Act 33 - Ami is Changing Schools?

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After Ami and Rei are caught out late at night while hunting down a Youma, their parents become concerned.


PGSM Episode
Ami and Rei are caught by a policeman
Name (kanji/kana): 亜美ちゃんが転校?
Name (romaji): Ami-chan ga Tenkou?
Name (translated): Ami is Changing Schools?
Episode Number: 33
Director: Kenzo Maihara
Writer: Yasuko Kobayashi
Air Date: May 29, 2004
Previous Episode: Act 32 - Mamoru Came Back
Next Episode: Act 34 - A Mother-and-Daughter Talk

Now back at the Secret Base, Usagi tells her friends about her and Mamoru's resolve. Luna remains unconvinced that it is a good idea, but Ami and Makoto say that if Usagi believes so strongly that they can prevent the past from repeating, they will stand with her. Rei is of the opinion that even if she wanted to stop Usagi she couldn't. Luna reluctantly admits that at least their teamwork has improved.

Zoisite is sitting slumped weakly in his room in the Dark Kingdom when Jadeite enters and asks his fellow Shitennou why he defied Queen Beryl. Zoisite suggests that Jadeite is afraid of his past memories, and that's why he clings to his false master; he reminds Jadeite of how he used to look up to Prince Endymion like an older brother. Jadeite becomes angry and insists that Beryl is his only master. Nephrite overhears and wonders why he can't remember anything.

Ami and Rei walk part of the way home together, commenting on how much happier Usagi is now, then cheerfully head their separate ways. Ami returns to an empty apartment, with a note on the white board in the kitchen from her mother, saying that she will be at work for the next two days, and congratulating Ami on her exam scores. Ami leaves another note as her part of the conversation, saying that she will be certain to become a doctor like her mother. Rei also returns to an empty home, greeting a photograph of her mother posing with her younger self.

Luna senses the presence of a Youma and attempts to wake Usagi, but is not very successful. Meanwhile, the Youma takes form and is confronted by Sailor Mars, but after a brief exchange of blows, the Youma is wounded and disappears in a swirl of flower petals. Ami runs up and asks about the Youma; Sailor Mars tells her that it has gone and transforms back into Rei. Just then a policeman appears and asks what they're doing out so late. The two of them claim they were studying and didn't notice the time, and try to convince him there's no need to bother their families.

Queen Beryl observes aloud that Queen Metalia is acting on her own, though she doesn't know why. Kunzite, spying on her, declares that he needs to act before Beryl obtains Metalia's power.

On their way to school the next morning, Usagi apologizes to Ami for not joining them, and adds that Makoto had her own problems as well. Ami is worried that the policeman might talk to her mother. Usagi receives a text message from Mamoru on her her cell phone, and while she is looking at it, Naru appears and asks what she's smiling about. Mio comes up and playfully snatches the cell out of Usagi's hand, then frowns when she sees Mamoru's name. While the three girls are talking (and Mio solicitously asks Naru about her "condition"), Ami receives a message on her phone from her mother, asking her to stop by the hospital after school.

At Karaoke Crown, Motoki is shocked to see Mamoru again, and then even more shocked when Usagi comes in and apologizes to Mamoru for making him wait.

As Mamoru and Usagi sit at an outdoor cafe, Usagi finally gives him the muffler that she'd made. He teases her about the quality of the workmanship, and she demands it back. They engage in a playful tug-of-war over it, while in the meantime Mio scowls darkly at them from a short distance away. Back at the Dark Kingdom, Beryl seems to see what Mio is seeing, and is displeased.

Ami arrives at Meiwa University Hospital and waits for her mother. When she arrives, her mother says she is concerned because she received a call from the police station about the night before.

Rei is walking home when she is confronted by a man in business suit, who introduces himself as her father's secretary. The man, Nishizaki, says that he is there to pick her up for dinner with her father; he wants to talk to his daughter about a phone call they received from the police.

As the two of them sit in the hospital cafeteria, Ami's mother confronts her over her poor attendance at cram school, and reminds her of the rule that they have no secrets between them. She admits that it is probably her fault for being so busy and not seeing her daughter often, but says that she thinks it would be best for Ami to change schools. Ami, upset, says that it's not her school that is at fault, but before they can talk further, her mother's pager goes off and she has to leave. As she goes, her mother reminds her that Ami becoming a doctor is both of their dream, and Ami smiles in agreement - but after her mother looks away, Ami's smile fades.

Rei angrily says that her father is just worried about his political image, and refuses to go anywhere. Nishizaki says that his boss is very concerned, and is thinking about having his daughter come back and live with him again, as fathers and daughters should be. Rei becomes very upset and orders Nishizaki to leave, then runs up the stairs to the Hikawa Shrine. Rei does not stop running until she reaches her room and then, looking at the photograph of her mother, declares that she can never forgive her father for not even coming to the hospital when her mother was dying.

Back in the Secret Base, Usagi and Makoto find out that the police did call after all. Rei insists she doesn't care, but Ami admits that her mother wants her to change schools, and has even scheduled an interview with a new school even though she doesn't want to transfer. Rei doesn't understand why Ami doesn't just say no, and the two of them get into an argument. Usagi and Makoto attempt to break the tension by suggesting that they go out for cake, and Luna eagerly agrees, transforming into her human form.

As the girls walk down the street, a car pulls up and Ryuuji Hino, Rei's father, steps out. The two of them argue quietly for a moment, then Rei glances at her friends and tells them to go on ahead. As they go, Ami wonders to herself that Rei can speak in such a manner to her father.

Rei tells her father that he has no right to call her his daughter anymore, since he abandoned her and her mother. He claims that he had work to do, which only makes her more angry. When he asks her to just come have dinner with him, she refuses and suggests that her mother would have agreed. She adds that her mother was a miserable person, after marrying him and dying that way, which angers her father enough that he slaps her. He tells her not to make her mother sad, and Rei begins to cry and retorts that he was the one who did that. She then senses the aura of the Youma from the night before and, ordering her father not to contact her again, runs off.

The Youma is chasing a crowd of terrified people through the street when Rei arrives and transforms into Sailor Mars. As they fight, Sailor Mars is continually distracted by her memories of her mother and the confrontation with her father. Just as it appears that the Youma has won, Sailor Moon, Sailor Jupiter, and Sailor Luna appear and drive it away. When they check on Sailor Mars, she insists she is fine and stalks away, detransforming as she goes. Sailor Jupiter thinks that the Youma appears to be targeting Rei specifically.

Ryuuji Hino sits in the back of his car, clenching his fists tightly. He turns to his secretary and orders him to bring Rei back, even if he has to use force.

Saeko Mizuno sits on a bench, waiting impatiently for Ami to arrive. Ami approaches from behind and watches her mother for a long moment, then turns and runs away.

Rei walks alone down the sidewalk, still obviously upset.

Episode Trivia[edit]

  • This episode contained one of the rare occasions where a Sailor Senshi was shown detransforming.


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