Act 43 - Usagi and Mamoru's Promise

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Usagi continues to struggle to control the Princess's power, and Mamoru makes a deal with Queen Beryl to allow him to meet with her.


PGSM Episode
Endymion tells Sailor Moon to keep smiling
Name (kanji/kana): うさぎと衛の約束
Name (romaji): Usagi to Mamoru no Yakusoku
Name (translated): Usagi and Mamoru's Promise
Episode Number: 43
Director: Nobuhiro Suzumura
Writer: Yasuko Kobayashi
Air Date: August 7, 2004
Previous Episode: Act 42 - I Won't Use the Power of the Legendary Silver Crystal!
Next Episode: Act 44 - Zoisite Turned Back into a Stone

Late at night, Sailor Mercury fights alone against a water-based Youma. She uses Mercury Aqua Cyclone, but it absorbs the attack and fires it back at her, sending her flying into a nearby fountain. Sailor Moon arrives and attacks the Youma, and it dives into the water and disappears. Sailor Mercury thanks Sailor Moon for her help, but Sailor Moon is upset about how the number of Youma have been increasing lately.

Back at the Secret Base, Ami, Makoto, Rei, and human Luna discuss their concern for Usagi, and her efforts to suppress her power. Luna is worried about the number of people being affected by Queen Metalia's power. She says that the Youma which escaped them before seemed linked to Queen Metalia somehow, so they need to find it. Rei agrees, adding that if Queen Metalia were destroyed, they wouldn't have to worry about using the Silver Crystal's power.

In the Dark Kingdom, Zoisite angrily confronts Jadeite about his betrayal of their Master. Jadeite replies that he has decided that his only master is Queen Beryl.

Queen Beryl muses to herself about how this time will be different; if the Princess takes Endymion's heart, then she will take his life, and he will be hers forever.

That night, Luna finds Usagi awake in her room, unable to sleep because she is upset about what Queen Beryl is doing to Mamoru. When she finally does fall asleep, the Princess awakens. Mamoru hears the Princess' harp music and is concerned for Usagi, while Queen Beryl sees Metalia's power increasing.

Princess Sailor Moon sits on the roof of a tall building, playing her harp. Luna finds her and grabs onto the harp while calling Usagi's name; this wakes the girl up and she detransforms.

Queen Metalia's power fades again, and Queen Beryl is concerned that if Metalia's power increases too much, the planet will be destroyed before she will have a chance to rule it. Mamoru staggers in and says that he can stop the Princess, if Beryl is willing to stop the power of the stone. Beryl grows angry at him and sends him back to his chambers.

As Usagi eats dinner with her family, her mother asks about her boyfriend, suggesting that Usagi bring him home for dinner some time. Usagi agrees unenthusiastically, then excuses herself, saying that she didn't get much sleep and wants to take a nap. Her mother notices how little Usagi ate and is worried.

Luna tells the others that when Usagi falls asleep, she turns into the Princess. The others are concerned, and Makoto declares that it is their mission to protect her. Rei becomes upset at this, saying that they aren't protecting her just because she is the Princess, and says she is tired of hearing about their past lives.

Usagi sits on her bed, upset and angry, and finally drifts off to sleep. Once she does, however, she again transforms into the Princess.

Queen Metalia's power increases again, and her Youma reappears on the streets and drains people's lives.

Luna hears the sound of the Princess' harp and alerts the others. Meanwhile, Minako also hears it and leaves her set to find a large number of unconscious people in the hallway.

Mio comes to Mamoru and tells him that she will stop the stone's power and let him see the Princess, but this will be the last time he can see her.

The girls emerge in an open plaza and find the Youma there, surrounded by unconscious people. They transform into their Senshi forms and give their introductory speeches, but the Youma just turns and starts to walk away, unimpressed. When the Senshi pursue it, they are intercepted by several other Youma.

Princess Sailor Moon is sitting at the top of a staircase, playing her harp, when she sees Mamoru approach. She turns back into Usagi and calls his name, but then also sees Mio coming up behind him. Mamoru takes Usagi by the hand and leads her away, telling Mio that she doesn't need to follow; she obligingly waits there, but calls after him to remember his promise. As Mamoru and Usagi ride off on his motorcycle, he remembers his promise: he must return before sunset, and if he does, Beryl will remove the stone.

As the Senshi battle the Youma, they are about to be overwhelmed when Sailor Venus arrives. Sailor Mars expresses concern for her, but Sailor Venus, annoyed, just ignores her.

Mamoru brings Usagi to the beach that they visited before. Usagi is concerned about the stone, but he tells her it is gone. Cheered by this, she tells him she is doing her best not to use her power, but Mamoru counters by pointing out that she just did. He gets a serious look and is about to tell her something when the water Youma emerges from the sea. Usagi transforms into Sailor Moon and the Youma attacks, knocking her down. Mamoru angrily wonders why the Youma had to attack now and charges it, transforming into Prince Endymion as he runs. When the Youma leaps behind Sailor Moon and grabs her, Endymion throws his sword at it. Sailor Moon then grabs the sword and stabs the Youma, and her fury at Queen Beryl's interference causes the Silver Crystal's power to activate, but Mamoru rushes up to her and manages to calm her down again.

As the Senshi fight the Youma, Sailor Venus suddenly grows dizzy and falls over; Sailor Mars catches her, saying that she knew she was right, but Sailor Venus shakes her off and heads back into the battle. The five Senshi then attack simultaneously and destroy the Youma.

Sailor Moon uses Moon Twilight Flash and destroys the Youma. Endymion glances at the setting sun, but then turns to Sailor Moon. He draws her into an embrace and tells her that today, the Princess wasn't strengthening Metalia, she was. He says that her feelings of anger and hatred fueled the Silver Crystal's power, and tells her to not be like those tied to their past lives. He adds that she needs to just smile and be the idiot she's good at being. Sailor Moon forces a smile, but asks if it's true that he isn't back for good. As the sun sets, Endymion tells her that no matter what, his heart is always with her. He leans down and kisses her in the twilight.

Queen Beryl clenches her fist, furious that Endymion chose to forfeit his life for the Princess.

Zoisite stands on the beach, watching as Usagi and Mamoru play in the water. Kunzite appears and comments that it's the second time he threw away his life for the Princess, and obviously nothing has changed; the Shitennou believes that the Prince will throw away the planet next.

Back at the Dark Kingdom, Mio observes that this was Mamoru's chance to be saved, then glances at the painting on the wall as the light-colored spot slowly grows larger.

As Usagi and Mamoru sit on the beach together, he slowly disappears before her eyes, but Usagi still forces herself to smile.

Minako faces off against the other Senshi as Rei declares that she will not accept Minako as her leader. Rei says that Minako has yet to awaken her Senshi power, and she refuses to fight with someone so immature.

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