Act 30 Mugen 4 SAILORURANUS Tenou Haruka SAILORNEPTUNE Kaiou Michiru

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Chapter Data
Yui Bidou promises that she will succeed
Name (kanji/kana): Act 30 無限4 SAILORURANUS 天王はるか SAILORNEPTUNE 海王みちる
Name (romaji): Act 30 Mugen 4 Sailor Uranus Tenou Haruka Sailor Neptune Kaiou Michiru
Name (translated): Act 30 Infinity 4 Sailor Uranus Haruka Tenou Sailor Neptune Michiru Kaiou
Volume Number: 6
Chapter Number: 30
Original Number: 27
Crystal Episode: Act.30 Mugen 4 SAILORURANUS Tenou Haruka SAILORNEPTUNE Kaiou Michiru
Previous Chapter: Act 29 Mugen 3 Futari NEW SOLDIERS
Next Chapter: Act 31 Mugen 5 SAILORPLUTO Meiou Setsuna

The next member of the Witches 5, Viluy, appears and targets Ami.


The Inner Senshi are stunned by the appearance of Sailor Neptune and Sailor Uranus, as they were not aware of the existence of any other Sailor Senshi. Sailor Chibi Moon sees the mirror that Sailor Neptune is holding, and remembers Michiru calling her mirror a "Talisman." She is amazed that Sailor Neptune was one of the two in the helicopter, but the others fix on the word "talisman" as they remember their ominous dreams. Sailor Mars demands to know who they are and what is going on, but Sailor Uranus replies that they are not allies and have no intention of fighting with the other Senshi. Sailor Neptune begins to play her violin and the others clutch their ears in pain. Tuxedo Mask calls out to them, but Sailor Uranus uses her World Shaking attack and knocks them all out.

Usagi awakens to find herself surrounded by her friends. Luna explains that the two Senshi, like Sailor Pluto, have their own job to do and shouldn't be here; their job was to protect the Silver Millennium from a distance, and if they have been reborn and are active now, there must be some dire emergency. The girls wonder if the Death Busters could be that emergency, though the fact that the two attacked them leads them to believe that they aren't their friends. Usagi and Chibiusa disagree, however.

Back at Mamoru's apartment, he is asleep with Chibiusa and Usagi in his bed, holding Usagi's hand as he sleeps. They both dream of a ruined city and an ominous figure, and wonder if that could be the "god of destruction" their dreams spoke of before.

Rei sits before the sacred fire and thinks about the mirror Sailor Neptune carries, which is a Talisman. She wonders where the other two could be.

After school, Usagi waits in the park for Mamoru, but instead Haruka finds her there. Haruka turns away again and starts to leave, but Usagi calls her "Sailor Uranus" and she stops; Usagi asks why the other Senshi won't tell her anything, and if they really are their allies. Haruka replies that she wanted to meet Usagi while she still didn't know anything. Mamoru finally arrives, and Haruka quickly departs. Usagi begins to cry and Mamoru asks if Haruka did anything to her; she says no, but wonders what it is that is making her so sad.

Chibiusa arrives at the Game Center Crown looking for Mamoru, but he isn't there. She tells the others that she wanted help with her homework, and displays a clay sculpture she made. She explains that it is supposed to be the "Holy Grail," and when they ask what that is, Diana says that Neo-Queen Serenity carries it, and it gives her power to save the people. Chibiusa once saw a picture of it, and she wants one that twinkles with jewels like the one her mother has. As she talks about the things she saw in her mother's room she becomes sad, but when Makoto asks if she wants to go home, Chibiusa insists that she promised she would stay until she became a great Senshi.

Usagi and Mamoru sit in his apartment, the atmosphere between them strained. Chibiusa bursts in, and noticing the tension in the air, asks if the two of them have been fighting. Usagi denies it, and Mamoru asks why Chibiusa came. She asks for help with her homework, pulling out the clay sculpture and explaining what she wants it to be. By the time the sculpture is done, Chibiusa has fallen asleep on the floor. Usagi hesitantly apologizes for being close to Haruka, and says she was jealous when she saw him with Michiru. He admits that he was jealous of her and Haruka as well, but comments that the two of them seem to have a lot of sorrow, and Usagi realizes that she sensed as much and she began crying in reaction to it. Mamoru tells her that she can stay there, so they don't have to wake Chibiusa, and kisses her. From under her blanket, Chibiusa peeks out at them and smiles because they have made up again.

As the girls discuss studying for exams, Ami wonders if she should go to a new prep school. She says that there is a student from Mugen Academy that she never can beat, a girl named Yui Bidou. Ami goes to visit Mugen Yobiko, and there finds Yui, who suggests that Ami would do well at Mugen Academy, and suggests that she come to the school to visit. Even though her friends think that it must be an enemy trap, Ami goes anyway, saying that she will call if she needs help.

Ami arrives at the school and is directed to the science room where Yui is waiting. Yui proudly displays a glass case with a replica of the Tau star system that she made for a science project, then excuses herself to attend a lecture. Ami stares at the case and wonders if it could be a hologram, as a camera in the corner of the room focuses on her.

Kaolinite watches Ami in her pool, and wonders if the girl could be a Sailor Senshi, who was foolish enough to come by herself. Yui arrives before Kaolinite and declares that she, as Viluy, will succeed where the others failed and will obtain the souls of the Senshi.

Ami throws a pen into the camera lens, shattering it, and runs out of the room. Michiru and Haruka are startled as they see her go past, but she doesn't notice them, and instead rushes headlong into a lab where she finds more of the creatures they fought before. Yui appears behind her and orders several students to grab her, and when Haruka and Michiru arrive, Yui orders all three of them brought to the science room.

Once in the classroom, Yui declares that her nanobots will invade human bodies and then sacrifice their souls to Pharaoh 90. Ami pushes away the students holding her and uses her communicator to call the others and tell them what she found, then leaps out the window. She transforms into Sailor Mercury as she falls and lands in the swimming pool. Haruka and Michiru go out the window after her, and hide in the branches of a tree. They observe that it is no longer safe for them to be at the school.

As Yui runs by, Sailor Mercury confronts her and attacks with Mercury Aqua Mirage. Viluy reveals her true identity and counters the attack with her Mosaic Buster, which sends nanorobots driving into Sailor Mercury's body. The other Inner Senshi arrive and go to help Mercury, but stop when they see Haruka and Michiru. The pair transform into Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune, and Sailor Uranus pulls out her Talisman, the Space Sword. She uses the sword and destroys Viluy, releasing Sailor Mercury from her power, and then the two Senshi disappear.

Meanwhile, Motoki visits K.O. University to see Reika, but is disappointed when she says she is busy. As Reika enters the science building, she runs into a stranger who introduces herself as Setsuna Meiou, a student studying theoretical physics.


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