Act 6 Tuxedo Kamen TUXEDO MASK

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Chapter Data
Tuxedo Mask carries Sailor Moon after she faints
Name (kanji/kana): Act 6 タキシード仮面 - TUXEDO MASK
Name (romaji): Act 6 Takishiido Kamen - Tuxedo Mask
Name (translated): Act 6 Tuxedo Mask - Tuxedo Mask
Volume Number: 1
Chapter Number: 6
Original Number: 6
Crystal Episode: Act.6 Tuxedo Kamen - TUXEDO MASK -
Previous Chapter: Act 5 Makoto SAILORJUPITER
Next Chapter: Act 7 Mamoru Chiba TUXEDO MASK

Tuxedo Mask spreads word to the public about the Silver Crystal being somewhere in Japan, as Usagi grapples with the fact that she is the designated leader of the Sailor Senshi.


Usagi is stunned by the revelation that she is to lead the Senshi as they search for the Silver Crystal and protect the Princess. She receives the Moon Stick from Luna, who says she will teach Usagi how to use it on another occasion.

Mamoru wakes up at his apartment from a recurring dream; in the dream he sees a long-haired woman telling him of the "Legendary Silver Crystal," but every time he tries to see her face he wakes up. As he looks at the rising sun through the window he wonders who that woman could be.

Luna enters the Tsukino kitchen only to find that Usagi has uncharacteristically already left for school. She goes to read the newspaper, and is shocked to see an article in which Tuxedo Mask reveals information about the Silver Crystal, complete with speculations connecting Sailor Moon and Sailor V to it.

At the school gate, Usagi meets up with Ami and Makoto. When she is about to tell them of her dreams, she sees Mamoru heading their direction. He teases Usagi, asking if she's been studying, but she angrily responds that it's none of his concern. After he leaves Makoto asks about him, then notices that Usagi is blushing, which prompts her to tease her friend about Mamoru, Tuxedo Mask, and Motoki. Ami recognizes his uniform as being from Moto Azabu High School, which is a school only for very intelligent students. Usagi describes Mamoru in an unflattering light, then asks if he is Ami's type. She does not give a direct response, but thinks that she would prefer Motoki over him, a thought that crosses Makoto's mind as well. Ami then snaps out of her thoughts and tells her friends about the news on the Silver Crystal which is now the talk of the town.

Luna makes a phone call to the newspaper to check the news' source. The editor says that Tuxedo Mask sent them a letter, telling them that the Silver Crystal is somewhere in Japan, and the entire country is after it. As Luna wonders about Tuxedo Mask's motivations, Tuxedo Mask himself reads the newspaper, hoping that the stir he caused will give him information on the Crystal's whereabouts because he needs to obtain it.

In the Dark Kingdom, Zoisite and Kunzite watch a host of different TV programs about the Silver Crystal. Kunzite comments that now there is a three-way race for the Crystal, between Sailor Moon, Tuxedo Mask, and the humans. Queen Beryl warns him that the Dark Kingdom must have the Silver Crystal for themselves, while reminding him that they have too little human energy at their disposal. Zoisite offers to take up on the task of collecting the Silver Crystal and harvesting energy at the same time.

The four awakened Senshi convene at the Crown Game Center, and Ami surmises that the whole rumor about the Silver Crystal is an enemy plot to distract them, endangering the Princess. Luna is upset to think of Tuxedo Mask as an enemy, in light of what he has done, but Usagi still refuses to believe. Makoto then asks Luna what she has found out about their enemy or the Princess' whereabouts, and Luna admits she is still in the dark and searching, though she does have a hunch. She tells the Senshi that if "she" obtains the immeasurable power of the Silver Crystal, something terrible will happen, leaving the girls confused by the vagueness of her statement. Usagi asks if the Silver Crystal is really powerful enough to cause something terrible, and Luna replies that the Crystal has enough power to cause a star to explode, depending on how it's used. Ami asks Luna if she really wants them to safeguard such a dangerous artifact, and the cat answers that they must find and protect not just the Silver Crystal, but the reborn heiress of the Moon Kingdom's royal blood as well, because it is their fate and the reason why Luna was sent from the Moon to awaken them. Usagi asks if the Princess they are looking for is the Princess of the Moon Kingdom. Luna decides not to say any more because explaining everything would take too long, and points out that they will recall everything once they have fully awakened. In the meantime, she will keep investigating their enemies and Tuxedo Mask as well, and she warns the Senshi to stay sharp for any dangers as she leaves.

