Act 49 Yume 11 Earth and Moon Dream

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Chapter Data
Helios and Sailor Chibi Moon
Name (kanji/kana): Act 49 夢11 - アース アンド ムーン ドリーム
Name (romaji): Act 49 Yume 11 Aasu ando Muun Doriimu
Name (translated): Act 49 Yume 11 Earth and Moon Dream
Volume Number: 10
Chapter Number: 49
Original Number: 42
Crystal Episode: Sailor Moon Eternal
Previous Chapter: Act 48 Yume 10 Princess Dream
Next Chapter: Act 50 Stars 1


The Eternal Tiare takes form in Eternal Sailor Moon's hand, and she calls upon Silver Moon Crystal Power as the Silver Crystal opens into a flower shape. The Solar System Sailor Princesses call upon the powers of their Sailor Crystals, and Tuxedo Mask reaches within himself for the power of his Golden Crystal. Everyone sends their power to Eternal Sailor Moon, who uses Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss. As Queen Nehellenia withers away under the flood of power, Nehellenia reaches towards Tuxedo Mask, saying that she was meant to have ruled along with him. She is drawn fully into the mirror, which begins to dissolve.

The cage holding Pegasus fades away as the dark power of the Dead Moon leaves the Earth and Elysion. As the sun shines on Elysion again, Eternal Sailor Moon remembers a time long ago in her past life, when young Princess Serenity came to Queen Serenity crying because of a story she was told about a monster that lives in the mirror and devours crybabies. The Queen told her that everyone has a star inside of them, with both light and darkness existing side by side, and if you show fear to the darkness it will grow and devour all of your light, so instead you must let your star shine light in your heart.

Eternal Sailor Chibi Moon runs to Helios, now restored to his human form, and tearfully begs him to open his eyes. As she kisses him, her Silver Crystal emerges and opens into a pink flower shape. He opens his eyes and recognizes her as Princess Lady Serenity. Diana approaches and tells her that all Sailor Senshi have their own Sailor Crystals, and hers is the Pink Moon Crystal, and the power of that crystal was what woke Helios. He realizes that she was truly the maiden he was searching for all along.

Helios turns to see Eternal Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask and realizes that the Golden Crystal has been unsealed. He takes the Golden Crystal and attaches it to a scepter, and when Tuxedo Mask takes it back he and Eternal Sailor Moon transform into their royal forms. The two of them use their powers to redirect the dust from Nehellenia's mirror into the fading remnants of the eclipse and it disappears. Most of the Senshi shift back into their princess forms, and Artemis comments that it looks like a coronation.

Eternal Sailor Saturn holds the Amazon Stones out to Serenity and asks her to use the Silver Moon Crystal Power on them. The Amazoness Quartet emerge, restored to their true forms: Sailor Ceres, Sailor Pallas, Sailor Juno, and Sailor Vesta. They were sleeping until the time they would be needed, but Queen Nehellenia found them and forced them to serve her. For now they will return to their sleep, but in the future they will awaken to serve Sailor Chibi Moon once she is a full-fledged Sailor Senshi, and Sailor Saturn assures them that she will be protected until that time.

Helios summons his pegasus and rides it to escort everyone back to the surface once more. As he bids them farewell, Chibiusa asks if they will meet again, and he assures her that they certainly will, and he will be looking forward to that day. As he vanishes, Chibiusa thinks that someday, when she's become a lady, she wants Helios to be her prince. The others reassure her that she'll see him again, but for now, she needs to work on her feminine charms.

Mamoru observes that he can still feel a warmth in his chest, like a star has been born, and wonders if it is the power of the Golden Crystal. Usagi replies that everyone has a star inside their heart, and that warmth means it is shining bright. She hopes that her own star will continue to shine, so she can realize her dreams, protect her precious ones, and continue to fight.


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