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Chapter Data
The Mars symbol appears on Rei's forehead
Name (kanji/kana): Act 3 レイ - SAILORMARS
Name (romaji): Act 3 Rei - Sailor Mars
Name (translated): Act 3 Rei - Sailor Mars
Volume Number: 1
Chapter Number: 3
Original Number: 3
Crystal Episode: Act.3 REI - SAILOR MARS -
Previous Chapter: Act 2 Ami SAILORMERCURY
Next Chapter: Act 4 Masquerade Kamenbutoukai

After several mysterious disappearances on the Sendai Hill bus line, Usagi and Luna go to Hikawa Shrine to investigate, and there they meet a shrine maiden named Rei, who turns out to be Sailor Mars.


In the Dark Kingdom, Queen Beryl reprimands Jadeite for his failures. Nephrite appears and mocks him, saying that he could do much better, and asks Beryl to allow him to take on the task instead. Zoisite wonders if the Sailor Senshi could also be after the Silver Crystal. The three Shitennou ask the queen what the crystal is, and she tells them that it is a source of endless power, and the one who has it controls the universe. She gives Jadeite one last chance to redeem himself, and he promises to eliminate the Senshi.

In the meantime, a miko meditates before a fire. She senses that something is coming, that something bad is about to happen.

As a group of children leaves the Hikawa Shrine, one little girl calls the miko "Rei" as she tells her good-bye. Rei watches them leave, boarding the Sendai Hill bus, and glances at her watch, noting that it is six o'clock. The driver of the bus, who looks very similar to Jadeite, briefly glances in her direction.

At school, Usagi dozes at her desk as the students around her gossip about the six o'clock bus from Sendai Hill - rumor has it that anyone who boards that bus will disappear forever, because Death himself is the driver. Luna arrives and wakes the girl up, telling her that she needs to meet with Ami after school to discuss strategy. Usagi wants to go home instead, but changes her mind once she hears the meeting will be at the arcade.

After school the girls meet at the arcade, and Motoki compliments Usagi on how she has improved at the Sailor V game. Usagi says it was because Ami is a good teacher. Ami watches her and notes that the game looks completely different from when she played. She muses that it still seems strange to her that she has these powers, and asks Luna about their enemies and goals. Luna tells her that they have to protect their princess and the Silver Crystal. As Usagi completes another two levels in the game, a prize falls out of the machine. They appear to be two watches, but Luna says they are really special communicators for the girls to use.

Ami notices the time and heads off to her cram school; Usagi whines about how she will be bored without her friend, and at Ami's invitation, goes along with her. Umino suddenly appears and warns the girls that the Sendai Hill bus is the one everyone has been talking about, and tells them that they shouldn't get on it. Usagi dismisses it as just a rumor, and says she will be fine.

While they are on the bus they see a pretty girl in a T·A Academy for Girls uniform. After Ami gets off the bus, Usagi follows the girl, telling the annoyed Luna that she had nothing better to do. Usagi enters the Hikawa Shrine after her and is suddenly attacked by two crows. Elsewhere in the shrine, Rei senses an evil presence and comes running. She uses Akuryo Taisan to try to exorcise what she thinks is an evil spirit, and is startled to only find Usagi. A little embarrased, Rei apologizes, saying that she sensed an evil spirit, and Phobos and Deimos normally don't attack people.

Rei speaks to a woman praying for the return of her daughter, and the woman says that her little girl vanished after getting on the Sendai Hill bus the other day. As she speaks with the miko, other people at the shrine whisper about how Rei and her grandfather, the priest, are strange people, and talk about Rei's odd psychic abilities. Luna overhears them talking and, looking at Rei, wonders if such a beautiful, elegant girl with mysterious powers could possibly be the princess she is looking for. Rei tells Usagi that the shrine is at the point where five roads meet, but tradition has spoken of a phantom sixth road. Now the rumors say that the six o'clock bus gets pulled onto that sixth road and disappears.

In the Dark Kingdom, Nephrite comes to see what Jadeite has been up to and is unimpressed by his efforts. Jadeite tells him that he had been collecting the girls alive, so they can be offered up as sacrifices to the great ruler - along with the heads of the Sailor Senshi.

The junior high is abuzz with talk about the girls who disappeared after riding the Sendai Hill bus. Luna thinks it is suspicious, and suggests to Usagi that they go investigate the temple and speak to Rei. She thinks Rei might possibily be one of their allies, but Usagi wonders if she could be the enemy, instead.

