Act 34 Mugen 8 "Labyrinth Mugen" 1

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Chapter Data
The eight Senshi combine powers
Name (kanji/kana): Act 34 無限8 「無限迷宮」1
Name (romaji): Act 34 Mugen 8 "Rabirinsu Mugen" 1
Name (translated): Act 34 Infinity 8 Infinite Labyrinth 1
Volume Number: 7
Chapter Number: 34
Original Number: 31
Crystal Episode: Act.34 Mugen 8 "Labyrinth Mugen" 1
Previous Chapter: Act 33 Mugen 7 Henshin SUPER SAILORMOON
Next Chapter: Act 35 Mugen 9 "Labyrinth Mugen" 2

The Sailor Senshi head to Mugen Academy to confront the Death Busters, and there have to face Kaolinite and the revived Witches 5.


At the hospital, the doctor tells everyone that there is no hope, and Chibiusa's heart has stopped. Usagi is in shock that Hotaru, or Sailor Saturn, killed her. The Outer Senshi arrive and say that her soul has been taken, and that is how the Death Busters operate - they steal souls, then use the soulless bodies as vessels for Daimons. They say that they definitely have to kill Hotaru now and retrieve the Silver Crystal, because if they don't they will be killed themselves.

They take Chibiusa back to Mamoru's apartment, and he links his body with hers, keeping her nominally alive. The others leave him alone with Usagi, and she thinks that she doesn't want to choose between Chibiusa and Hotaru, but she can't abandon the people of this planet. Mamoru kisses her, and once again sees the vision of the ruined city and the shadowy figure in the center. He tells Usagi not to lose hope, that they will be able to save Chibiusa's soul and regain the Silver Crystal, but wonders to himself if the figure he sees is the messiah or the "god of destruction."

As Mistress 9 muses to herself how uncomfortable it is to be in a human body, Professor Tomoe and Kaolinite arrive. Professor Tomoe says he was waiting such a long time for her to awaken within Hotaru, he was worried she would not. Mistress 9 turns to Kaolinite and comments that the other woman has made good efforts, but to now leave things to her, as she is the master's true partner. Kaolinite is unhappy, but promises to eliminate the outsiders as ordered.

Mistress 9 goes to speak to Pharaoh 90, who is awed by the great power she holds. She tells him of the Silver Crystal, and thinks that it has the same light as the Taioron Crystal. This crystal, however, has a special brilliance to it. For a moment she hears a voice say that the crystal is protected by Sailor Chibi Moon's pure spirit, and wonders if someone is trying to push her out of her body. Professor Tomoe distracts her again, saying that they are running out of eggs to plant in human bodies, and she replies that once the master's vessel is completed they will no longer be necessary.

Kaolinite stands before an altar in the center of a circle, casting a spell and calling upon the Witches 5. Five figures appear, in the form of the Inner Senshi, and she says she will put a curse on them that can never be lifted.

Usagi meets up with her friends and tells them they need to go to the Sankakusu and get Chibiusa's soul back. When they arrive, however, they find Mugen Academy completely covered in vines, and Sailor Mercury comments that the strange power in the area is forming a dome shaped like an omega. As they go forward, Sailor Moon pauses for a moment, thinking about the Outer Senshi, and wonders if they can fight together.

In the meantime, Sailor Uranus is thinking of Sailor Moon, and how she is sorry that they must go kill Hotaru.

As the Sailor Senshi arrive at Mugen Academy, Kaolinite smirks and opens a door for them. When they enter, they are shocked to find Cyprine and Ptilol there to greet them.

Sailor Mars suddenly finds herself alone in darkness, wondering where her friends went. She finds herself facing off against Eudial, who attacks and knocks her down. Eudial mocks her, saying that she doesn't have a fighting spirit, that she doesn't want to just fight for Sailor Moon.

Sailor Mercury is by herself in front of a massive computer and is momentarily caught up in awe at the sight. Viluy appears and attacks, entrapping Sailor Mercury in vine-like ropes. She tells the Senshi that she wants more information, not to keep having to fight for Sailor Moon. Mercury thinks that it is true, she needs to study more if she wants to get into medical school.

Sailor Venus clutches her head in pain as she hears strange music, and realizes she has heard this once before. Mimete is suddenly standing before her, introducing the Senshi as her special guest at her idol concert. A microphone appears in Sailor Venus' hand as ropes wrap around her, and as the audience cheers, Mimete asks why she won't sing, because it was always her dream. Venus thinks that this is her chance, and she can quit being a Senshi now.

Sailor Jupiter stands in a greenhouse, surrounded by plants. Tellu greets her and tells her that she doesn't need to fight, encouraging her to look around. Sailor Jupiter is entranced by all the different varities of roses, and thinks that she always wanted to be a gardener. She grows sleepy, thinking that fighting is foolish, and Telluns bloom all around her.

Sailor Moon turns quickly and realizes with dismay that her friends have all vanished. Images of the four Senshi appear before her, battered and bruised, and as they begin to melt, they say that it is her fault and they won't fight anymore. Chibiusa materializes behind Sailor Moon and wraps her hands around the Senshi's throat, saying that everything is her fault. The Outer Senshi laugh and ask if Chibiusa needs any help, observing that they think Sailor Moon is annoying as well. Mamoru arrives and destroys "Chibiusa," saying that he will kill her first, then Usagi.

At his apartment, Mamoru senses that Usagi is falling under the enemy's spell, and calls out to her.

Sailor Moon realizes it is all an illusion, and uses Moon Spiral Heart Attack. The attack dissipates the images, and she finds herself standing all alone.

Sailor Uranus, Sailor Neptune, and Sailor Pluto fight their way through the jungle-like growth around Mugen Academy, frustrated by their lack of progress. Sailor Neptune looks into her Deep Aqua Mirror and sees the Inner Senshi trapped in a large column, and Sailor Uranus uses Space Sword Blaster to force her way into the school.

Once inside, they find the column guarded by the Witches 5, and using Chronos Typhoon and Submarine Reflection, destroy the enemies and free the Senshi. Sailor Moon runs up and embraces Sailor Uranus, saying that she knew they would come. Sailor Uranus thinks that it is true, they really did feel the same way and wanted to fight together. If they join forces, they can become strong, and make even the impossible possible.

The eight Senshi join hands, and the Holy Grail appears, allowing Sailor Moon to power up into Super Sailor Moon. Sailor Neptune checks her mirror and calls for them to go upstairs, to the president's office. Once there, they find the five wax figurines shaped like the Inner Senshi, and Kaolinite appears, enraged that they have broken her spell. She mutates into her Daimon form and attacks, but Sailor Moon destroys her with Rainbow Moon Heartache. Sailor Moon cries that no matter what, she will never lose hope, and tells everyone to search for Hotaru.

Mistress 9 observes that Sailor Moon has made her way into their base and destroyed Kaolinite. She says that the time has now come to turn the Omega Area into their home. She declares that they have nothing to fear now that they have the power of the Silver Crystal, then swallows the crystal.

Back at Mamoru's apartment, Chibiusa's body begins to glow, and Mamoru calls out her name.


  • Though the kanji "無限迷宮" in the title of the act would normally be read "Mugen Meikyuu" (Infinite Labyrinth), the accompanying furigana say "ラビリンス・ムゲン" (rabirinsu mugen).
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