Act 42 Yume 4 Jupiter Dream

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Chapter Data
Sailor Jupiter breaks free of the Dead Moon's spell
Name (kanji/kana): Act 42 夢4 ジュピター・ドリーム
Name (romaji): Act 42 Yume 4 - Jupitaa Doriimu
Name (translated): Act 42 Dream 4 - Jupiter Dream
Volume Number: 9
Chapter Number: 42
Original Number: 37
Crystal Episode: Sailor Moon Eternal
Previous Chapter: Act 41 Yume 3 Mars Dream
Next Chapter: Act 43 Yume 5 Venus Dream

Mamoru tries to push Usagi away so she won't find out how sick he is, and Makoto is attacked by Hawk's Eye.


Chibiusa remembers her encounter with Helios and wonders why he hasn't appeared since then. Usagi tells her that she is going to visit Mamoru, and asks if she wants to come, but Chibiusa says no. Usagi is surprised, but leaves. Chibiusa goes back to thinking about Helios, and decides to find Makoto and talk to her about it.

Pegasus lies on the floor of his cage, telling himself that he has to hold on or else the prince and the Earth will die.

In the Dead Moon Circus tent, Queen Nehellenia talks to Zirconia about her plans to destroy the people of the White Moon, obtain the Silver Crystal, and take over the Earth. She observes that Elysion has already fallen to their power. The Amazoness Quartet promise that they will bring the planet under their power.

As Mamoru lies in bed, coughing, the Shitennou appear in spirit and mourn the fact that they cannot do anything for their master. They disappear as Usagi arrives, bringing Mamoru some food. She suggests that they go get some medicine later, but Mamoru curtly tells her that he needs to get some rest and asks her to leave. A little hurt, Usagi does, and he looks at the black blood on his hand and thinks that he doesn't want to burden her with this knowledge.

The Inner Senshi have been attending the circus to keep an eye on the enemy, and as they leave the show discuss their plans to uncover the Dead Moon's plot. The Amazoness Quartet watch them from above and gloat that they have found the Senshi. JunJun uses a slingshot and hits the four girls in the head with marbles. The girls look around and don't see anyone and leave, observing that there has been a lot more litter since the circus showed up, and it's been unusually hot out.

Chibiusa runs into Makoto, who suggests that she make dinner for both of them. They go to the supermarket together and find a disguised Hawk's Eye looking for exotic spices. Makoto offers to help him and finds out he was doing market research for his brand-new herb shop. He takes the two of them to visit and, when he mentions his stock of Amazon herbs, they discover that he is a member of the Dead Moon Circus. He and Makoto compare their dreams to own their own shops, and he gives both girls a ring with an "Amazon Stone" to thank them for being his first customers, saying that they are special charms which make dreams come true.

As Makoto and Chibiusa make dinner at her apartment, Makoto looks at the ring and thinks about her dreams, wondering if she has really been pursuing them.

Chibiusa stops by Mamoru's apartment on her way home after dinner, and Mamoru asks if he can keep the ring. He is suspicious of the stone, and examines it carefully. When Chibiusa leaves she runs into Usagi outside the building, but Usagi is afraid to go talk to again so soon, thinking that she will wait a while to talk to him again.

Makoto stops by the herb shop again the next day, and finds herself talking to Hawk's Eye about her dreams, and if being a Sailor Senshi will keep her from fulfilling them. She suddenly realizes what she was saying, and Lemures emerge from the ring and attack her. Hawk's Eye turns back to his animal form and joins VesVes and PallaPalla as Makoto is bound by the Lemures' spell and collapses.

Guardian Jupiter appears to Makoto and chides her for showing her weakness, asking who will protect everyone if she is gone. Makoto realizes that her true dream was to protect the ones she loves, and the Guardian shows her the Jupiter Crystal. With that power, Makoto breaks the spell and transforms into Sailor Jupiter. With her Leaves of Oak she uses Jupiter Oak Evolution to destroy Hawk's Eye, and VesVes and PallaPalla disappear.

Usagi and Chibiusa arrive and find Sailor Jupiter, then Chibiusa realizes that her bell is ringing softly, calling her. The three of them run to Mamoru's apartment and find he is being attacked by Lemures as Pegasus tries to fight them off. Usagi and Chibiusa transform and destroy the nightmares, but Pegasus is injured and they see Mamoru coughing up black blood.


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