Act 48 - Mamoru is Captured by Metalia!

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Mamoru seals Queen Metalia within himself, but he is unable to control her power and is overcome.


PGSM Episode
Mamoru's spirit appears to help Sailor Moon
Name (kanji/kana): 衛がメタリアにのっとられた!
Name (romaji): Mamoru ga Metaria ni Nottorareta!
Name (translated): Mamoru is Captured by Metalia!
Episode Number: 48
Director: Nobuhiro Suzumura
Writer: Yasuko Kobayashi
Air Date: September 18, 2004
Previous Episode: Act 47 - Goodbye, Minako
Next Episode: Final Act - The Five Sailor Senshi Surpassed Their Previous Lives

Usagi stares at Minako's new CD in her hands, remembering her friend's encouragement for her to change the fate of the planet. Usagi wonders how she can still smile at a time like this.

At the Secret Base, Rei re-reads Minako's letter, pausing thoughtfully at the part where Minako said that she realized that she had to overcome her past life in order to become who she truly was.

As Usagi walks slowly down the street, Mamoru unexpectedly appears in front of her. He says that he heard about Minako, and Usagi nods and forces a smile. Mamoru steps forward and pulls her into her arms, telling her to go ahead and cry, because when he is with her she doesn't have to hold back. Usagi begins to sob against his chest.

Usagi and Mamoru stand by the waterfront, and Mamoru tells Usagi that he has sealed Queen Metalia within himself, so she no longer has to suppress the power of the Silver Crystal. Usagi is a little stunned, and asks if that means the planet will no longer be destroyed. Mamoru confirms that, and adds that Queen Beryl has lost the power to rule the planet, and now he and Usagi can be together as much as they want.

As Usagi and Mamoru ride on his motorcycle, Mamoru asks Usagi if she would stop anyone who tried to destroy the planet. Usagi confidently replies that now that she can use the Silver Crystal, she would be fine.

As Kunzite sits alone in a forest, he sees Prince Endymion approaching, and promptly draws his sword and attacks. Jadeite lurks behind a tree nearby, with orders from Beryl to kill Endymion no matter what. On the other side of the clearing, Mio is also watching the scene with interest.

Ikuko is making breakfast when the doorbell rings, and she sends Shingo to answer it; he is stunned when he finds Mio at the door. Once inside the house, Mio kidnaps Usagi, injuring Artemis and Luna in the process and leaving her room littered with black rose petals. Luna manages to reach her phone and alerts the other Senshi.

Rei, Ami, and Makoto gather, determined to travel to the Dark Kingdom to save Usagi, and transform into their Senshi forms.

Kunzite disarms his opponent, and as Endymion waits for the blow to land, Metalia's power within him surges. Kunzite realizes that Endymion planned to die with Metalia sealed within him, and, remembering their past life, observes that he hasn't changed.

Sailor Mars declares that she has decided to fulfill the mission from their past life, in order to end its burden. Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Mercury agree, and the three Senshi combine their powers to teleport to the Dark Kingdom.

Kunzite is about to fulfill Endymion's deathwish when he suddenly sees something over the other man's shoulder. Instead of striking his blow, he shoves Endymion out of the way and allows Jadeite's attack to strike him instead. Mio arrives with Usagi as Endymion cradles the body of the dying Shitennou. Kunzite observes that the man who once threw away the planet for the Princess now plans to throw away his life for the planet. Mio realizes what Endymion had planned, and Usagi is dismayed. Kunzite glances toward Jadeite and tells him that his master is not Beryl, but rather the man standing before him. His body then fades away and becomes a chunk of stone. Endymion drops to his hands and knees as Metalia's power surges again and swirls around him.

Queen Beryl watches the scene in a crystal and realizes that there is no way to stop Metalia now. The three Senshi arrive and demand the return of their Princess, but Beryl tells them the Princess no longer matters, because the planet is now doomed. She says that Endymion has been swallowed up by Metalia, and there is no way to save him.

Endymion realizes that he has lost the fight against Metalia and reaches for his sword. As he moves to stab himself, though, Usagi screams for him to stop; when he pauses, Metalia's power flares and the forest crumbles around them.

Usagi and Mio find themselves in an open field, and when they look up, see a black-clad Endymion walking toward them. Usagi wonders what has happened, and Mio tells her that he has been taken over by Metalia. Mio gets scared and tries to leave, but Metalia Endymion stops her; Mio runs toward Usagi, begging the girl to help her, but Metalia Endymion strikes her with an energy blast that causes her to dissolve into a flurry of black flower petals.

Metalia Endymion then attacks Usagi, but she transforms into Sailor Moon just in time. She summons the Moonlight Stick and calls upon the power of the Silver Crystal to heal Endymion, but Metalia Endymion absorbs the energy and fires it back at Usagi; the blast strikes the Moonlight Stick and shatters it. The Sailor Senshi arrive, and they tell Sailor Moon that Endymion is already beyond saving, and even the Silver Crystal has no effect on him. The three of them assure Sailor Moon that she does not have to fight, and head off to do battle with Metalia Endymion.

The three Senshi are easily overpowered by Metalia Endymion, and when Sailor Moon rushes in to try to save them, she is also knocked aside. In order to protect Sailor Moon, the Senshi use their strongest attacks on Metalia Endymion, only to have them reflected back. Sailor Moon wonders to herself if Mamoru really is gone. As she pushes herself to her feet, her hand touches Endymion's sword, and she remembers Mamoru asking her if she would stop anyone who tried to destroy the planet. She realizes that Mamoru planned this from the beginning, and tearfully declares that she cannot do it.

As she watches her friends being beaten by Metalia Endymion, Sailor Moon suddenly hears Mamoru's voice telling her that she can. His spirit appears beside her and asks if she forgot her promise to not let the planet be destroyed. As the Senshi are hit by Metalia Endymion's latest attack, they each collapse to the ground and de-transform. Mamoru tells Sailor Moon to protect her friends and this world; he then vanishes again.

Sailor Moon takes the sword in hand and tearfully demands to know why Mamoru lied to her, then slowly walks toward Metalia Endymion with her feet dragging. She lifts the sword slowly, as though it were very heavy. Mamoru appears beside her again and sets his hands atop hers, and together they lift the blade to point at Metalia Endymion. Sailor Venus' spirit tells her to change the planet's fate, and Sailor Moon's tear falls onto the blade of the sword, causing it to sparkle. Sailor Moon cries out Mamoru's name, then charges forward and plunges the sword into Metalia Endymion's body.

Episode Trivia[edit]

  • The usual opening sequence did not play in this episode; instead, the first verse of "Kirari*Sailor Dream!" played over the scene between Mamoru and Usagi on the waterfront, and then an altered version of the opening played during the second verse of the song. The main difference in the altered version was that Sailor Venus was replaced by Sailor Luna during the parts where the Senshi sang along with the song.
  • Mamoru's attempt to seal Metalia into his body was similar to Sailor Galaxia's situation when she attempted to seal Chaos in the final season of the anime. Both of them were unsuccessful, and were ultimately taken over by the entity they were trying to contain.


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