Act 47 - Goodbye, Minako

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The girls plan a farewell party for Minako in preparation for her surgery, and are grief-stricken when she suddenly passes away.


PGSM Episode
Rei reads Minako's farewell letter to the others
Name (kanji/kana): さようなら、美奈子
Name (romaji): Sayounara, Minako
Name (translated): Goodbye, Minako
Episode Number: 47
Director: Nobuhiro Suzumura
Writer: Yasuko Kobayashi
Air Date: September 4, 2004
Previous Episode: Act 46 - Sailor Venus Awakens her Senshi Powers
Next Episode: Act 48 - Mamoru is Captured by Metalia!

Minako is in her hotel room, preparing to leave for a medical exam in preparation for her surgery. She tells Artemis that the demo for her new CD has arrived, and sets a box on the table for him. As it turns out, though, the box is really a jack-in-the-box with a stuffed lion inside, which scares Artemis enough that he falls backwards. Minako giggles mischievously and gives him the real CD, then bids him farewell and leaves. As she steps out of the lobby, she squints and shields her eyes from the bright sunlight.

The day before, at the Secret Base below Karaoke Crown, the girls plan a send-off party for Minako, to wish her luck for her surgery. Rei assures her that they are also planning a welcome-back party for afterwards, as well. They schedule it for the day after next, and Minako says that she will play her unreleased CD for them at the party. The girls decide to make the party a surprise for Usagi, and giggle at the thought of the face she'll make when she finds out. Minako heads off to work, and as Rei waves good-bye, she gets a strange premonition.

Usagi emerges from a watch repair shop, disappointed that even though she had the cracked face of the Moon Phase repaired, it still doesn't work. She bumps into Minako, who is on her way to the studio to prepare for the release of her new CD the next week. Minako hints that Usagi might hear the CD before then, and heads off with a cheerful wave good-bye.

Makoto realizes that Usagi still doesn't know about the surgery, and wonders what they are going to tell her. The others don't want to worry her, especially since she has enough concerns. Ami speculates that when Princess Sailor Moon healed Queen Metalia's victims, it was actually Usagi using the power of the Silver Crystal for good, and not the Princess. They wonder if it is possible that she might use the power to destroy, as well, and become Metalia. Finally, they decide to tell Usagi about Minako's surgery after the welcome-back party, when there is nothing more to worry about.

Back in the present day, Minako gives Artemis her new CD and heads off to her exam. As the door closes behind her, Artemis seems to get the same strange feeling as Rei.

Minako walks down a brightly-lit hallway, clad in a white dress, and disappears into the light at the end.

In the Dark Kingdom, Metalia's power surges, and she mutters about her wish to destroy the planet. Queen Beryl is concerned because Metalia has become far stronger than she. She gives Jadeite a stone, telling him to use her Youma to release Metalia's power. Jadeite is reluctant because of the effect that will have on the planet, but Beryl declares it is better than letting the planet be destroyed.

Mio watches Prince Endymion and wonders aloud what he is planning. She glances toward the painting on the wall, which now contains a full portrait of Endymion, and points out that most of his life has been drained and he will be dead soon. Endymion calmly tells her that the Earth will never belong to Beryl, nor will it be destroyed.

At Karaoke Crown, "Nefukichi" muses that he still has power, and has but to wish to return to the Dark Kingdom. He pauses and pulls out the money that Motoki loaned him; Motoki sees him and teases Nefukichi about not having bought a present for Ami yet. Makoto enters then, and as she flashes her Karaoke Crown Passport, Motoki sees that she has the turtle charm he gave her attached to her wallet. As the two of them talk, Makoto notices Artemis standing just outside the doors.

Ami, Rei, and human Luna are decorating the Secret Base for the party when Makoto enters with Artemis. He is looking for Minako, because she never returned from the hospital after her exam. They speculate on what could have delayed her, and Artemis adds that he can't reach her on her cell phone, either. Rei becomes very concerned.

At the Tsukino residence, Luna tells Usagi that everyone is gathering at the Crown the next day, but Usagi is reluctant to go because she feels like everyone has been avoiding her lately. Luna tells her about the party for Minako, and Usagi wonders if that was what Minako was hinting about regarding her CD.

Rei returns to the Hikawa Shrine and finds Artemis waiting for her there. The news he has stuns her, and she staggers back a step, dropping her bag.

Jadeite appears in Tokyo with a Youma, and he orders it to drain Metalia's power. As the Youma does so, plants wither and die and a number of Metalia's black-cloaked Youma appear and start attacking people. Usagi, Makoto, and Ami go in search of the Youma and confront Jadeite, transforming into their Senshi forms. As the three of them begin battling the cloaked Youma, they wonder where Rei could be.

Queen Beryl realizes that Metalia's power is just getting stronger, and it is too late for her to be stopped. Endymion arrives and declares that he is taking Metalia's power. He says that he will surely be able to suppress her so that she doesn't take over his body. Despite Beryl's efforts to stop him, he flies to the pillar that contains Metalia's power and drops inside.

Kunzite staggers through the forest, clutching his self-inflicted wound. As he pauses to rest against a tree, he sees the light in the distance as Metalia's power is released.

As the Senshi battle against the cloaked Youma and Jadeite, Beryl suddenly summons the Shitennou back to the Dark Kingdom. When he tries to leave, he finds his way barred by the three Senshi; Beryl's Youma arrives and distracts them long enough for him to depart. Rei arrives then and just stares at the battle, as though not even seeing it. Sailor Jupiter yells at her to transform, which snaps her out of her daze. She has a flash of memory about Artemis telling her about Minako. Her voice shaking with grief, Rei transforms into Sailor Mars and charges into the battle, recklessly taking on the Youma by herself as she tells herself that it can't be true.

Sailor Mercury, Sailor Jupiter, and Sailor Moon destroy the black-cloaked Youma and focus on the main one, but Sailor Mars gets there first. Sailor Mars attacks the Youma with such ferocity that she destroys it by herself. She then begins to cry, remembering that Artemis told her Minako had died. As the other three Senshi watch her with concern, Sailor Mars drops to her knees, tears falling from her eyes as she cries out Minako's name.

In the Secret Base, which is still decorated for the party, Minako has left her new CD and a letter sitting on the table. An image of what might have been shows Minako singing her new song, "Sayonara ~ Sweet Days," at the party while her friends listen happily. In reality, Rei reads aloud Minako's letter and its message to the others, in which Minako thanks them and asks them to carry on now that she cannot fulfill her mission. The girls and cats all break down crying.

Minako, wearing her white dress, walks into the distance and is swallowed up by a bright light.

Episode Trivia[edit]

  • In this episode, the fifth chair at the table in the Secret Base was orange (the dominant color of Sailor Venus) instead of white, as it had been up until this point.
  • This episode aired six months after Act 23, in which the doctors said Minako only had six months to live.
  • Although Minako's death was not shown on screen, there were numerous brief symbolic scenes throughout the episode of Minako in a white dress in a location lit by intensely bright light; these scenes included Minako on a ferris wheel, standing up from her hospital bed, walking down an empty hallway, and so on, as well as images of her empty hotel room and recording studio.


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