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Chapter Data
Ami transforms into Sailor Mercury
Name (kanji/kana): Act 2 亜美 - SAILORMERCURY
Name (romaji): Act 2 Ami - Sailor Mercury
Name (translated): Act 2 Ami - Sailor Mercury
Volume Number: 1
Chapter Number: 2
Original Number: 2
Crystal Episode: Act.2 AMI - SAILOR MERCURY -
Previous Chapter: Act 1 Usagi SAILORMOON
Next Chapter: Act 3 Rei SAILORMARS

Luna suspects Ami Mizuno, a genius girl from Usagi's school, might be their new enemy, but Usagi is quick to befriend her.


In a dark room, a long-haired woman chides a blond man for not finding the Silver Crystal. He apologizes. The woman tells him that their Great Ruler needs energy, and that he should collect it and find the Silver Crystal. Introducing himself as Jadeite, representative of Asia, he promises her that her orders will be followed.

Usagi Tsukino enters her house and says hello to her mother. Ikuko Tsukino tells Luna that dinner will be ready soon, calling her "Little Baldy." Luna scratches Ikuko, and Usagi asks her mother to call the cat Luna, because she doesn't like being called bald.

Whining that she's hungry, Usagi goes to her room and is followed by Luna. She accuses the cat of spying on her, to which the cat replies that Usagi needs lots of training because she is just a new soldier. Usagi wonders who their enemies are, and Luna says that they are evil things that shouldn't exist in this world. She tells Usagi that her mission is to find her fellow soldiers and the Princess whom she is sworn to protect. Usagi remarks that she'd like some pudding.

Excitedly, Usagi asks Luna if Sailor V and Tuxedo Mask could also be their allies. Staring into the distance, Luna responds that she's already had an idea for another soldier.

That night, Luna uses a video game machine at the Game Center Crown to pull up a profile of a girl named Ami Mizuno. At Juuban Junior High School the next day, several students are talking excitedly about Ami, saying that she is a genius with an IQ of 300. Umino asks Usagi if she knows the Crystal Seminar that has just opened, and tells her that Ami Mizuno goes there. Usagi notes that it's right beside the game centre, but it's very expensive. Umino announces that Ami can afford it, because her mother is a doctor. Naru says that she's lucky to be both rich and smart, but Kuri retorts that she is a cold snob.

Usagi looks at her grades and cries that she will be grounded again, and imagines her mother telling her to go to a cram school. Suddenly she sees Luna jumping onto Ami Mizuno's head. Usagi runs over to Ami, who is cuddling Luna, and apologizes for the cat, thinking to herself that Ami is nicer than people said. Ami says that she had thought the cat was an angel, then blushes. Introducing herself and Luna, Usagi gleefully notes that Ami could help with her homework. She offers to take Ami to the Game Center Crown, where Ami achieves the high score on the Sailor V game and wins a pen, but has to leave quickly to get to her Crystal Seminar.

The next day, Usagi and her friends are about to go out for ice cream when Usagi sees Ami in the AV room working on a computer. She enters and teases Ami about working after school, and shows off the pen she got from kicking the game machine. Ami says that she has to go, and Usagi says sadly to Luna that Ami must be working too hard to blow her off like that. Usagi sees a disk on the table that Ami has forgotten, and takes it to the Crystal Seminar, where she gets a flyer that says that registrations are free. Luna tells her that she should try it, but Usagi gets mad and crumples up the flyer, throwing it over her shoulder. It lands on the head of the strange man in a tuxedo, who yells that he's not Usagi's garbage can and asks if he heard the cat talking. Usagi calls him crazy and stomps away.

Looking at the flyer, Luna tells Usagi that the disk on the flyer is the same one that Ami forgot. She puts it into the computer and hears a voice saying "offer yourself to the Dark Kingdom." Usagi runs to the Crystal Seminar and uses her Disguise Pen to turn into a doctor. She flees to the classroom, and asks where the emergency is. Seeing Ami and the others unconscious, she attempts to wake them. The teacher of the Crystal Seminar sees her, and Usagi transforms. The teacher throws test papers at Sailor Moon, which act as daggers. Whining that she doesn't like tests, her cries create Supersonic Waves. Luna yells at her to stop because she is breaking everyone's ears.

Turning around, Sailor Moon sees Ami being attacked by the teacher, who asks why she is resisting and if she used the disk to work. Ami replies that she worked in her own way and cries for help. Luna tells Ami to raise her pen to the sky; Ami obeys, and her action creates paralyzing fog through which Sailor Moon cannot see. When she finds the teacher, she uses Sailor Moon Kick, and falls into the arms of Tuxedo Mask, who appeared out of nowhere. Tuxedo Mask tells her to save her friend, and Sailor Moon uses Moon Frisbee to defeat the Youma.

When the mist dissipates, Sailor Mercury appears. Luna tells her that she is the brains of the Sailor Team, the manipulator of water and under the protection of Mercury. Sailor Moon smiles and says she's happy that Ami is on their team.


  • When Luna told Usagi to find the Princess, Usagi replied that she wanted pudding because in Japanese, "princess" (プリンセス; purinsesu) sounds like the word for "pudding" (プリン; purin).
    • In the Mixx manga, Bunny said that she wanted to eat Pringles, while in the Kodansha manga she said that she was "hungry for royal chocolate."
    • In the "Eternal Edition" manga released by Kodansha, Usagi said she "could go for some princess cake."
    • Kodansha's updated "Naoko Takeuchi Collection" edition of the manga kept Usagi's original statement that she wanted pudding, with a translator's note explaining the joke.
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