Act 32 - Mamoru Came Back

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Usagi discovers that Mamoru has disappeared, and is determined to find any way possible to go to London and look for him.


PGSM Episode
Usagi accidentally ends up on television
Name (kanji/kana): かえってきた衛
Name (romaji): Kaette Kita Mamoru
Name (translated): Mamoru Came Back
Episode Number: 32
Director: Masataka Takamaru
Writer: Yasuko Kobayashi
Air Date: May 22, 2004
Previous Episode: Act 31 - Jupiter Awakens Her Senshi Powers!
Next Episode: Act 33 - Ami is Changing Schools?

Usagi, thinking about Makoto's words about how their present situation is determined by their past lives, wonders if it is the same for her relationship with Mamoru. Mamoru, in his apartment in London, asks himself if there is anything more to him than his past, and wonders if Usagi feels the same.

As Usagi cleans her room, she finds the muffler she'd made for Mamoru tucked away in a drawer. She remembers Luna telling her that the love between the Prince and Princess was ill-fated, and realizes that it was decided from the beginning that she have a broken heart.

In the Dark Kingdom, Zoisite summons Mamoru for Nephrite to see, and they are soon joined by the other two Shitennou. Kunzite and Zoisite argue over their loyalties and what they need to do to prevent the past from repeating itself. As they argue, Mamoru clutches at his head in apparent pain. The argument grows more heated, with Nephrite joining in and Jadeite wondering, confused, what they mean about a "past life." Mamoru abruptly commands them to stop, addressing the four Shitennou by name, and asks them why they can't break free of their past lives. As he speaks, the form of Prince Endymion superimposes his form for just a brief moment. The Shitennou react with varying degrees of shock, and Kunzite draws his sword, levelling it at his former master.

At Karaoke Crown, Motoki is on the phone with someone in London, trying in vain to find someone who speaks Japanese so he can ask about Mamoru. Usagi, Ami, and Rei enter, and Usagi asks about what is going on. Motoki tells her that he just found out that Mamoru has gone missing.

Down in the Secret Base, Usagi's friends restrain her as she frantically insists that she must go to London right away. They tell her that everything that can be done, is, and she needs to forget him so the past will not repeat itself.

In the Dark Kingdom, Queen Beryl confronts Zoisite about Mamoru's appearance. She asks where Mamoru went after he left, but Zoisite only insists that he does not know. Beryl becomes angry and blasts him with dark energy, but still he insists that he does not know. She continues to bombard him with power even after he has lost consciousness, and only ceases her attack when Jadeite stops her.

Usagi walks down the street holding a travel brochure for London, bemoaning the fact that flights are so expensive. Mio's car pulls up beside her, and Mio offers her a ride. As they drive, Usagi tells Mio why she wants to go to London, and Mio correctly guesses that the friend is the boy Usagi likes. Usagi uncomfortably insists that she is just worried. Mio pauses for a moment, then offers Usagi a way to get to London.

Mio brings Usagi to a tv station, and as they wait in the lobby, they see a male idol, Yuuto, enter through a crowd of screaming fans. The three of them adjourn to Yuuto's dressing room, and Mio explains that he is going to London that night for the filming of a drama he is in, and if Usagi will work as his assistant, he will bring her along. Yuuto pulls out a plane ticket and waves it temptingly, telling Usagi that she has to work hard to earn it, and Usagi readily agrees. Mio excuses herself, and on the way out quietly warns Usagi that Yuuto is very selfish, and not to make him angry or else he won't let her accompany him to London. Behind Usagi's back, Mio and Yuuto exchange significant glances.

Using her Teletia S, Usagi changes into casual clothing in the bathroom. As she looks at herself in the mirror, she mentally apologizes to her friends and Luna, and says that she has to go no matter what might happen. One of the studio employees peeks in and summons Usagi to clean up after Yuuto's dog, and Usagi steels herself, repeating the word "London" over and over.

Makoto arrives at the Secret Base and hears the news from the others, then expresses her sympathy for Usagi. Luna replies that even if she were to go to London, it would only bring pain to both her and Mamoru.

Yuuto is summoned to the set, and Usagi follows, still repeating "London" to herself as encouragement. She is given charge of Yuuto's dog while he's filming a live broadcast, but somehow, the dog manages to escape without her noticing. As she follows it, she accidentally ends up on stage in front of the cameras. It takes her a minute to realize it, and once she does, she spends more time apologizing than getting off the set. Minako sees the broadcast on tv while she's sitting on a set, and realizes that Mio is up to something; Mio claims that she simply introduced Usagi to Yuuto because she was so determined to go to London. Minako tells the crew that she needs to take a break and hurries off. Mio watches her with a smirk.

Usagi apologizes profusely to the film crew, and Yuuto smooths things over with the producer. Everyone goes back to work, and Yuuto tells Usagi to go buy some fancy food for the dog, insisting that she be back in fifteen minutes. She runs off, still repeating "London" to herself, and finds Minako waiting for her in the hallway. Minako encourages her to go home, saying that she can explain things to Yuuto, but Usagi refuses and keeps running. Minako tells Artemis to alert the other Senshi.

As Usagi hurries down the street, she sees a couple that reminds her of herself and Mamoru. With renewed determination, she keeps going, telling herself that she wants to see him.

Artemis arrives at the Secret Base and tells everyone what is going on. They realize that they need to stop her from being with Mamoru, in order to prevent the world from being destroyed.

Yuuto announces that it is time to leave, and Usagi eagerly follows him down to his car. As she gets in, though, Minako appears and orders Usagi not to go. Mio shows up as well and grabs Minako's arm, pulling her away as she tells Usagi to go; she also subtly twists Minako's arm to restrain her. Mio and Yuuto exchange glances before he drives off. Minako shoves Mio away and stares at her, not certain of what she is sensing, then walks away. Mio watches her go and observes that Usagi isn't going to London anyway.

Yuuto pulls up to a dock area and declares that he has changed his mind and is not going to London after all. He waves the ticket around, taunting Usagi, then lets it fly off in the wind. Usagi hops out of the car and runs after it, and finds it caught on the very edge of the dock. She leans over and strains to grab it, and while she is distracted, a Youma emerges from Yuuto's body. Usagi just grabs the ticket just as the Youma attacks her, knocking it out of her hands; she stretches one hand out toward it even as the Youma chokes her. Suddenly, Prince Endymion arrives and drives the Youma back with his sword. Usagi is stunned to see him, but he snaps her out of her reverie by telling her to transform. She transforms into Sailor Moon and, as Endymion distracts the Youma, she destroys it with Moon Twilight Flash. Sailor Moon walks slowly toward Endymion, almost disbelieving that he is really there. He tells her that he came home without telling anyone, and she is relieved that he is okay. He thinks back to his confrontation with Kunzite: the Shitennou tried to attack him, but found that the sword went right through Mamoru's image, and Mamoru declared that he had decided not to run anymore.

Mamoru and Usagi stand on the dock together, and he asks if she remembers her past life. She says that she doesn't at all, and he tells her that he remembers a little bit of his. He tells her that in the past their relationship destroyed the planet, and those who don't want the past to repeat are afraid of them being together. He says that he has decided he won't believe it, and that he came back in order to prove with her that it won't happen. Mamoru pauses then, then asks her if he can have the muffler that she made; Usagi tearfully replies that she can't let him have it - because it's almost summer. He laughs gently, then pulls her into his arms, stating that the planet definitely will not be destroyed.

Minako watches them from a short distance away, sadly observing that fate cannot be changed.


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