Act 27 - Luna Became a Sailor Senshi!

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A new Sailor Senshi appears as the Inner Senshi try to figure out how to get Ami back.


PGSM Episode
Dark Mercury is confronted by a mysterious Senshi
Name (kanji/kana): ルナがセーラー戦士になっちゃった!
Name (romaji): RUNA ga SEERAA Senshi ni Nacchatta!
Name (translated): Luna Became a Sailor Senshi!
Episode Number: 27
Director: Kenzo Maihara
Writer: Yasuko Kobayashi
Air Date: April 17, 2004
Previous Episode: Act 26 - Usagi is the Real Princess!
Next Episode: Act 28 - Welcome Back, Ami!

Dark Mercury and an unfamiliar Sailor Senshi face off atop a tall building. Dark Mercury suddenly falters, lowering her sword, and the stranger Senshi triumphantly notes that she was right: ever since the Silver Crystal appeared and Dark Mercury was bathed in its light, the spell placed on her was weakened. The Senshi holds up her Moonlight Stick, which gives off a bright pink light. Dark Mercury shields her eyes, and once the light fades, the Senshi has vanished; her voice echoes, though, saying that she knows Mercury will return soon.

The Sailor Senshi walks down the street, then pauses, exclaims with delight, and skips off again - transforming into Luna mid-stride.

In the Dark Kingdom, Queen Beryl and Jadeite discuss the Silver Crystal; she wonders how to get it away from the Princess, and Jadeite says to leave it to him. She asks about Nephrite, but Jadeite says he hasn't seen his fellow Shitennou since his last unsuccessful mission. Beryl doesn't seem to care if she sees him again.

Zoisite finds Nephrite in a dark cavern, moping about his failures. Zoisite encourages him to remember his true self, but Nephrite angrily insists that this is his true self, and he can't please Queen Beryl. Zoisite leaves then, telling Nephrite to find him, should he change his mind. Nephrite remembers when Dark Mercury fixed his cape, then pulls it over his head and goes back to sulking.

In the Secret Base, Rei examines her Sailor Star Tambourine as Makoto describes how it boosted her power even though she hadn't awoken yet. They resolve to protect their Princess no matter what, now that she is with them. Usagi comes charging into the room and is disappointed that Luna isn't there - apparently she had a big announcement. Usagi tries to come up with ideas for what the "announcement" might be, but they're all quite silly. She sees the Sailor Star Tambourines on the table and is disappointed that she didn't get one, but then picks up the one with the Mercury symbol and says she wants to give it to Ami as soon as possible. The other two agree, observing that having all four of them together was Ami's wish.

Dark Mercury stands atop the building once more, staring into the distance, when she suddenly remembers herself as Ami. Confused, she wonders just who she really is.

In the meantime, Usagi walks down the street, thinking about her friends, and wonders if Ami remembers them. A crumpled ball of paper suddenly strikes her in the back of the head, and she turns to find a strange girl sitting on a railing nearby. The girl chides her, saying that if that had been an enemy attack Usagi would be finished, then adds that Ami is starting to return to normal thanks to the Silver Crystal. Usagi is excited, but wonders who this person is. The girl starts to tell her, but is scared off by a barking dog.

Rei is at a toy store with Erika, and tells the younger girl to pick out a good game. As Erika runs off, Rei suddenly senses something and looks around, spotting the same strange girl half-hidden amongst a display of stuffed toys. The girl congratulates her, calling her Sailor Mars, and upon being questioned, starts to tell Rei who she is - but is suddenly distracted as some kids knock over a display of balls, and she rushes off to chase them as Rei looks after her in confusion.

Makoto is busily cooking at her apartment; she reaches for the pepper and the strange girl hands it to her, saying that Makoto is impressive as both a cook and a Senshi. Confused, Makoto asks if the girl is a zashiki-warashi. The girl denies that and starts to reveal her identity, but Makoto drops the pepper and the girl sneezes, then vanishes.

The girls discuss these strange appearances over the phone, and make arrangements to meet at the Crown the next day. After Usagi hangs up, she wonders where Luna has gone.

Dark Mercury stands by a pond, watching the moon reflected in the water, when she suddenly grabs her head as memories of her friends return. Kunzite appears and throws a rock into the water to disrupt the reflection, then orders her not to look, as she's already part of the darkness.

