Act 50 Stars 1

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Chapter Data
Mamoru's Sailor Crystal is taken
Name (kanji/kana): Act 50 スターズ1
Name (romaji): Act 50 Sutaazu 1
Name (translated): Act 50 Stars 1
Volume Number: 12
Chapter Number: 50
Original Number: 43
Crystal Episode: Sailor Moon Cosmos
Previous Chapter: Act 49 Yume 11 Earth and Moon Dream
Next Chapter: Act 51 Stars 2

Usagi bids farewell to Mamoru as he heads off to America for school, and a new enemy appears at a joint concert between Michiru and a new idol group, the Three Lights.


Usagi is passionately involved in a kiss with her beloved Mamoru. They see a shooting star in the night sky, one of many lately.

In another scene, a beautiful woman speaks ominously of the fate of the Golden Crystal, the Silver Crystal, and the fate of the light destined to rule the galaxy.

Usagi wakes to her alarm, under a large poster of three famous idols. It is the day of Mamoru's trip to America for schooling, and she cannot hide her tears. Hotaru Tomoe shows up and Chibiusa runs out to meet her, then the three girls go off together. Usagi notices Hotaru and Chibiusa holding hands and asks about it. Hotaru points out that Usagi holds Mamoru's hand, and Usagi stomps off to meet up with Minako, Makoto, and Ami.

Haruka comes upon them, as she is riding a bike with Michiru on the back clinging to her; they are enjoying their lives again. Michiru is excited to be going back to high school, but Haruka seems a little jealous of all the attention Michiru is getting. Setsuna is enjoying her job as the school nurse at Chibiusa's school. Minako invites Usagi out after school, but she declines. After school, Minako, Ami, Makoto, Haruka and Michiru talk about Mamoru leaving. Minako mentions she had wanted to show her new Three Lights video to Usagi. They are the newest and coolest singing group consisting of Kou Yaten, Kou Taiki and Kou Seiya.

Michiru is only slightly impressed with Minako because she has the inside scoop: she informs the group that the Three Lights are playing live at the Fantastic International Music Festival, and she knows about it because she is playing as well. Minako is very excited, and Makoto pokes fun at her, but Minako says they have a right to be happy after the last battle. In her office, Setsuna wonders how long the peace will last.

Usagi is trying to say goodbye to Mamoru at the airport. She tries not to cry. She says she will write every day and call, and asks him to come home once in a while. Before he leaves, he gives her a heart shaped ring and they share a romantic kiss. Mamoru begins to tell Usagi something very important, but then there is a flash and his body crumbles away right before her eyes. A golden crystal appears where he was, and the hand of a woman in a strange golden metallic outfit grabs hold of it. When Usagi sees this, she faints.

Luckily, Kou Seiya is there to catch her as she falls. A crowd of people notice the Three Lights are there and run after them, but they escape in their limo. Usagi begins to wake up. Seiya thinks about her scent of fragrant olive and tells her she is almost home. Usagi asks to them to let her out where they are and then she wanders away in a daze. Yaten is insulted because Usagi did not even thank them.

The next morning Usagi meets up with the others. They ask about saying goodbye to Mamoru and they ask excitedly about her ring. Usagi replies in a very dazed tone that Mamoru had given her the ring, then he had gotten on the plane on his way to America. Her eyes were faded and distant.

Chibiusa was going back to the 30th century to see her mom and tell her about all that had happened, so the others say good-bye to her and in a flash, she is gone. The girls wonder if it will be lonely without Chibiusa and Mamoru, but Usagi mutters that Chibiusa will not be gone for long, and that Mamoru will write and visit sometimes. Minako slowly notices the daze that seems to have captured Usagi.

The girls are at Michiru's concert as the Three Lights make a guest appearance. Usagi seems to be less in a daze here and wants to get a closer look at the Three Lights just like everyone else. After the show, the Three Lights introduce themselves to Michiru and compliment her. Seiya shakes Haruka's hand and tells her that they have much in common. As the Three Lights leave for an encore, Haruka is left wondering who these three are.

Suddenly, a new enemy breaks the concert atmosphere: Sailor Iron Mouse appears seeking Sailor Crystals - she can sense there are ten there and she goes after them immediately, using her attack, Galactica Crunch. There is mass hysteria as people run away, and the Senshi transform to fight. Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune release their attacks "Space Turbulence" and "Submarine Violon Tide", respectively, but it seems that Iron Mouse absorbs the attacks with a strange bracelet. Sailor Iron Mouse's final defeat comes unexpectedly at the hand of someone mysterious.

"Star Sensitive Inferno" flashes through Iron Mouse and destroys her body, as her bracelets fall and vanish. Three tall female figures in white spotlights appear. They are wearing black leather outfits with bikini style tops, short bottoms, a cape over their shoulders and various accessories. They then vanish without a word, leaving our heroes to wonder about them.


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