Act 35 - Sailor Venus and Zoisite are Working Together?

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Zoisite and Sailor Venus realize that they both have the same goal, of preventing the past from repeating itself, and agree to work together to achieve it.


PGSM Episode
Minako makes Usagi listen to the music box
Name (kanji/kana): セーラーヴィーナスとゾイサイトが協力?
Name (romaji): Seeraa Viinasu to Zoisaito ga Kyouryoku?
Name (translated): Sailor Venus and Zoisite are Working Together?
Episode Number: 35
Director: Nobuhiro Suzumura
Writer: Yasuko Kobayashi
Air Date: June 12, 2004
Previous Episode: Act 34 - A Mother-and-Daughter Talk
Next Episode: Act 36 - Princess Sailor Moon Appears!

Usagi is getting ready for bed, even though the sun hasn't quite set. Luna is surprised by this, but Usagi explains that she has to be up early the next morning to buy tickets for Minako Aino's concert. Luna is unhappy that Usagi is going with Mamoru even though their relationship is forbidden, and Usagi replies that Luna might as well just approve, since they've already decided.

At the Azabu Public Hospital, Mamoru sits by the bed where Mio lies sleeping. When she wakes, he explains that she fainted in the road and he had her brought there. She expresses her thanks and puts her hand on his, which makes him look uncomfortable. At the same moment, Queen Beryl declares that soon her hand will reach his, and the Princess will not be able to interfere.

Mamoru calls Usagi from the hospital to tell her what happened, and that he will stay at the hospital a little longer since none of Mio's family has arrived. Usagi, having been awakened by the phone call, dozes off in the middle of it. After Mamoru realizes it, he wishes her an amused good night and hangs up. As he heads back to Mio's room, he passes a room in which Minako is a patient.

As Minako lies in the bed with an IV in her arm, Artemis expresses his concern that Minako is still relying on just basic treatment for her condition. She reminds him that they'd already agreed not to waste time on unnecessary things, and that the reason she is alive is to stop the past from repeating itself. Remembering what Mamoru had said to Usagi about proving that wouldn't happen, she observes that the two of them are wrong, and she will need to find a way to stop them.

After a nurse tells him visiting hours are over, Mamoru starts to leave. Mio tries to convince him to let her do something to repay him for his help, but he refuses and leaves. Mio pretends to be hurt by this, until he turns away, at which point she casts a dark scowl his direction.

Queen Beryl observes that even in the past, Endymion never saw her, but this time will be different.

Kunzite mentions Queen Beryl's obsession to Zoisite, who thinks that everyone with memories from their past life drags the past along with them. Kunzite suggests that he could take advantage of it, and gain power over Beryl by controlling Endymion. This idea angers Zoisite, who thinks that he might need help in protecting his Master.

As Minako is leaving the hospital, she sees Mamoru in the hallway. She races after him, but he reaches his motorcycle and leaves before she can stop him. As she stands in the parking garage, Zoisite suddenly appears, noting that the Sailor Senshi are also after his Master. Minako transforms into Sailor Venus and attempts to use her Venus Love-Me Chain, but he dodges it easily and grabs her from behind, holding a knife to her throat. He warns her to stay away from his Master, and she and Artemis are shocked that Zoisite remembers his past life as well. She tells him that he needs to stay away from her Princess, so that the planet won't be destroyed. Zoisite realizes that they have a common goal after all, and suggests that they need to talk.

At the Secret Base, Luna in her human form complains about Usagi going to bed so early. When she explains why, Makoto abruptly begins packing up her things, not really listening as Luna says that Sailor Venus and Artemis will not be happy about Usagi and Mamoru being together. Rei and Ami wonder if Sailor Venus is so strict because she remembers more about her past life. In the meantime, Makoto rushes off out the door.

Zoisite tells Sailor Venus that in the past, they were unable to stop the tragedy caused by Endymion and Serenity, and Sailor Venus agrees that this time they need to do so. Zoisite says that Queen Beryl is after Endymion, but he cannot completely separate himself from her. He asks Sailor Venus to protect Endymion instead, and offers a music box in exchange.

Usagi arrives at the ticket seller's booth to find that Minako's show has completely sold out. She wanders away, dejected, just before Makoto arrives and is in turn disappointed to not get a ticket.

