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Chapter Data
Sailor Moon descends into the Cauldron
Name (kanji/kana): Act 59 スターズ10
Name (romaji): Act 59 Sutaazu 10
Name (translated): Act 59 Stars 10
Volume Number: 12
Chapter Number: 59
Original Number: 51
Crystal Episode:
Previous Chapter: Act 58 Stars 9
Next Chapter: Act 60 Stars 11

Sailor Moon confronts Sailor Galaxia at the Galaxy Cauldron, and there finds the ruler of the darkness, Chaos.


Sailor Moon lunges at Sailor Galaxia, crying out, "Silver Moon Crystal Power Therapy Kiss!" Galaxia returns the attack with, "Galactica Inflation!" There is a massive explosion, and Sailor Chibi Chibi Moon activates her staff to protect herself and Sailor Chibi Moon from the battle. Chibi Moon realizes that Chibi Chibi Moon knew about the battle, and believes that because of this, the future must exist and they will win. Chibi Moon says she knows why Chibi Chibi Moon told her to believe in Sailor Moon, and asks Chibi Chibi Moon who she is.

Just then, the battle shifts as Galaxia pins Sailor Moon to the ground. She tells Sailor Moon that she was born a nobody on a terrible planet and that her life was horrible. She was awakened as a Sailor Senshi, a chosen one, but believed that any ordinary Sailor Senshi is worthless, and that she needed the strongest star. She says that she has been searching for her star, and she has found it, but in order to obtain it, she needs the Galaxy’s most powerful crystal.

Sailor Moon blasts Galaxia off of her and tells Galaxia that Senshi powers are to be used to protect and maintain peace and justice for those they love. Galaxia questions the idea of love and friends, saying that hanging out and roaming together is a sign of weakness. She says the only thing worth believing in is the power within, the power of the Sailor Crystals. With this power, she says, even those who have been killed can be revived. Images of the Solar System Senshi appear in a Garden Crystal, but they vanish in a flash as Galaxia tells Sailor Moon how easily their bodies are destroyed. Sailor Moon gasps, but Galaxia presses on, insisting that Sailor Moon knows what she believes in, like love, friends, peace and the future, is all an illusion.

Sailor Moon lunges at Galaxia, saying that she could never understand how strong friends, lovers, bodies and words could be. She says that she made it this far, and continues to fight, because of her desire to save her friends. She takes a stand and maintains this is what it means to be a Sailor Senshi.

Galaxia is shocked. Suddenly, the Garden Crystal vanishes and Galaxia retreats, running into the palace. Sailor Moon is stunned, but follows. While Galaxia runs she wonders why Sailor Moon has the Galaxy’s most powerful crystal. She is determined to get Sailor Moon’s power in order to destroy Chaos and rule the Galaxy. As Sailor Moon chases Galaxia, they arrive on the edge of a precipice which overlooks a bright glowing disk, seen through a stone archway.

"This is the holiest place in the universe," Galaxia says, "the Galaxy Cauldron." She tells Sailor Moon that everything, no matter how weak or strong, is born at this place. Sailor Moon thinks that the place where stars is born is beautiful, and believes that if there is hope left, it would be found here. Sailor Galaxia tells Sailor Moon that this is the place where the chosen one will be victorious. She says that everything is made in this place, and here, everything will be lost. With that, the Garden Crystal appears and Galaxia raises it over the Cauldron. Sailor Moon shouts to her, but the other Senshi tosses the massive Crystal into the Cauldron, melting it and all the Sailor Crystals inside into the birthplace of stars. There is a bright flash and Sailor Moon is struck motionless. Galaxia observes that crystals from all across the galaxy are now melted into nothing, and exults in the feeling it gives her. She declares that the Cauldron is the most powerful and strongest star in the universe.

Sailor Chibi Moon and Sailor Chibi Chibi Moon arrive to see Sailor Moon in shock, staring into the Cauldron. She is stunned that the Crystals have been melted away, knowing now that she cannot retrieve them and save her friends. She remains resolute, however, and resumes her assault on Galaxia as Tuxedo Mask appears beside the powerful Senshi. "Grow more angry! Be alone and awaken the true power within you!" With these words, Galaxia raises her arm and forces Tuxedo Mask off the precipice into the Cauldron. Sailor Moon cries out Mamoru's name, and Galaxia tells her that once she knows the whole truth from Chaos, her power will overload and she will self destruct and be destroyed along with Chaos. At that point, Galaxia says she will claim the Cauldron. Sailor Chibi Moon and Chibi Chibi Moon are stunned, and Sailor Moon continues to call after Mamoru as his body melts away into the Cauldron.

After he disappears, Sailor Chibi Moon also fades away. Sailor Moon calls after her too, but there is a violent eruption from the Cauldron. Galaxia is excited at the reaction and tells Sailor Moon that she will sacrifice herself to the Cauldron as well. She attacks Sailor Moon with "Galactica Super String!"

Chibi Chibi Moon rushes forward and deflects the attack away from Sailor Moon. Galaxia is surprised and realizes the little girl is a Sailor Senshi. Chaos groans and Galaxia addresses it, saying the strongest Sailor Senshi, Sailor Moon, will belong to it. She thinks to herself that her time of ruling the galaxy has finally come.

