Act 44 Yume 6 New Soldier Dream

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Chapter Data
Sailor Saturn awakens within Hotaru
Name (kanji/kana): Act 44 夢6 - ニュー・ソルジャー・ドリーム
Name (romaji): Act 44 Yume 6 - Nyuu Sorujaa Doriimu
Name (translated): Act 44 Dream 6 - New Soldier Dream
Volume Number: 9
Chapter Number: 44
Original Number: 39
Crystal Episode: Sailor Moon Eternal
Previous Chapter: Act 43 Yume 5 Venus Dream
Next Chapter: Act 45 Yume 7 Mirror Dream

As Minako is finally able to transform into Sailor Venus, Hotaru re-awakens as Sailor Saturn and allows the Outer Senshi to transform and fight again.


Haruka meets up with Michiru in a music store and comments on the bouquet of flowers Michiru bought to celebrate six months of their new life together with Setsuna and Hotaru. At home, the apparently preschool-aged Hotaru is into more mischief after having finished all the books in the house. Her intellect far surpasses her visible age, even moreso than her actual age of six months since her rebirth.

Watching the young girl grow at such an accelerated rate makes them think they may awaken as Sailor Senshi again. Months ago, Setsuna felt an enemy invade during the solar eclipse, but then found that she and the others could not transform to investigate.

Michiru gives violin lessons to Hotaru and some other children. When Hotaru plays, a ghost image of a Pegasus appears, and then an image of Chibiusa following it. After the lesson ends, they discuss the eclipse again and how they lost their power, thinking they are no longer needed or wanted by their princess.

As Hotaru prepares for a bath, Sailor Saturn appears before her, explaining she is the power sleeping inside the young girl, then fades away. Hotaru sees visions of the Sailor Senshi fighting as she sits in her bath and the planetary symbol of Saturn flashes on her forehead. She gets up, now aged to the point where she was before her rebirth. She goes out to Haruka, Michiru, and Setsuna, telling them it is time to awaken, giving them each a Sailor Crystal. They go to join the others.

Minako still clutches Artemis' paw, but then feels a stronger grasp on her hand and looks up to see her partner in his humanoid form. He says that she couldn't transform before because he must not have been strong enough, and then hands Minako her Venus Crystal and she transforms into a super version of Sailor Venus. Sailor Venus uses her new chain and Venus Love and Beauty Shock to destroy Xenotime and Zeolite and then runs to her fellow Senshi. The Amazoness Quartet is upset, and traps the girls in vines.


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