Act 28 Mugen 2 Hamon

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Chapter Data
Eudial brainwashes the students
Name (kanji/kana): Act 28 無限2 波紋
Name (romaji): Act 28 Mugen 2 Hamon
Name (translated): Act 28 Infinity 2 Ripples
Volume Number: 6
Chapter Number: 28
Original Number: 25
Crystal Episode: Act.28 Mugen 2 Hamon
Previous Chapter: Act 27 Mugen 1 Yokan
Next Chapter: Act 29 Mugen 3 Futari NEW SOLDIERS

As the Sailor Senshi wonder at the appearance of strange new Senshi, they encounter a new enemy - Eudial of the Witches 5.


Usagi and Chibiusa both transform and face off against the Daimon attacking them. Sailor Chibi Moon pushes the girl out of the way and is wounded by the monster. Sailor Moon destroys the monster with Moon Spiral Heart Attack, freeing the cat it was possessing. As Sailor Chibi Moon checks on the girl to make sure she wasn't hurt, she instead points out the injury on Chibi Moon's arm.

Sailor Moon turns quickly, sensing someone watching, and sees an unfamiliar Sailor Senshi and a masked and cloaked figure leaving. Mamoru and Usagi's friends watch them go and wonder who they are, but their attention is pulled away as Sailor Chibi Moon exclaims that her injury has been healed. The girl introduces herself as Hotaru Tomoe, and explains that she has had that power since she was small. She warns the others to leave before the guards arrive and goes inside the building.

As soon as Hotaru is inside, she collapses again and Kaolinite appears, telling her that she should rest. Hotaru pushes her away roughly, and her father arrives, chiding her for treating Kaolinite like that. Hotaru, however, runs away, angry that her father's assistant is trying to encroach upon their home. The professor watches her go and remarks that he has spoiled her since her mother died.

Hotaru lies on her bed, moaning in pain. Her father comes in and asks if she took her medicine; she says that she did, but it isn't helping. He gives her an amulet, saying that her mother once wore it, and tells her that it will help. As the girl cradles it in her hands, she observes that her fit has stopped, but she is scared that it was so bad this time.

At the Secret Base, the Senshi and the moon cats watch images of the two mysterious figures and wonder who they could be, observing that it looked like another Senshi and Tuxedo Mask. The girls wonder if they could be enemies, and possibly tied to the strange things happening at Mugen Academy. As they discuss the strange behavior of Michiru and Haruka earlier, Usagi glances at the image on the monitors and wonders if they look similar, but dismisses the thought.

The group breaks up as they leave, and Usagi walks home with Mamoru and Chibiusa. Usagi chides Chibiusa for trusting the strange girl so easily, but Chibiusa is unrepentant and says she thought she could be friends with Hotaru. Usagi wonders about the girl's healing power.

Mamoru returns to the Secret Base later with Luna and Artemis. As they investigate, they discover that the owner of the Mugen zone, as well as Mugen Academy, is the head of Tomoe Research Laboratory, Souichi Tomoe.

Kaolinite stands before a pool of water and wonders about the power of the Sailor Senshi that destroyed the Daimon, and wonders if it would please Pharaoh 90 if she obtained that power. She then looks into the pool and orders it to show her the three Talismans.

Meanwhile, Mamoru wakes up and wonders at the dream he keeps having, in which someone calls for something to awaken, and speaks of coming destruction and three Talismans.

Haruka finds Michiru looking into her mirror and asks what is wrong. Michiru replies that she was trying to read the mirror and something interfered, making it cloudy. Haruka embraces her from behind and remarks that what they are doing might still be too late, but Michiru insists that they will find all three Talismans before the new awakening comes.

Mamoru walks down the street reading a book about Mugen Academy, and runs into Michiru. She sees what he is reading and tells him that Professor Tomoe is very famous, even if he was expelled from academic circles. Michiru then mentions that there is a part of the school called the "Magician Training School," and speculates that it might be called that because of the special people who attend it. As they speak, they are interrupted by a fan of Michiru's, who asks her for an autograph. Mamoru asks if she, the violinist Michiru Kaiou, is one of those magicians; she smiles and says that she is, and offers to give him tickets to her upcoming concert. Usagi watches them from a distance and wonders why they are together, and again thinks of the hidden face of the mysterious Senshi.

As Usagi enters the Game Center Crown, Haruka grabs one of her pigtails and tugs it, giving her a cheerful greeting. She remembers the masked figure she saw, and observes that Haruka looks like him. Without thinking, she asks if Haruka could be a Sailor Senshi, then realizes what she just said and is mortified. Haruka just shrugs it off, though, and as the other girls arrive they angrily tell Haruka not to get near Usagi.

Chibiusa joins the others at the Fruits Parlor Crown and announces that she is the president of her class now. Minako observes that Chibiusa is in fifth grade, and they are all in ninth grade, and Usagi is immediately dismayed by the thought of upcoming entrance exams. Makoto tries to cheer them up by pointing out that it's almost Rei's birthday, but then notices the girl isn't there. Minako says that Rei went to train on Mount M, to cleanse herself for her fifteenth birthday, and Artemis notices an article in the paper about how Mugen Academy now has a student camp on Mount M.

The image of Eudial appears in Kaolinite's pool, and she tells the Magus that she, disgused as Yuko Arimura, teacher at Mugen Academy, will gather souls for their master. Kaolinite approves, then notices an odd ripple from the same area where Eudial is, and an unfamiliar interference. She declares that the time of destruction is at hand, and demands the gathering of the three Talismans.

Where she is training on the mountain, Rei suddenly opens her eyes and wonders at what she is sensing, about destruction and Talismans. She is interrupted, however, by the arrival of her friends, who came to wish her a happy birthday. Rei and Makoto discuss the nearby camp with students from Mugen Academy, and Rei says that she is getting a bad feeling, and that they need to guard Usagi closely.

The girls go to investigate some noises they hear nearby, and find Mugen Academy students practicing judo. Haruka is one of them, and is surprised to find the girls there, but asks if any of them would like to practice as well. Makoto accepts the challenge, and is stunned to find herself easily beaten. Yuko arrives and demands to know what is going on, and the girls quickly leave.

In the night, Makoto is awakened as Rei tries to slip out quietly, and the two of them find the Mugen Academy students having some kind of strange meeting. As she stands before a large bonfire, Yuko announces that all the students must devote their minds and bodies to their master, Pharaoh 90, and black stars appear on the students' foreheads.

Sailor Mars and Sailor Jupiter arrive and interrupt her, and she reveals herself to be Eudial of the Witches 5, of the Death Busters. Sailor Mars attacks with Mars Snake Fire and Eudial mutates into a hideous gorgon-like creature.

Meanwhile, the others wake up and see the fire outside. They transform and arrive to help the other two Senshi, and Sailor Moon uses Moon Spiral Heart Attack to destroy the creature.

The Witches 5 watch Eudial's end in Kaolinite's pool, annoyed that she told the Senshi of their existence.

The Senshi wonder at the mention of the "Death Busters," and ask themselves if this is their new enemy. Sailor Venus again senses someone watching, and they turn to find a strange Senshi with short blonde hair leaving quickly.


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