Act 30 - Mio Deceives Usagi

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Usagi's classmates are upset at her for causing Mio to be injured, so Mio suggests that Usagi hold a special live Minako Aino concert to make it up to them.


PGSM Episode
Usagi tells everyone that Minako is not there
Name (kanji/kana): うさぎをだまそうとするミオ
Name (romaji): Usagi wo Damasouto Suru Mio
Name (translated): Mio Deceives Usagi
Episode Number: 30
Director: Takemitsu Sato
Writer: Yasuko Kobayashi
Air Date: May 8, 2004
Previous Episode: Act 29 - Minako's Rival, Mio Kuroki, is a Transfer Student?
Next Episode: Act 31 - Jupiter Awakens Her Senshi Powers!

Usagi arrives in her classroom to find the students crowded around Mio Kuroki, who is cradling her bandaged arm. They tell her that she is to blame for Mio being injured, and that she left the injured girl alone and ran away from the Youma when it appeared. Mio attempts to soothe the students, but everything she says only makes things worse. Finally, Mio suggests that it happened because she is the rival of Usagi's favorite idol, Minako Aino, and says that she will quit the entertainment business if Usagi doesn't like her being there. This makes the students even more angry, except for Ami and Naru, who still defend their friend.

Motoki stands outside of Karaoke Crown, holding two movie tickets and enthusiastically planning a date. When he sees Makoto coming, he quickly rushes inside and straightens his hair. As she enters the building, he dramatically shows off his tickets and wonders aloud whom he should take along to the movie with the special reserved seats. Makoto doesn't seem to notice, though, as she simply flashes her passport and walks past.

Makoto enters the Secret Base, where Ami, Rei, and Luna are comforting Usagi. Luna suggests that some special training will cheer them up, and points out that it helped Ami in awakening her Senshi power. Makoto admits that she should definitely do it, then, because she is the only one who hasn't awakened. The girls then return to trying to catch floating bits of paper with chopsticks.

In the Dark Kingdom, Kunzite confronts Jadeite about his recent confident attitude, and Jadeite smirks and points out that he is Queen Beryl's favorite. Kunzite draws his sword in anger, but before he can do anything, Beryl summons him.

Queen Beryl tells Kunzite that she knows he has his memories, but she allows him to keep them because it suits her purposes. She does, however, demonstrate that she has access to stronger powers now that Queen Metalia is also growing stronger, and warns him not to interfere with Zoisite again. Kunzite realizes that she is also waiting for Prince Endymion to awaken, and when he says as much, Beryl grows angry and dismisses him.

In London, Mamoru sits in his apartment, remembering Kunzite's declaration that it was his fault the Earth was destroyed in the past. Zoisite's image appears in the mirror, and Mamoru tells him that because everything in his life had been decided by either by other people or by what had happened in his past life, and he wanted to be someone who would decide his own fate. Zoisite tells him that he will not be able to do that where he is.

At the junior high, most of Usagi's classmates barely acknowledge her presence and walk away without speaking. Naru and Ami, however, are quick to come up and greet her. A short distance away, Mio watches, frowning.

At lunchtime, Usagi and Ami eat their lunch on the roof, while in the meantime Naru confronts Mio and says that she doesn't believe the story about Usagi hurting her. Naru asks for the truth, saying that she believes in Usagi. Mio observes that Naru has always stood by Usagi, and glares fiercely at the other girl. As soon as she does, Naru suddenly doubles over with an exclamation of pain.

Later that day at the recording studio, Mio is recording a song when she notices Minako standing outside the booth and watching her. She asks to take a break and excitedly rushes out to greet Minako, saying that it's a great honor for the other idol to visit. Minako asks why Mio decided to transfer to Juuban Junior High, and wonders where she went to school before that, but instead of answering Mio bursts into tears and drops to her knees. When others come rushing up Mio tells them that Minako didn't mean to be cruel, and the others accuse Minako of bullying the new girl.

Usagi walks to school, looking sad as she is once again snubbed by her classmates. Mio comes rushing up and apologizes, saying that it's her fault everyone is being mean. She admits that she probably misspoke, and also accidentally made Minako Aino look bad as well. To make it up to Usagi, she says that she arranged a special private concert by Minako for that evening at six, which will also help Minako's public image. Mio even adds that she will let Usagi take the credit for everything, so her classmates will like her again.

That evening, Mio helps Usagi put up a banner for the concert at the theater as a small crowd of students excitedly take their seats. As they finish, she claims that making Minako more popular would make her happy, which leads a delighted Usagi to tell her what a nice person she is. Mio shrugs it off, then, as though suddenly remembering, tells Usagi that Ami and Makoto weren't going to come, because they said they didn't think Usagi could really plan a concert like this. Usagi is a little hurt, but Mio says that at least she is still standing by her friend. She then glances at the clock, noting that it is only ten minutes until six, and wonders why Minako is so late.

6:30 comes and the impatient students set up a chant for Minako. Backstage, Mio borrows Usagi's cell phone and says that Minako isn't answering; she wonders if maybe Minako lied to the new girl and stood them up.

By the time it is almost seven, Mio and Usagi decide that Minako isn't going to show up after all. Mio says that she will go apologize to the students, but Usagi insists and goes out on stage. She apologizes and tells everyone that Minako is not there, and the students all exclaim in dismay and demand that she bring out Minako. Backstage, Mio watches the proceedings while gleefully laughing and gloating over how many friends Usagi is losing now. She says that at least Usagi still has her, the one who hates her the most.

Just then, the lights all go out in the theater, and music can be heard from just outside. The crowd goes in search of it and finds a large mobile stage trailer in the parking lot, with Minako and a band all set up for a concert. Minako apologizes to everyone for being late and starts into a performance of her song "Romance." Mio watches in dismay, and as Minako meets her eyes while pointing at her, realizes that the other girl knows that she tried to set up Usagi.

In the middle of excitedly dancing to the song, Usagi pauses and notices a Youma nearby. She excuses herself and rushes off, then transforms into Sailor Moon. Sailor Moon confronts the Youma, declaring that she won't let it interfere with the concert, and the two begin to fight. Eventually the Youma manages to trap the Senshi in an entangling web, and as Sailor Moon struggles, her determination to not let the Youma interfere suddenly makes her brooch begin to glow. The Moonlight Stick suddenly appears and slices through the webs, freeing her, and Sailor Moon destroys the Youma with Moon Twilight Flash.

After the concert, Usagi rushes up to Minako and thanks her, and is delighted to find that her favorite idol still remembers her. Mio wonders why Minako came, and Minako confronts the other idol, asking why she had deceived everyone and planned a concert without asking her to come. Usagi is shocked, and Minako warns her to be careful; her friends did not show up because they were tricked as well.

In the meantime, Makoto, Ami, and Rei are all gathered together at a restaurant, wondering why Usagi is so late.

Mio bursts into tears, claiming that she wanted Usagi all to herself because she loves her so much. Minako is very doubtful, but Usagi reassures Mio that they are classmates and friends. Minako, surprised, asks Usagi how she can believe her so easily. Usagi only smiles and replies that it is hard when nobody believes you. Just then Usagi's cell phone rings; her friends are wondering where she is. She excuses herself and rushes off, leaving Minako and Mio alone.

Mio observes that Usagi is a good person. Minako agrees, but then adds that she isn't, and warns Mio to leave Usagi alone. Mio only smiles, claiming that she is completely apologetic, and tells Minako that she did a good job that day.



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