Then, without warning, Chaos erupts and releases an attack that sends Galaxia plunging towards the Cauldron. Sailor Moon rushes forward and grasps Galaxia’s wrist tightly, pulling her to safety. There is a powerful blast from below and Sailor Moon holds onto Chibi Chibi Moon while Galaxia lies on the ground beside them. Sailor Moon’s power activates, releasing a powerful glow. Chaos reacts to the power, the strongest light in the galaxy, and desires to claim it.

Chaos introduces itself and tells Sailor Moon that it is the one that did not become a star, and now rules over the dark stars in the Cauldron. Chaos tells Usagi that she is the one who received the beautiful power of the light and destroyed all the dark stars; they were her kin, born of this place, and she made her name famous by defeating them. Chaos laughs but Sailor Moon is confused by this statement. Chaos says that all those she had called enemies were actually a part of Chaos itself, sent from this place through time and space to find the light. Sailor Moon is struck by this revelation, and she recalls all of the enemies she had defeated. Chaos tells Sailor Moon that her coming to this place is fate, that the darkness and the light draw one another. It says that they were destined to be together again like they were in the beginning.

Chaos calls for Sailor Moon to give over her powers so that it may finally rule over the galaxy. In the heat of the blast, Galaxia regains consciousness and asks Sailor Moon why she saved her. Sailor Moon is surprised, and Galaxia tells Sailor Moon to kill her. She realizes that she cannot overcome Chaos, and sadly thinks that her star was not to be found here either. Sailor Moon tells Galaxia that she saved her because she felt the sadness within her and didn’t want to lose any more friends. Galaxia angrily shouts that she is the enemy, and this is war, but Sailor Moon says she cannot fight anymore with everyone gone. She tells Galaxia that she wasn’t always fighting for peace and justice, but also for her friends. Without them, who should she fight for?

Galaxia wonders if war will end because the two last soldiers cannot fight, while Chaos’ power groans around them. Sailor Moon thinks that is the thing she has been hoping for, but she didn't want it like this.

Chibi Chibi Moon comes to Sailor Moon and tells her that war will not end, and that it will go on forever. She tells Sailor Moon that she can end this war here and now by eliminating the source of all darkness: the Cauldron and Chaos.

Sailor Moon is taken aback. Sailor Chibi Chibi Moon tells Sailor Moon that the Cauldron and Chaos have become one, and that to eliminate Chaos, the Cauldron must be destroyed. Sailor Moon realizes that destroying the Cauldron would mean that no more stars could be reborn and that the galaxy would die out. Chibi Chibi Moon warns her that if she does not destroy it now, the wars will continue because of her inaction. She tells Sailor Moon that she will regret it.

Sailor Moon studies Chibi Chibi Moon. She observes that as long as stars are born, there will be war, and wonders if this the will of the Galaxy; does it mean that the end of all suffering must come from the destruction of everything? Sailor Chibi Chibi Moon shouts to Sailor Moon that it is the only way to end the suffering.

Sailor Galaxia adds that even if the Cauldron is destroyed a new one will likely be born again. She says that light and darkness will be born again and a new future will begin. She is surprised that the idea of a "new future" can still exist within her.

Sailor Moon agrees that a new future will always be created, that light and darkness, battles, hope, life and death, happiness and sadness will all come into existence again, because everything is part of this universe. Sailor Galaxia listens to Sailor Moon and is awed by her belief in the future of the universe. She thinks to herself that Sailor Moon might be the soldier that draws in all light, and believes that she has found her star, but it is too bright and out of reach. She falls to her knees and her bracelets crack. Sailor Moon reaches out to Galaxia and calls her name. Galaxia’s last thoughts is that Sailor Moon will always shine, then her bracelets shatter and she vanishes. Her brooch falls to the ground and Sailor Moon picks it up.

With tears in her eyes, Sailor Moon tells Chibi Chibi Moon that she will not give up. She tells the small Senshi that because everyone believed in her, she will make the future. She tells her not to give up either, that hope and the future will not disappear, and that she should believe, because as long as stars are born, they will be okay.

Chibi Chibi Moon begins to understand. A warm glow surrounds her, and her body transforms into that of a grown woman. She kisses Sailor Moon’s cheek and the two come face to face. Her outfit has changed, and a bright star shines on her forehead. "Chibi Chibi?" Sailor Moon asks, shocked. Their hands touch as they float in a bright light, and they realize they won’t lose because they are Sailor Senshi.

Chaos reacts with fury and tells Sailor Moon that the Cauldron will be her grave, and this is the birth of the ultimate star, Chaos.

Sailor Moon floats up into the air and surrounds herself with a powerful light. In her mind, she addresses all her enemies: Chaos, Queen Metalia, Death Phantom, Pharaoh 90, Queen Nehellenia, and Galaxia. She understands now why they had come for her. It was for the same reason that she always sought to be with her friends: because they are all lonely stars, longing to be one with each other. That was how they began. Sailor Moon says that she will now surround them, inside the Cauldron, to save everyone.

Chaos cries out as Sailor Moon descends into the Cauldron below.


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