Act 21 - What Did You Do to Ami?

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Makoto takes care of Ami when she becomes ill and acts strangely, but when Kunzite appears, Ami transforms into Dark Mercury.


PGSM Episode
Dark Mercury challenges her former friends
Name (kanji/kana): 亜美ちゃんになにをした!
Name (romaji): Ami-chan ni Nani wo Shita!
Name (translated): What Did You Do to Ami?
Episode Number: 21
Director: Kenzo Maihara
Writer: Yasuko Kobayashi
Air Date: February 28, 2004
Previous Episode: Act 20 - Hina was Mamoru's Fiancee...
Next Episode: Act 22 - Ami Becomes an Enemy

Luna awakens from her nap to find that Ami has gone, leaving her alone in the Secret Base.

Elsewhere, a handful of black rose petals drift with the wind across an empty street.

Makoto walks down the street, looking uncomfortable as she remembers the moment when Usagi found out that Hina and Mamoru are engaged. Thinking about Usagi's expression at that time, she berates herself for not saying something sooner.

At the Tsukino residence, Shingo enters his sister's room and finds her buried beneath the covers on her bed. He demands to know why she's skipping school, but after he gets no answer, he gives up and just leaves.

Outside, Makoto rings the doorbell and is greeted by an enthusiastic Ikuko, who immediately recognizes her and asks if she has come to get Usagi. Makoto replies in the affirmative, and says that she'd hoped they could walk together. Ikuko apologizes, but says that Usagi seems to have a cold, and tries to drag Makoto inside to feed her breakfast, despite her protestations that she's already eaten.

Makoto slowly walks across a bridge, thinking that of course Usagi would be upset. A flashback shows her confrontation with Tuxedo Mask in the park. She asks him why he's doing this, and he replies that he needs to find out about the Silver Crystal and the Princess; when she asks who he is, he says that he's trying to find that out. He starts to walk away, but Makoto stops him and demands to know if he's just using Usagi for that purpose. Tuxedo Mask looks back at her and indifferently asks, "What if I am?" Makoto replies with a punch in the face which knocks him to the ground. She angrily tells him that he's horrible, and though she won't tell Usagi his identity he needs to stay far away from her.

Back in the present, Makoto punches her palm and declares that she should have hit him again. She pauses, then decides to talk to Ami about a way to cheer Usagi up. Makoto walks onward, punching at the air.

Minako talks to someone on the phone about her new song, and says she'll send it to her manager the next day. Once she hangs up, Artemis jumps up onto the table and tells her he's worried about the enemy's movements.

In the Dark Kingdom, Kunzite holds up a black rose and smiles evilly.

At the junior high, Makoto peeks into the classroom but notices that Ami isn't there. She stops Naru in the hallway and asks if she's seen Ami; Naru replies that Ami isn't in that day, but nobody has talked to her to find out why.

Makoto rings the doorbell at the Mizuno residence, but there is no answer and Ami's room is shown to be empty. Makoto tries the handle and is surprised to find it unlocked, but peeks inside and calls Ami's name. She hears a noise from inside the apartment and goes inside, and finds Ami lying fully-dressed on her bed. Makoto rushes over and Ami, not sounding quite awake, tries to say that she's all right. Makoto asks where her mother is, to which Ami replies that she's on a business trip in Europe, and Makoto, concerned that she was alone while sick, asks why she didn't call.

Makoto goes to the kitchen and busily makes some food, then brings it in to Ami, who starts eating without much apparent appetite. She does, however, manage to devour every morsel of food on the tray, and when Makoto asks if she needs anything else, Ami replies that she wants to go to the amusement park. Makoto looks startled, but goes along with it.

The two girls go to the amusement park and Ami seems to enjoy herself immensely; Makoto isn't quite as thrilled, but when she sees how happy Ami is, she cheers up a bit. When Ami goes to ride the carousel Makoto waits to one side, and there encouters Motoki, who has brought Kamekichi on an outing. When Makoto glances back at the carousel she sees that Ami has passed out.

Motoki drives the two of them to the hospital (in his green turtle-decorated car), insisting that it's not too much trouble. He thanks Makoto again for the only Valentine's Day present he received, and Makoto replies that it wasn't supposed to mean anything. He says that he knows, but he wanted to pay her back.

At the hospital, the doctor tells Makoto that he can't tell what's wrong with Ami, so he would like to keep her there for observation. Makoto thanks him, then goes out to the pay phone. She pauses there, though, thinking that Usagi has her own problems, and Rei is busy with her own concerns, and she hangs up the phone without calling anyone.

Rei walks down the road, worrying about the enemy's recent actions. She wonders if they're after the Princess again, or if they have some other plans. At the moment when all the Youma illusions disappeared, she'd thought that she felt something - but she looks up suddenly, as though she'd sensed evil.

Usagi sits in her room and stares at the muffler she'd made. Luna comes up and tries to suggest that she go outside for some fresh air, but Usagi just shakes her head. Shingo suddenly barges into the room and, with a grin, leaves a white bag on her table and tells her she should be grateful. After he leaves, Usagi opens up the bag, then smiles when she finds a meat bun inside. But then she remembers when she shared a meat bun with Mamoru during their trip to the beach and tears fill her eyes. Usagi firmly tells herself that she needs to be cheerful and forces herself, still crying, to eat.