They take the bus to Sendai Hill, but Usagi is nervous and tells Luna that it's her fault if anything happens. Luna tells her that it's only five o'clock, and suggests that she call Ami on the communicator. She suddenly stops talking and begins meowing, though, to Usagi's annoyance. When the girl tells her to just say what she means, she suddenly realizes that her nemesis is sitting beside her. She demands to know what he is doing there, and he says he always rides this bus to school. He pulls out his school ID card and shows it to her, and she discovers that his name is Mamoru Chiba and he is in 11th grade at Moto Azabu High School. She asks him if he has heard the rumors about the six o'clock bus, and he says he has, and that it's just one of many strange incidents lately. As she watches him, Usagi realizes that Mamoru looks a lot like Tuxedo Mask in profile, and quickly looks away to hide her sudden blush. As he looks at her in turn, he compares her to his memory of Sailor Moon and wonders.

As Usagi arrives at the shrine, she finds a crowd demanding that Rei help them find the missing girls. She tells them that her powers aren't that certain, and suggests that they leave it to the police. One of the women becomes angry and accuses her of being the one responsible for her daughter's disappearance. Upset, Rei tells them all to go home. Usagi watches from nearby, feeling sorry for her. Luna wonders what the enemy is up to, and why they don't seem to be searching for the Silver Crystal.

Rei meditates before the fire in the shrine, and senses a danger to Usagi. She runs after the girl and arrives at the street just as the bus pulls up. Although Rei recognizes the driver as the man from her vision, she finds she cannot stop herself from climbing aboard.

As Usagi walks down the sidewalk, Luna calls her attention to the bus in time for her to see Rei unconscious in one of the seats. Usagi quickly pulls out her Disguise Pen and transforms into a stewardess, then grabs onto the side of the bus. As the bus vanishes into a dimensional portal, Luna loses her hold on Usagi and falls away, landing in Tuxedo Mask's arms.

Usagi finds herself alone, without Luna or Tuxedo Mask to help her, and is scared. Tuxedo Mask stares after the vanished bus and wonders just who the girl is, when she transformed before his eyes.

Luna runs to find Ami and tells her what happened. They use the communicator to track Usagi, and find that Usagi has vanished off the screen - but seems to be travelling downwards. Usagi calls them and says that she has lost sight of the bus, and is now in a strange stone castle. Luna orders her to transform and go save the others.

Jadeite crouches next to the unconscious Rei and strokes her hair gently, noting how beautiful she is. He thinks to himself that he was attracted to her since the moment he first saw her.

Ami tells Luna to use the energy as she transforms to teleport her to Usagi's location. Luna agrees, but gives Ami an extra transformation pen to take with her. As Sailor Mercury appears, Sailor Moon sees Jadeite holding Rei and tells him to let her go. Mercury tries to create a fog, but Jadeite only turns it into specks of ice.

Sailor Moon becomes upset and starts to cry, but Luna warns her that if she does her Supersonic Waves will destabilize the dimension they are in. She instead tells the girl to use her tiara attack. When Sailor Moon accordingly uses Moon Frisbee, Jadeite grabs the tiara disdainfully - but then it suddenly shifts and encircles him.

Luna then reminds Sailor Mercury of the pen she gave her earlier, and she throws it to Rei as the symbol of Mars appears on the girl's forehead. Rei transforms into a Sailor Senshi, and with the help of her two crows, attacks Jadeite. With a cry of "Akuryo Taisan!" the newest Senshi uses her fire to destroy the enemy. The dimension becomes unstable, and Luna warns Sailor Moon to gather all the kidnapped girls together in one place. They reappear back on Sendai Hill, confused about how they got there when they last remembered riding the bus.

Luna greets the new Senshi as Sailor Mars, the soldier of flame and passion, as the girl stares at her sailor fuku in surprise, realizing that she had strange powers because of her destiny as a chosen Senshi. Sailor Moon and Sailor Mercury are thrilled to have another ally in their fight.

In the meantime, Nephrite watches the Senshi from the Dark Kingdom, angry that they have killed one of the Shitennou.


  • This act marked the first appearance of Sailor Mercury's Mercury Aqua Mist attack in the reprint version of the manga, though in the previous act her transformation was accompanied by an unnamed attack that produced the same fog.
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