Usagi walks slowly down the street, disappointed that she won't be able to go to the concert after all. A van pulls up beside her and Minako invites her to get in. Usagi is absolutely ecstatic to be with her favorite idol, and Minako is amused by her antics for a moment, until she glances down at the music box on the seat beside her. She remembers Zoisite telling her that once Usagi hears the music box, she will completely forget about the one she loves, but it will only work if used by someone she trusts. Minako turns back to Usagi and invites her to lunch, making her even more excited.

Once at the restaurant, Minako starts to pull out the music box when Usagi suddenly says she has to thank her. Usagi tells her that there was someone she really liked and things weren't going well, but whenever she was depressed or wanted to give up, she would hear Minako's music and it made her happy again. Now things are going well, and she believes it is thanks to Minako's songs. Minako begins to look uncertain and Artemis, watching, is concerned.

Mamoru turns away from his motorcycle and finds Mio standing behind him. She says that she wanted to thank him and reaches out toward him, but he slaps her hand away. Undismayed, she moves in quickly and embraces him before he has time to stop her, and begins to laugh as both of them are surrounded by swirling black flower petals.

Dismayed, Zoisite bangs his hands down on the piano keys as he realizes that Mio was Queen Beryl's shadow.

While Usagi eats, Minako looks down at the music box, telling herself that she has to complete her mission. Usagi abruptly comes up beside her, asking what's wrong, and she drops the box, allowing the lid to fall open so the music plays. When she hears it, Usagi freezes in place.

As Mamoru stares vacantly at nothing, Mio takes his hand and leads him away.

Usagi stands frozen, unseeing, as her memories of Mamoru burn away. Zoisite suddenly appears and warns Minako that Queen Beryl is trying to abduct Endymion, and demands that she honor her end of the deal. As soon as Usagi hears the name "Endymion," she turns and starts to walk away slowly, as though sleepwalking. Minako follows after her, ignoring Zoisite's demands that she help Endymion, and opens the music box again. She apologizes to her princess, saying that it is for the sake of the planet.

As Mio leads Mamoru on, Kunzite suddenly appears and attacks, but is stopped by Jadeite. The two of them fight, and one of Kunzite's blows is deflected and injures Mamoru's arm.

Usagi begins to sing "C'est la Vie", and Minako sadly observes that she also knows how it feels to forget. As she watches Usagi, she realizes that the princess truly does love Endymion that much, and Minako drops the music box, allowing it to shatter on the floor.

The spell on Mamoru is broken and he calls Usagi's name, surprising the Dark Kingdom minions; Sailor Moon arrives and uses Moon Twilight Flash, causing Mio to retreat. The other two find themselves facing both her and Prince Endymion, and the four of them fight. Sailor Venus appears in time to deflect one of Kunzite's attacks, then joins in the fray. Their fight is interrupted by the arrival of a bank of dark clouds, upon which appears the image of Queen Beryl; she orders the Shitennou to stop and teleports them away.

Sailor Venus hands Sailor Moon an envelope, telling her that it is an apology for what happened that day, then leaves. Sailor Moon opens it to find tickets to Minako's concert, and wonders why Sailor Venus had them. Endymion says that it's because that is her own concert, and is startled to find that Sailor Moon didn't know. It takes her a minute to figure out what he means, but once she does, Sailor Moon is stunned.

At the concert, Minako performs her song, "Romance," before an enthusiastic crowd. Usagi and Mamoru rush in late and stand at the back to watch. While singing, Minako suddenly becomes dizzy and collapses on stage; the stage crew rushes in and surrounds her while Usagi watches, distressed.

Episode Trivia[edit]

  • Minako's concert in this episode was filmed during the Kirari Super Live performance, a month before the episode aired.
  • The knife used by Zoisite in this episode was modified from the harp-like bow originally intended to be used by Dark Mercury.
  • In this episode, Mamoru said that he had known the civilian identity of Sailor Venus since her Sailor V days. The DVD/VHS-only special, Act Zero, revealed how he found it out.


  • During the performance of "Romance" at the concert, one of Minako's background dancers started to do the wrong movements before quickly correcting herself.
  • On the concert tickets, the word "TOUR" was misspelled as "TUOR," which was more (but not completely) in line with the Japanese romaji spelling for pronouncing that word.


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