Act 36 - Princess Sailor Moon Appears!

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Queen Beryl demands that Mamoru join her, awakening the anger of Princess Serenity.


PGSM Episode
Princess Sailor Moon faces off against Queen Beryl
Name (kanji/kana): プリンセス・セーラームーン登場!
Name (romaji): Purinsesu Seeraa Muun Toujyou!
Name (translated): Princess Sailor Moon Appears!
Episode Number: 36
Director: Nobuhiro Suzumura
Writer: Yasuko Kobayashi
Air Date: June 19, 2004
Previous Episode: Act 35 - Sailor Venus and Zoisite are Working Together?
Next Episode: Act 37 - The Princess Will Cause a Catastrophe!?

Usagi and her friends try to visit Minako at Azabu Public Hospital, but are told she isn't seeing anyone, because she is exhausted from her anemia. They leave, and Usagi is frustrated that she can't visit Minako now that she knows she is a Senshi. She is also annoyed at her friends for keeping Sailor Venus's identity a secret, although she has to admit she might have taken advantage of it.

In the Dark Kingdom, Queen Beryl is angry with Kunzite and Zoisite for interfering with her plans. She makes them vanish in a flash of light, and Jadeite is quick to apologize for his failure. Beryl is not angry with him, however, and, with a glance toward Mio, says she has other plans. She calls to Nephrite, who is lurking just around the corner, and he vows that if she will let him be by her side he will be even more loyal than before. She observes that the Shitennou are treasures.

Usagi's mother overhears Usagi making plans to meet Mamoru the next morning, and teases her about her boyfriend. Ikuko begins speculating on the nicknames Usagi must have for him, and Usagi insists she hasn't used any of those. Shingo edges away from his sister, disgusted by the relationship talk. Usagi realizes that she still hasn't called Mamoru by name.

As Usagi heads toward the meeting place the next morning, she wonders what kind of get-well gift to buy for Minako. Then she sees Mamoru and tries to figure out how to call him, remembering what her mother had said the night before. Finally, she just settles for "hey!" and the two of them head off shopping.

Rei arrives at Minako's hospital room, and Minako tells her the truth about her illness, and that she only has a couple months left to live. She tells Rei that she might die before they defeat the enemy, or she might be too sick to fight, which means that Rei will have to take over as the leader. Rei is upset that Minako is forcing herself so hard, refusing even to get treatment for her illness, but Minako says that as long as she has her life she is not going to waste it.

Usagi and Mamoru leave the store with a photobook for Minako, and Usagi is distracted by a watch in a nearby store window. She turns to Mamoru to comment on it but finds that he has kept walking; she tries to get his attention but, uncomfortable about saying his name, has to resort to volume to get him to turn around. He returns to her side and asks why she won't call him by name, and wonders if she has forgotten it, teasing her about how it's possible with her. Usagi gets annoyed and stomps away, leaving him wondering what is going on.

Usagi sits down on a bench to sulk, but Mamoru soon joins her and hands her the watch she was admiring. He says that it is a gift in return for the muffler that she gave him. She is thrilled by the gift and thanks him.

Queen Beryl recalls that in the past Endymion was never hers, no matter how much she wanted him. She remembers watching Prince Endymion meet with Princess Serenity in a garden, and turning away jealously as the two kissed. Beryl declares that this time she will take Endymion right before the princess' eyes.

As Mamoru walks down a sidewalk, Mio appears before him and demands that he come with her, because his precious Shitennou are waiting. Meanwhile, in the Dark Kingdom, Queen Beryl calls to both the prince and the princess.

At the Secret Base, Usagi abruptly rises to her feet, saying that someone is calling her, and runs out the door. Makoto, Ami, and Luna follow her, and notify Rei on her Teletia S.

Mio and Mamoru face each other in an empty field, and when Mamoru demands to know what they are doing in such a place, Mio disappears in a storm of black flower petals. Queen Beryl appears then, telling Mamoru that she has been watching him all this time. The Sailor Senshi arrive, and Beryl tells Sailor Moon that Endymion is hers now, and they will take Queen Metalia's power and use it to rule the Earth together. Mamoru demands to know why he will do that, and in response, Beryl summons the Shitennou - then forces them to point their own weapons at themselves. She threatens to have Mamoru's former guardians kill themselves if he does not surrender. Sailor Moon cries out that you cannot make someone love you by threatening them, and in response, Beryl has the Shitennou attack her. The four Senshi jump in front of their princess and take the blow for her, and are thrown to the ground. Mamoru finally gives in and starts to walk toward Beryl; Jadeite and Nephrite are stunned that he would want to save them, Zoisite begs him not to give in, and Kunzite angrily tries to attack him, and is stopped by Beryl. Mamoru reaches Queen Beryl and she reaches out to touch him, but just then Sailor Moon's tiara glows and she orders Beryl not to touch him. As the Senshi stare at Sailor Moon in surprise, she is briefly superimposed by the image of Princess Serenity, before she transforms into Princess Sailor Moon in a surge of golden light.

Queen Beryl is displeased by this development and fires a blast of energy at Princess Sailor Moon. As the explosion clears, however, she is still standing there unscathed. Princess Sailor Moon begins to walk toward Queen Beryl, and when the Shitennou attack in an attempt to stop her, she summons the Princess Sword and easily deflects their attacks; she does the same when Queen Beryl also fires an attack at her. Beryl grows angry and uses a stronger attack, but Princess Sailor Moon absorbs it with the Sword and uses that energy for a return attack of her own. Beryl orders Mamoru to stop Princess Sailor Moon, and as a demonstration of what will happen if he refuses, forces Nephrite to impale himself on his sword.

Mamoru slowly walks up to Princess Sailor Moon, and she lowers her sword as he gets close. He pulls her into an embrace and calls to Usagi, begging her to return to normal; after a moment, Princess Sailor Moon detransforms back into Usagi. Queen Beryl calls him, demanding that he return, and he slowly turns from Usagi. As he walks away, she calls his name; he looks back at her and tells her that it is all right, and he will definitely return. Queen Beryl smiles triumphantly and teleports the group away. Usagi stares at the spot where Mamoru stood and says his name again. As she holds the watch he gave her, she suddenly collapses, and the Senshi catch her. Sailor Mercury gently wipes a tear from her cheek, and Sailor Mars tearfully demands to know if this also is a burden from their past lives.

Episode Trivia[edit]

  • When Minako had a flashback to the first time Artemis appeared, he landed in her hands and began to talk to her. However, in Act Zero, he landed on her face (much like Luna did when she first encountered Usagi).
  • This episode featured the most extensive usage of pyro effects throughout the whole series.


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