Act 41 Yume 3 Mars Dream

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Chapter Data
PallaPalla and Tiger's Eye attack Rei
Name (kanji/kana): Act 41 夢3 マーズ・ドリーム
Name (romaji): Act 41 Yume 3 - Maazu Doriimu
Name (translated): Act 41 Dream 3 - Mars Dream
Volume Number: 9
Chapter Number: 41
Original Number: 36
Crystal Episode: Sailor Moon Eternal
Previous Chapter: Act 40 Yume 2 Mercury Dream
Next Chapter: Act 42 Yume 4 Jupiter Dream

As the group attends the Dead Moon Circus, Rei is lured away and attacked by PallaPalla and Tiger's Eye.


Chibiusa runs down the street, upset that she was not the "maiden" Helios was looking for and cannot help him. She transforms back into her civilian form and her bell rings, summoning Pegasus, and she wonders out loud if she will ever become the lady she dreams of being. He transforms into his human form and kisses her, then tells her that she gives Sailor Moon strength. Helios also tells her that her friends are all worried and looking for her, and promises to come see her again. Usagi and the others find her just as he vanishes.

Helios returns to his cage, fading back into his Pegasus form. Queen Nehellenia tells him that she is surprised he could escape but tells him that she will still win. He remains defiant, and she knocks him down with a blast of power. She then speaks to Zirconia through her mirror and gloats that she is the true ruler of the White Moon and will own the Silver Crystal.

Usagi is surprised to find Rei reading a book on shrine management. Rei says that her grandfather is ill, so she is trying to find ideas. Minako suggests that she get married so her husband can take care of things, and Makoto enviously says that she wants a boyfriend. The cats arrive and Luna tells the girls they are going to see the Dead Moon Circus tomorrow.

Back at the Hikawa Shrine, Rei thinks about what her friends said their dreams were. She always thought she wanted to follow in her grandfather's footsteps, but now isn't sure. Her grandfather watches her and remembers when she first came to the shrine, and thinks that someday she will find where she is truly meant to be.

The girls and Mamoru attend the carnival held by the Dead Moon Circus as their grand opening celebration. While the others are distracted, Rei is lured into the House of Mirrors and the doors slam closed behind her. The Amazoness Quartet shoos the crowds into the tent but refuses to let the cats inside. As the group sits watching the show, they realize that Rei never came with them. They become dizzy and look for the exits, but can't find any.

In the House of Mirrors, Rei finds that there are no reflections inside the mirrors. A voice tells her that the mirrors will show her true self, and tells her about how unhappy she has always been, and how her friends have kept her from being happy. Her mirror-self appears with Tiger's Eye and kisses him, and Rei throws an ofuda at the image and it vanishes. PallaPalla is annoyed and causes the image to appear again, and Rei tries to transform but finds she can't. She becomes overwhelmed by PallaPalla's spell and collapses, and the Amazoness orders the tiger to devour her.

Outside, the cats see the tent doors disappear and are alarmed, then notice that Phobos and Deimos are getting agitated. The two crows break through the windows of the House of Mirrors and attack Tiger's Eye.

Rei is awakened by Phobos and Deimos in human form. They show her the Mars Crystal and encourage her to attack with her Mars Arrow. Rei realizes the dream she had forgotten and finds her new power that allows her to transform and use Mars Flame Sniper to break free and destroy Tiger's Eye.

Usagi and the others finally emerge from the tent, wondering why they don't remember much of the show, and are stunned to realize that there was an enemy attack going on while they were away. Rei says that the enemy is very dangerous and they need to protect the people of the city from them as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, the Amazoness Quartet are annoyed at the Sailor Senshi for destroying Tiger's Eye and Fisheye, and are determined to succeed with their plan.


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