The girls arrive at the Secret Base to find the strange girl already there, eating all their snacks. They demand to know who she is, how she knows them, and how she knows that Ami is getting better. The stranger tells them she's always been there, and as Artemis said, she's going to train them hard. The girls are still confused, and the stranger is about to tell them who she is when Usagi's phone rings - and it's Ami calling. After she hangs up, Usagi says Ami said for Rei and Makoto only to come to the carousel at the amusement park. She thinks that it's probably a trap, but the others say it's all right, they'll go and bring Ami home. As they leave, the stranger stares at Usagi thoughtfully.

As Dark Mercury hangs up the phone, Kunzite encourages her to continue to fight to stay as she is. She retorts that she'd planned to do so anyway, and if he tries to interfere he'll get hurt. Kunzite smiles and tells her that she's interesting, then reaches out toward her, but she slaps his hand away and stalks off.

Rei and Makoto arrive at the carousel but there's no sign of Dark Mercury. Rei says she doesn't sense anything, but they still need to keep their guard up.

Usagi races toward a large building and enters the empty lobby, calling out for Ami, saying that she did as she was told and came alone. After a moment, "Akumi" emerges and observes that nobody will interfere this time, and Usagi had better be ready to fight. Usagi hesitates, but then firmly declares that she will bring Ami home. Akumi smirks and transforms with Dark Power, Make Up.

Sailor Moon is thrown through a set of doors into a large, empty room, followed shortly thereafter by Dark Mercury. The two of them fight briefly before Sailor Moon is knocked down and Dark Mercury raises her sword to strike a blow, but she is stopped as the strange girl arrives and interrupts. Sailor Moon tries to get her to run away, wondering why she's there in the first place, but the girl replies that she overheard the phone conversation. She pulls out a phone and uses Luna Prism Power, Make Up to transform into Sailor Luna.

Sailor Luna leaps into the fray and challenges Dark Mercury, but Kunzite steps out and announces that he will be her opponent. He draws his sword and goes to attack, but Sailor Luna has disappeared. She reappears behind him, then, moving too quickly for him to follow, taunts him with his inability to attack her. Finally, she hits him in the head with a large fan, which then turns back into her Moonlight Stick. Kunzite, quite angry by now, sends an attack that knocks her away and causes her to transform back into her cat form.

In the meantime, Sailor Moon and Dark Mercury continue their fight. After being cornered by her opponent, Sailor Moon calls her "Ami-chan", which causes Dark Mercury to falter as more memories return. Dark Mercury backs away several steps, then abruptly resumes her attack with even more fury. Sailor Moon is thrown back into the lobby of the building and the two continue their fight, but Sailor Moon is realizing that Ami is returning to normal, and is in pain. Sailor Moon calls her friend's name, and her brooch begins to glow with a brilliant golden light; Dark Mercury shields her eyes, but the image of Ami appears and calls out to Usagi. Kunzite appears and, telling Mercury to stand firm, blasts her with dark energy and the faint Ami image disappears again. Dark Mercury stands up straight again and turns to attack; Sailor Moon moves to block the sword blow with her Moonlight Stick, but the stick shatters with the blow.

Rei and Makoto return to the Secret Base looking for Usagi, but instead find a note sitting on the table. In the note, Usagi apologizes for lying to them, and says that she's going to bring Ami back.

Sailor Moon collapses as Dark Mercury watches with a satisfied smirk. Her smile abruptly fades, though, as the spell breaks and her memories return. Mercury hesitantly kneels beside her friend, calling her name, but there is no response. Realizing what she's done, Mercury throws the sword from her and lifts Sailor Moon's head into her lap. Sailor Moon's tiara slides from her forehead and breaks in two as it hits the ground; Mercury stares down at her friend in horror, then throws her head back and screams.

Episode Trivia[edit]

  • Before this episode was aired, the Sailor Luna character was kept very secret. In the audition for the part, the only information given was age range and sex, and Bandai, the main official toy maker for the show, only released a silhouette of the Senshi character in its advertisements for new toys. This led to much speculation by fans as to her identity, as they wondered if she was Sailor Chibi Moon, Sailor Pluto, or an original Senshi.


  • When Usagi answered the phone, Luna was visible and appeared to be wearing a white jacket. When she was shown again, she was no longer wearing the jacket.


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