Act 2 - Ami Became a Friend

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Usagi befriends her classmate, the girl genius Ami Mizuno, and discovers that she is actually Sailor Mercury.


PGSM Episode
Usagi loans Ami the MiniDisc containing Minako Aino's new album
Name (kanji/kana): 亜美ちゃんが仲間になったわ
Name (romaji): Ami-chan ga Nakama ni Nattawa
Name (translated): Ami Became a Friend
Episode Number: 2
Director: Ryuuta Tasaki
Writer: Yasuko Kobayashi
Air Date: October 11, 2003
Previous Episode: Act 1 - I am Sailor Moon!
Next Episode: Act 3 - The Third Senshi is Miko Rei

In the Dark Kingdom, Queen Beryl and Jadeite discuss the appearance of Sailor Moon, and Beryl orders Jadeite to continue gathering energy despite her interference.

At Karaoke Crown, Motoki is distracted from admiring Kamekichi by Usagi, who shows him a one-year pass. He lets her in, but is puzzled about when they started issuing one-year passes.

Usagi enters a hidden door and finds a secret room, complete with snacks and a karaoke machine. Luna explains that it's a place that only the Senshi can enter, and tries to start talking about their mission, but has a hard time distracting Usagi from playing with the disguise feature of her Teletia S and the karaoke machine. Usagi suddenly remembers that she has a test the next day and gets her notes out of her bag as Luna sighs, hoping the other Senshi appear soon.

As Usagi and Naru look at the class scores, they notice that Ami is once again at the top. Some of their classmates join them and they talk about how she's the class genius, has a famous doctor for a mother, and is very standoffish with the rest of the people in the class. Usagi shushes them, because Ami might hear.

At lunchtime, Ami goes by herself to the roof of the school to eat and read her book. Luna peeks out at her and observes that she's getting a reaction, even though Usagi isn't nearby.

As she walks home, Ami encounters Luna sitting on the ground, and politely picks her up, dusts her off, and sets her on the railing. Usagi sees this and teases Ami about how she speaks to stuffed animals using formal language. Ami explains that she did so because she didn't know it, to Usagi's great amusement.

Usagi tags along with Ami until she says that she needs to go to cram school - but as she leaves, she pauses before a store with a display of Minako Aino's new CD. Usagi, thrilled to learn that her new friend is also a Minako fan, loans her a copy of the new CD and, as she bids Ami farewell, asks her if they can eat lunch together the next day. Ami doesn't reply and just leaves, and Usagi observes that she's not like everyone thinks she is. Luna replies that she's also the second Sailor Senshi, which news Usagi greets with delight.

At the cram school, Ami's teacher informs her that her scores are high enough she could consider university exams, but Ami brushes that off by saying she's far too young to become a doctor anyway. As she explains to the teacher, she wants to become a doctor because her mother expects it, and her only ability is studying anyway. When she notices the copy of Minako Aino's album in her bag, though, she starts to smile.

Usagi is excited that Ami is the next Senshi. Luna agrees, because the team was short on intelligence before; this comment earns her a pillow to the face.

That night after all the students have left the cram school, Jadeite transforms a statue of a man and dog into Youma. The teacher sees them and runs away in fear.

The next morning, before school, Usagi pulls Ami to one side and excitedly tells her about how she is the next Senshi. Ami decides that this means Usagi only wanted to be her friend because she needed something from her, and so she refuses, claiming that her studies keep her far too busy.

At lunchtime, Usagi sadly observes Ami's empty desk; Ami, alone on the roof with her lunch, looks at the box of treats she'd brought to share with Usagi and tells herself that she's "used to it."

Usagi, now back at home, tells Luna that she's disappointed that Ami doesn't want to be a Senshi. Luna offers to persuade her, but Usagi insists that it's not fair to force her. Usagi's mother enters, interrupting the conversation, and gives Usagi a map to cram school; she's concerned for her daughter's grades and tells her she needs to go.

At the cram school, the teacher interrupts her lesson and, revealing herself to be possessed by Jadeite's Youma, begins to drain the energy of the students. Ami, however, is listening to Minako Aino's album which Usagi lent her and does not notice.

Usagi, following the map that her mother gave her, reaches Ami's cram school. As she walks closer, though, she bumps into the rude young man she encountered at the jewelry show. He chides her for not watching where she's going, and, picking up the map she'd dropped, notes that she's walking the wrong direction. Usagi looks more closely at the map and realizes she's supposed to be going across the street, to the "Good Kid's Friendly School." She exclaims that it's far too basic, but the man disagrees, saying that it's perfect for her. Usagi stamps in annoyance as he walks away, but forgets about him as Luna detects a Youma at Ami's school.

All around Ami the students collapse as their energy is taken. The teacher appears at her side and pulls out her headphones, rebuking her for wearing them in class. She transforms into the youma, declaring that she'll just have to take Ami's energy as well.

The youma attacks and Ami dodges, causing it to fall down a flight of stairs. When it hits bottom, it separates from the teacher's body and comes after Ami once again.

Usagi sees Ami running from the youma and transforms into Sailor Moon, then uses Moon Tiara Boomerang to knock the youma back. As it falls off the balcony, though, it grabs Ami and takes her with it. Sailor Moon quickly leaps after them and grabs Ami's arm, but only barely manages to keep hold of the railing with her other hand.

Ami suggests that she might become a Senshi to help, but Sailor Moon once again insists that she doesn't have to if she doesn't want to; she's sure everything will work out somehow. Ami replies that she didn't mean that she didn't want to do it, and she really did want to be a Senshi. As she hears this, Luna calls for Ami to "catch." Her crescent moon glows and a bright spot of light flies toward Ami, which, when she catches it, turns into a bracelet around her wrist.

Sailor Moon loses her grip on Ami's hand, but as she falls, Ami transforms into Sailor Mercury and lands safely on the shallow pool below. Sailor Moon joins her just in time for the two youma to reappear, and both girls fight together; one youma is destroyed with Moon Twilight Flash and the other with Mercury Aqua Mist.

Sailor Moon asks Sailor Mercury if it's really okay with her to be a Senshi, and Mercury insists that it is; she's happy to be able to fight alongside Sailor Moon. Sailor Moon replies that she's happy, too, because she really did want to be Ami's friend.

Tuxedo Mask watches from higher up, observing that now there are two Senshi.

Jadeite creates a youma in a pile of dead leaves.

A miko stares intently into a fire and observes that something bad is coming.

Episode Trivia[edit]

  • The so-called "ballet-fu" combat style first appeared in this episode.


  • The Senshi called each other by their civilian names while transformed, and yet nobody figured out their identities. This continued throughout the series, and rarely happened in the other continuities of Sailor Moon.


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