Act 35 Mugen 9 "Labyrinth Mugen" 2

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Chapter Data
Mistress 9 absorbs the power of the Silver Crystal
Name (kanji/kana): Act 35 無限9 「無限迷宮」2
Name (romaji): Act 35 Mugen 9 "Rabirinsu Mugen" 2
Name (translated): Act 35 Infinity 8 Infinite Labyrinth 2
Volume Number: 7
Chapter Number: 35
Original Number: 32
Crystal Episode: Act.35 Mugen 9 "Labyrinth Mugen" 2
Previous Chapter: Act 34 Mugen 8 "Labyrinth Mugen" 1
Next Chapter: Act 36 Mugen 10 Mugendai - Joukuu

The Sailor Senshi continue their efforts to find and defeat the Death Busters, Mistress 9 works to bring about Pharaoh 90's awakening using the power of Chibiusa's Silver Crystal.


As Mistress 9 absorbs the Silver Crystal's power, she exults over the vast amounts of energy now available to her, much more than that in human souls or even the Taioron Crystal. She calls out to Pharaoh 90 that she will bring him the power.

Back at Mamoru's apartment, Chibiusa's body glows as he cries out with worry for her. Her eyes open, unseeing, then she begins to convulse violently.

Hotaru's form becomes visible, and she says that she cannot let the power of the Silver Crystal be used this way. Mistress 9 cries out in pain as she feels the other force trying to stop her, but says that she needs to just complete Pharaoh 90's vessel, and then she can be rid of this human body. Hotaru is determined to stop her.

Chibiusa is floating through the darkness, alone and scared, when she hears someone call her name. She turns and sees the Silver Crystal, and takes hold of it, relieved she has found it again because it is a part of her. Hotaru holds the girl in her arms, telling her to keep the crystal safe, and promises to protect her.

Mistress 9 is dismayed as the Silver Crystal's power diminishes, while in the meantime Mamoru is surprised to realize that Chibiusa's hand has become warm again. He wonders if someone is protecting her spirit.

The Sailor Senshi find the building empty, and wonder where all the students are. As Sailor Moon looks out over the buildings under construction in the Sankakusu, she is reminded of her dream of the ruined city, and thinks about Hotaru, Chibiusa, and their need to defeat the enemy so they can return to the peace of before. The Senshi decide to split up, with the Outer Senshi and Sailor Moon taking the elevator to the basement, where the laboratories are, and the Inner Senshi searching each floor one by one.

In his lab, Professor Tomoe gloats that the Senshi have taken the elevator, because it is a trap. He muses on his work to create a superbeing, of which the reconstruction of Hotaru's body was a part, and thinks that everyone else will be sorry they cast him out. After the accident, he says, he was given another chance; the beings that arrived and brought him the Daimon Eggs allowed him to continue his work, and he himself is an example of a perfect Daimon hybrid, a superior being. As he declares himself to be a god, Hotaru watches sadly.

As the elevator descends, Sailor Moon becomes ill and scared, and worries about her friends, off on their own. She asks the others if they aren't scared, all alone like this. Sailor Uranus says it isn't anything like the solitude they experienced before. The Outer Senshi say that their posts were deserted and lonely, but they could always think of the queen and princess of the Silver Millennium, and the light they gave off gave them strength and hope. Suddenly, the elevator shakes, and with a loud bang everyone falls into the darkness.

All alone, Sailor Moon calls out to the others, frightened and wondering what she should do now. She remembers what the others just said, and thinks that the others always give her light. She reaches up toward a spot of light shining above her and cries out that she is Super Sailor Moon, and she holds the power given to her by everyone else; she will not be deceived by illusions. With a cry of "Rainbow Moon Heartache!" Sailor Moon destroys the illusion, and the four of them fall to the ground as the elevator comes to a sudden halt.

When the doors open, Professor Tomoe is waiting there with a horde of Daimons. Sailor Neptune and Sailor Pluto destroy them, but he only laughs, saying that he can make more. Sailor Moon says that she doesn't want to fight, and asks where Hotaru is. He says that she is giving the power of the Silver Crystal to Pharaoh 90, whose awakening is close at hand, and then mutates into Germatoid. Germatoid declares himself to be a superior being than even a Daimon, and attacks. Sailor Moon is hesitant about fighting him at first, because he was Hotaru's father, but when he attacks Sailor Uranus, she destroys him with Rainbow Moon Heartache. As she does, she hears a voice bidding farewell to "Papa," and asks who is there, but doesn't see anyone.

The building suddenly begins to shake, and as the ceiling collapses, Sailor Pluto uses Garnet Ball to protect them. Sailor Moon cries out in fear for her friends upstairs.

In the meantime, the Inner Senshi feel the floor shake and realize something is happening, but before they can react something explodes through the floor from below, hurling them into the air.

Sailor Moon's transformation reverts back from its "Super" form, and she knows that something must have happened to them, as the connection between their hearts has been interrupted. She and the Outer Senshi see the sky growing ominously dark, and inside a glass atrium catch sight of Mistress 9 laughing gleefully. Sailor Moon cries out Hotaru's name.


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