Usagi is at a loss for words with everything that has been revealed so far and, looking at the Sailor V game, she notices that Sailor V wields a weapon similar to the Moon Stick. She wonders aloud whether Sailor V is another of their teammates or just a regular girl. Ami notes that Sailor V had been lying low lately, and Usagi grows more and more intrigued. Having noticed Usagi's reaction, Luna takes it upon herself to investigate Sailor V as well.

That night, a TV special about the Silver Crystal airs, with researcher "Dr. Izono" as a guest. Izono, in truth Zoisite disguised as a woman, states that the Silver Crystal possesses magical powers and can endow the holder immortality, and the people watching the program (including Usagi) are immediately drawn in. Zoisite adds that the Crystal might be somewhere unexpected, which prompts the viewers everywhere to begin searching for it. Zoisite activates a device that saps the energies of all the people who had been watching TV, inwardly complimenting Tuxedo Mask for getting the word of the Silver Crystal out and causing humans to search for it.

The next day, as he is studying, Mamoru hears a voice calling people to offer their energy to the Dark Kingdom. He looks out the window and sees many people collapsing on the streets.

Luna notices that everything at the school is unusually silent, and Ami stumbles out of building, saying that everyone had been drained of their energy. She wants to look for Usagi and Rei, but Luna leaders her to Crown Game Center first. While standing in front of the Sailor V game, Luna starts reciting commands in an unknown language, and an underground staircase opens up. To Ami's amazement, the stairs lead to a high-tech command center whose computers are connected to a mainframe on the Moon. Luna checks a map and pinpoints the energy source at Tokyo Tower. Attempts to contact the other Senshi fail due to some sort of interference, and Ami concludes that the enemy must be using the radio and TV waves broadcast by the Tower to suck out the citizens' energies. She rushes off to find the others.

Out on the street, Usagi finds herself growing weaker and dizzy and falls unconscious, with the Moon Stick glowing next to her. Mamoru finds her and lifts her into his arms. As Usagi begins to wake she thinks that she feels the same comfortable sensation she felt before in Tuxedo Mask's arms, and when she opens her eyes she sees him before her. Tuxedo Mask observes that leaking information on the Silver Crystal helped the enemy, but assures Usagi that he did not intend to help them: he wants the Silver Crystal, but he did not have the same resources as Sailor Moon. He urges Usagi to transform and save the people, and she transforms into Sailor Moon.

Ami finds Rei and Makoto, and the three transform and head to the TV station to confront Zoisite, who flees without a fight. They still need to restore the stolen energy, though, and that is something that depends on Sailor Moon.

Sailor Moon, however, is going through a crisis of confidence, because she does not think of herself as powerful like her teammates; she thinks of herself as just a crybaby who has to rely on Luna for everything. As Tuxedo Mask's encourages her, the Moon Stick appears; she senses power flowing through it and remembers how Sailor V in the game uses her wand. Wishing from all her heart for everyone to be revived, Sailor Moon points the Moon Stick forward and its power surges forth, dispelling the Dark Kingdom's energy-draining influence but using up most of her own energy in the process. Tuxedo Mask catches her as she falls unconscious and, as he carries her off, a pocket watch falls from his pocket into her lap.

As she wakes Sailor Moon thinks to herself that she feels relaxed by the warmth of Tuxedo Mask's hands, which slowly return her energy, and wonders at the feeling that she has known his hands for a long time. She sits up and finds herself in a bed not her own, then remembers again having the dream of the man calling to her through the mist. As she pushes back the covers she sees the pocket watch, noting its cracked face. Sailor Moon turns back into Usagi, thinking that Tuxedo Mask cannot be her enemy, because he is always there to save her, as if he knew everything about her. As she wonders why and who he is, someone in a tuxedo enters the bedroom, and she looks up to see Mamoru.

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