Mamoru throws his tuxedo and mask onto the couch at his apartment and stares at them, remembering his encounter with Makoto. He flops down onto the couch and thinks that he'd been protecting Sailor Moon, but wonders if it was just an excuse to stay near her. As he looks at a pamphlet for the University of Saintford in England, he tells himself that it's only one more month.

As Makoto sits in the waiting room, looking worried, Motoki appears and offers her a cup of coffee. He tries to assure her that Ami will be okay, because Kamekichi thinks so and Kamekichi is always right. Motoki proceeds to count the sections of the turtle's shell and Makoto laughs a little; Motoki grins triumphantly at her and observes that he finally got her to smile. Motoki then says that he needs to go to work, but loads Makoto's arms with magazines and assorted snacks, saying that she might be there a while. After some awkwardness, he finally leaves, and as Makoto watches him go some black rose petals drift down from the ceiling.

In the Dark Kingdom, Queen Beryl asks Kunzite about his progress on his current project. He calmly tells her that he'll be ready to show it to her soon, but she wonders what his true goal is. Kunzite replies that he has the same goal as the others: to revive Queen Metalia. Beryl seems doubtful, though, and after Kunzite leaves, Nephrite declares that he can't be trusted and is certainly plotting against her. Jadeite says that if Nephrite isn't careful, Kunzite will get to the Princess first, but Nephrite dismisses that idea disdainfully. Elsewhere, Kunzite pauses and examines the black rose, then declares that it's time and crushes the flower in his hand.

Makoto is sitting in the waiting room, absently eating some of the pile of snacks Motoki had left, when she hears a noise. She rushes down to Ami's room and opens the door to find it in disarray, with black rose petals covering the empty bed. Makoto grabs one of the petals, wondering what could be happening, and then rushes off in search of Ami.

As Ami walks down the street she deliberately bumps into a couple of teenage boys going the other direction, and when they get angry at her she turns slightly and looks at them. When Makoto arrives in the area a few minutes later, she finds the two boys on the ground, terrified and covered with black rose petals. She calls Rei and Usagi on their cell phones and lets them know what's going on.

Kunzite and Ami face each other silently across a large, open room full of pillars and statues, as water drips from the ceiling.

Makoto runs onward in search of Ami, but finally stops and leans against a tree to catch her breath. As she stands there, she pauses and listens to the wind blowing through the leaves, seeming to hear something. After a few moments, she nods and heads off again. As she's heading down a path she suddenly stops and glances toward a building nearby, noticing black rose petals swirling around near the entrance.

Kunzite slowly starts to walk toward Ami when Makoto arrives and yells for him to stop. Ami barely seems to realize that her friend has arrived. Makoto rushes over and puts herself between Ami and Kunzite, and he asks what she's doing there. Makoto tells him not to mess with her, then transforms into Sailor Jupiter and guides Ami into an out of the way spot. She and Kunzite engage in a brief ballet-fu battle, then Sailor Jupiter uses Supreme Thunder. Kunzite deflects the attack with his sword and it hits one of the pillars in the room - which starts to topple over onto Ami's hiding place.

Sailor Jupiter rushes over and catches it just in time, then throws it to one side and tells Kunzite that she won't let him have Ami. Sailor Jupiter tells Ami to run away, that she'll be fine there, but Ami doesn't move. Sailor Jupiter grabs Ami's arm to pull her up, but she throws off Jupiter's hand and slowly rises to her feet, then walks toward Kunzite. Once Ami reaches him, she turns back to face Jupiter and gives her a malicious smile.

Sailor Moon and Sailor Mars arrive just as Sailor Jupiter demands to know what Kunzite did to Ami. Kunzite only smiles and tells Ami to show them. She nods, then steps forward and assumes her transformation pose, but her bracelet turns black and she transforms using Dark Power, Make Up. As Dark Mercury stands before the Sailor Senshi, Kunzite smirks approvingly at her. Luna and the three Senshi are shocked. Dark Mercury demands to know who wants to fight her first, or if they all want to go together; either way, she says, they cannot escape.

Episode Trivia[edit]

  • The venue where Dark Mercury first appeared in this episode is a favorite shooting site of Japanese tokusatsu dramas.
  • The funny facial expression of the nurse who fainted in Ami's hospital room when she disappeared was a favorite subject in Japanese fan forums (with many screencaps) at the time the episode aired.
  • Makoto showed an ability to somehow communicate with trees in this episode while trying to locate Ami, because the planet Jupiter (and thus Sailor Jupiter, her Senshi identity, as well) is associated with the element of wood.
  • Dark Mercury's line at the end of this episode, when she told the Senshi they could not escape, together with her accompanying hand gesture, became an iconic classic and was graphically reproduced in many printed publications covering the series.
  • The food that Makoto prepared for Ami included porridge, which, contrary to the customs in other East Asian countries, is normally only for sick persons in Japan.


  • Possible inconsistency: While Makoto was at the hospital, she went to use the pay phone to call the other Senshi, instead of just using her Teletia S. She might have had a reason to do so, but if she had one, it was never given in the episode.


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