Act 31 Mugen 5 SAILORPLUTO Meiou Setsuna

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Chapter Data
Setsuna is overcome by a Tellun
Name (kanji/kana): Act 31 無限5 SAILORPLUTO 冥王せつな
Name (romaji): Act 31 Mugen 5 Sailor Pluto Meiou Setsuna
Name (translated): Act 31 Infinity 5 Sailor Pluto Setsuna Meiou
Volume Number: 7
Chapter Number: 31
Original Number: 28
Crystal Episode: Act.31 Mugen 5 SAILORPLUTO Meiou Setsuna
Previous Chapter: Act 30 Mugen 4 SAILORURANUS Tenou Haruka SAILORNEPTUNE Kaiou Michiru
Next Chapter: Act 32 Mugen 6 3 Senshi

The next member of the Witches 5, Tellu, uses plants called Telluns to drain energy, but is destroyed when Sailor Pluto returns.


At K.O. University, Setsuna and her professor are discussing readings indicating strange spatial distortions around the Sankakusu where Mugen Academy is located. Reika peeks inside to talk to her, and Motoki exclaims over all the plants in the lab. As they leave again, Motoki suggests to Reika that they go to the Sankakusu for dinner, but she decides she would rather not because the dark clouds hovering over the region are too ominous.

At the Tomoe Research Laboratory, Professor Tomoe watches another experiment fail. Kaolinite arrives and tells him that it is time, and the two of them go to speak to Pharaoh 90. He tells them to gather more souls to power the Taioron Crystal, and asks about their progress. Professor Tomoe talks about his attempts to create complete Daimons, and he and Kaolinite promise to destroy the Sailor Senshi. Pharaoh 90 observes that Sailor Moon's power is similar to the light of their Taioron Crystal, and tells them to take it. After they leave, Kaolinite goes to her pool and muses about what she must do. Tellu appears before her and promises to succeed where the others have failed.

At school, Chibiusa's teacher tells the class that they should give their clay sculptures to someone special to them. Kyuusuke gives his to Chibiusa and tells her it is a sign of friendship, which gives her the idea to give her Holy Grail sculpture to her friend, Hotaru.

As Hotaru is walking through her school, two classmates watch and mock her. She drops to her knees suddenly, clutching at her chest, and her books fall to the ground. One of the girls "accidentally" steps on her pencil case as Hotaru reaches for it, and Hotaru glares at them, crumpling the metal case in one hand before walking away. The girls stare after her, suddenly scared, and comment that she seemed like a different person.

Usagi stares out the window of her classroom, looking depressed. Makoto and Ami come up to talk to her, and she says that she wants to speak to Haruka and Michiru. She is upset that Makoto and Ami don't seem to care, but Ami tells her that they should only do what they can for now.

At her gardening club, Makoto discusses flowers with one of the other club members, and comments that in the strange weather recently her plants haven't been doing well. He tells her about Telluns, a new flower developed at Mugen Academy that can grow without water.

The girls meet at the Secret Base and discuss the fact that the Death Busters are headquartered at Mugen Academy, and how they have hidden enemies within the ordinary population. They wonder if Professor Tomoe, the owner of the school, is also an enemy. Usagi realizes that Hotaru is his daughter and worries if it's safe for Chibiusa to be with her. As the girls leave, they pass a flower shop and see a display of Telluns, and Makoto buys one.

When Usagi arrives home, she finds Chibiusa leaving to visit Hotaru. Because of what she just learned, Usagi insists on going with her.

The two of them arrive at the lab, and are confronted by Kaolinite, who accuses them of trespassing. Hotaru arrives and says they are her guests, and Kaolinite thinks it is odd for her to have visitors. Once in Hotaru's room, Chibiusa offers her the Grail sculpture she made, saying she was supposed to give it to someone important to her, and she wants Hotaru to have it as a sign of friendship. Hotaru refuses the gift, though, and tells Chibiusa to keep it for herself.

Usagi excuses herself for a minute to use the bathroom, and Hotaru drops to her knees, overcome by another of her fits. As Chibiusa moves toward her, concerned, Hotaru reaches for her brooch, saying that the power in her amulet makes her feel better. Chibiusa says that it is the Silver Crystal, and Hotaru draws back suddenly, frightened that it felt like someone else was inside her, wanting to take the amulet.

Kaolinite stands outside in the hallway, listening to the conversation.

Usagi gets lost on the way back to Hotaru's room and, glancing out the window, sees Mugen Academy next door. She wonders what they are researching at this lab, and is startled as someone touches her shoulder. Professor Tomoe leads her back to Hotaru's room and tells his daughter that it is time for her checkup. Usagi and Chibiusa leave, and as they walk home, Chibiusa thinks she sees someone familiar in the crowd - but when she tries to find her again, the woman has disappeared.

Minako visits Makoto at her apartment, and Makoto comments that her plants haven't been doing well lately. After they look at the Tellun, the two of them suddenly feel sleepy and doze off. When they wake up again, they find the Tellun has bloomed, but all the other plants have withered. Makoto takes out a knife and chops the Tellun in half, and it releases a cloud of gas.

Usagi looks at a map of the Sankakusu, noting that two of the three zones are called the Kaiou and Tenou zones, the same as Michiru and Haruka's family names. The others find her there and tell her they are going to the botanical gardens at Mugen Academy to investigate enemy activity. As they go, however, Usagi sees Haruka and Michiru ahead of them; when she calls after them they turn and run away, and Usagi gives chase.

Usagi follows the two to their home, in the tallest building in the Sankakusu. She stands outside the door of the apartment, calling to Haruka and asking her to fight with them, as a fellow Sailor Senshi. Haruka stands just inside the door, listening, but does not answer. Usagi turns back to her friends and says that they need to stop the enemy's advance.

The girls arrive at the greenhouse at Mugen Academy, and there find a veritable jungle of Telluns in bloom, and numerous people collapsed on the ground. They begin to feel their own strength being drained. Tellu arrives and gloats that the Sailor Senshi have fallen into her trap, and that she will surely be given the position of Magus like Kaolinite.

Setsuna lies collapsed on the ground, with a Tellun blooming nearby. In their apartments, Haruka and Michiru sense someone close to them is in danger. Setsuna calls for help, and hears a voice inside of her command her to "awaken" as the Pluto symbol appears on her forehead. At the same time, the Uranus and Neptune symbols appear on Haruka and Michiru's foreheads, and all three appear in the same room together.

In the meantime, leaves swirl in a sudden wind around Mamoru, and he senses that somewhere, something has awakened.

The Inner Senshi transform and face off against Tellu. However, when Sailor Moon tries to use Moon Spiral Heart Attack, Tellu mocks her weak attack. Sailor Chibi Moon prays for the power to help, and Luna P appears and transforms into the Pink Moon Stick. She feels a new power within her, and uses the wand to attack Tellu with Pink Sugar Heart Attack. Tellu transforms into a monstrous creature and lunges at Chibi Moon, but is destroyed by Dead Scream.

Stunned, everyone turns to find Sailor Pluto standing there with Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune.


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