, and wonders why the Youma would want it.

Minako hurries through a hallway with a hat pulled low over her face. Artemis peeks out of her jacket and says that their plan was a success; distracting the enemy with the jewelry theft will buy them some time. Minako is concerned that Sailor Moon got involved, though, because if she gets hurt there's no point in playing the decoy. The two of them think she's a good Senshi, though, and should be fine.

Usagi wraps her handkerchief around Mamoru's arm and asks if he's okay. He says that he is, and goes to climb back on his motorcycle, but Usagi stays where she is. He glances over at her and tells her to get on; they'll take the briefcase to the police and turn it in. Usagi grins and nods, then climbs on the bike behind him.

The three girls are still hanging out at the open plaza; Makoto sneezes loudly and suggests that they go home, since it's getting cold. Rei asks Ami if something happened between her and Usagi and Ami says no, everything's fine, but Rei still looks doubtful. Suddenly, Rei's head snaps up and she tells the others to be careful. The ground fades away from beneath Makoto's feet and she starts to slide down the side of the pit that just appeared. Ami and Rei rush over and grab her arms and find that the pit slopes down to a hole at the center where a Youma awaits. The Youma shoots out a tendril that wraps around Makoto's ankle and pulls her down, and Rei and Ami prepare to transform.

Episode Trivia[edit]

  • Starting from this episode, the Senshi's shoulder pads were upgraded with a more solid look (except for Sailor Mercury, as she did not have any). These shoulder pads were connected with the chest protector by an elastic material in the back, hence increasing the mobility of the upper arms. However, the old version was still seen in previously shot sequences, such as the transformation, Senshi attack, and opening sequences.


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