Act 55 Stars 6

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Chapter Data
Galaxia approaches Usagi in darkness
Name (kanji/kana): Act 55 スターズ6
Name (romaji): Act 55 Sutaazu 6
Name (translated): Act 55 Stars 6
Volume Number: 12
Chapter Number: 55
Original Number: 47
Crystal Episode: Sailor Moon Cosmos
Previous Chapter: Act 54 Stars 5
Next Chapter: Act 56 Stars 7

When Sailor Galaxia threatens to destroy the Earth, Sailor Moon resolves to travel to Sagittarius Zero Star and end the battle once and for all.


Usagi and Chibi Chibi are faced with the raw power of Sailor Galaxia, the force of which makes surrounding buildings begin to disintegrate, and Usagi realizes she can't hold out against it on her own. She silently calls to Sailor Uranus, Sailor Neptune, and Sailor Pluto, recalling that Luna mentioned they had returned to their castles. She sees a vision of Uranus' and Neptune's destruction and tries to convince herself it is just an illusion.

Regathering herself, Usagi summons the Holy Moon Cálice, determined to return everyone's Sailor Crystals and save the planet. A long-haired female form appears behind her, though, whispering doubts that shake Usagi's confidence and cause the Cálice to melt away. The figure, now standing in front of Usagi, touches a finger to her forehead and she falls back into nothingness. Chibi Chibi takes hold of Usagi's arm and glares defiance at their enemy as feathered wings rise from her back. A shocked expression crosses Galaxia's face as the Holy Moon Cálice appears once more and the city is restored. Galaxia retreats for the time being. Having seen the dramatic flash in the sky, Seiya, Taiki, and Yaten come running and find Usagi unconscious with Chibi Chibi. The small girl tells them the enemy disappeared, and the Three Lights, noticing that the city was restored, are in awe at the power of the Silver Moon Crystal.

Sailor Galaxia sits a bar, sipping a drink, wearing her gold sailor fuku but without her brooch or her bracelets. She is listening to a man in the bar talk about the birthplace of stars. He comments that if he could control that place, then he could control the universe and become a god. Disgusted, Galaxia sets her drink down and leaves, commenting that all she finds is trash and worthless planets. She believes she is a chosen one, gifted with great power, and she seeks a planet worthy of her. As she walks, she overhears a conversation between a man and a cloaked figure, very similar in appearance to Death Phantom. The mysterious figure says that he knows the location of the birthplace of the stars: Sagittarius Zero Star. A voice calls to Galaxia, summoning her to the center of the galaxy, where Chaos will show her what she seeks.

Galaxia wakes up from her dream of the past and realizes that Sailor Moon will come to her for answers. She hopes it will not be long before both of their true powers can be revealed. As she is thinking Sailor Tin Nyanko appears before the throne and asks forgiveness, begging for another chance. Galaxia disdainfully removes Tin Nyanko's bracelets and the Sailor Animamate crumbles to dust.

Usagi drifts through a strange darkness, wondering where she might be. She hears a voice tell her it is the Galaxy Cauldron, inside Sagittarius Zero Star, and also her grave. Galaxia's hand takes hold of Usagi's ankle and begins to draw her down, and she starts awake to see Chibi Chibi smiling at her. She looks around and sees the Three Lights and Princess Kakyuu as well, and is relieved it was simply a dream. She wonders what the Galaxy Cauldron is and thanks Chibi Chibi for pulling her from the dark dream. She is grateful to always have companions watching over her, but her thoughts grow darker as she considers how much everyone has done to protect her, the guardian of the Silver Crystal. Usagi tells the Three Lights that the Sailor Senshi are more than just their Sailor Crystals; through their interactions with each other, their powers increase and they become stronger Senshi as well. Though she remembers Sailor Galaxia's earlier suggestions that she cannot succeed and their future will never come to pass, she steels herself, determined to make it happen. She decides that she must find Galaxia to end this battle.

The next morning, Usagi's mother is surprised to see her daughter up and about very early. Usagi asks if they can keep another cat, and introduces Artemis and Diana to her mother. Their injuries from the battle are slow to heal, and she wants them to be protected in a safe place while she is gone. Ikuko agrees, and after Usagi leaves with a smile, remains in the doorway looking after her daughter, struck by the sudden feeling that Usagi will not return.

The Sailor Starlights, Sailor Chibi Chibi Moon, Sailor Moon, and Princess Kakyuu meet in Ichinohashi Park, intending to visit the castles in the outer solar system, since none of the Outer Senshi nor Hotaru, who followed them, have returned. Sailor Moon has never visited them before, because everyone always protected her on Earth, but she is determined to keep up with the others. Sailor Star Fighter extends a hand to Sailor Moon and tells her it's all right for princesses to be protected, because that is how they become stronger. With great feathered wings rising from their backs, the Sailor Senshi take to the skies, on the way to the castles at Uranus and Neptune.

Miranda Castle and Triton Castle are both empty, with the communication systems broken. When they reach Charon Castle Sailor Moon rushes inside and sees Sailor Galaxia destroy Sailor Pluto and Hotaru. She cries out, and Sailor Star Fighter tells her that is a recording, playing back images of what happened earlier. Sailor Moon covers her face with her hands, thinking that if the target is her Crystal, Galaxia should come after her and not her friends. Her hands close into fists as she looks up at Princess Kakyuu, asking to go to Sagittarius Zero Star. She silently calls to Galaxia that she is coming, and Galaxia tells her to hurry.

In the shadows, two figures cling to each other. One speaks of a light that is coming, and says that the battle will soon begin. The other reassures her, saying that she will protect their peaceful future and not allow anyone to get by them.


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