Act 38 Mugen 12 Mugendai - Tabidachi

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Chapter Data
The Outer Senshi with baby Hotaru
Name (kanji/kana): Act 38 無限12 無限大―旅立ち
Name (romaji): Act 33 Mugen 12 Mugendai - Tabidachi
Name (translated): Act 33 Infinity 12 Infinity - Journey
Volume Number: 8
Chapter Number: 38
Original Number: 33
Crystal Episode: Act.38 Mugen 12 Mugendai - Tabidachi
Previous Chapter: Act 37 Mugen 11 Mugendai - Shinpan
Next Chapter: Act 39 Yume 1 Nisshoku Dream

As the enemy's power grows stronger and threatens to overwhelm the Earth, Sailor Saturn appears, heralding the destruction of all things.


As the ground cracks and the sea rises, Tuxedo Mask and Sailor Chibi Moon mourn for Sailor Moon. Sailor Uranus thinks of Usagi, and how she just wanted to protect the girl.

Suddenly a light appears in the midst of the destruction, and as it rises into the air, Super Sailor Moon is visible in the center of it. Sailor Moon opens her eyes, the crescent on her forehead glowing, and sees Sailor Saturn. She realizes that Saturn will be destroyed along with the enemy, but Saturn tells her not to be sad, because with the end comes hope and rebirth, which is what she herself brings; because Sailor Moon used the power of the Grail and the Silver Crystal, the world can be saved. Sailor Saturn calls to Sailor Pluto to close the passageway to the other world, and Pluto uses Dark Dome Close to seal away the invaders. As the Space-Time Door closes, however, Saturn fades away with it.

Sailor Moon shifts to her Neo-Queen Serenity form and stares at the sky as Sailor Saturn's words echo within her mind. She lifts her Spiral Heart Moon Rod, and with her power the buildings re-form and people revive. Tuxedo Mask looks at her as she stands atop a pillar, surrounded by the ruins of Mugen Academy, and recognizes the image from his dreams: she was the Messiah he had seen, after all.

They turn at the sound of a baby crying, and the Outer Senshi find a baby lying on a blanket - with the symbol of Saturn glowing on its forehead. They realize that Hotaru has been reborn, and decide to raise her as their child, together. The three of them bid the others farewell, saying that they have a new mission, but promise Sailor Chibi Moon that they will return some time, because they are friends and allies. As a sign of that promise, Sailor Neptune leaves her mirror with Sailor Chibi Moon, and tells her to continue to become a stronger Senshi.

Back in their civilian forms, Usagi and the others run to Haruka's apartment, but find it bare. The same is true of Michiru and Setsuna's homes, and as they look outside, they see three helicopters fly overhead. Usagi looks up at the sky and thinks that they will surely meet again, someday.


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