Act 9 - I'll Protect the Legendary Silver Crystal

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Everyone in Tokyo is suddenly looking for the Silver Crystal, and Usagi is determined to prove that Tuxedo Mask is not an enemy.


PGSM Episode
Usagi realizes she saved a fake Tuxedo Mask
Name (kanji/kana): 守れ!幻の銀水晶
Name (romaji): Mamore! Maboroshi no Ginzuishou
Name (translated): I'll Protect the Legendary Silver Crystal
Episode Number: 9
Director: Nobuhiro Suzumura
Writer: Yasuko Kobayashi
Air Date: November 29, 2003
Previous Episode: Act 8 - Rei and Her Father
Next Episode: Act 10 - I am Queen Beryl, Queen of Darkness

In the lobby of a large hotel, there is a glass case containing a massive, clear jewel. A small boy stops to look at the display just as the lights go out. They come back on a moment later, but now the jewel is gone, and outside Tuxedo Mask runs away with it in his hand.

It's morning at the Tsukino residence, and Ikuko is washing dishes in the kitchen. Usagi sleepily wanders in and requests some eggs, but her mother replies that "morning service" is over, and asks just how long she was planning to sleep. Usagi whines that it's the weekend and turns on the tv. She is quickly distracted by a commercial featuring Minako Aino announcing that she's in London recording a brand-new single, and excitedly declares that she can't wait to hear the new song. As she's thinking about that, though, on the tv a news broadcaster starts talking about the jewel thief Tuxedo Mask. Apparently, he has informed the news media that he is looking for a very valuable gem called the Silver Crystal, and that's the reason behind his thefts. Ikuko, excited, goes to search for the jewels her grandma left her, but Usagi and Luna are concerned by this news.

At Karaoke Crown, Usagi, Ami, Makoto, and Rei have gathered in the Secret Base to watch the news. The broadcasters announce that the gem in question is full of rainbow light, and show a drawing of what they think it might look like. Luna turns the tv off, annoyed that Tuxedo Mask has told everyone about the Silver Crystal. Makoto comments that everyone is now going crazy over the news and are searching for the jewel, but Ami thinks that might be his point; if everyone is searching, then it's more likely information on it will be found. Luna is upset, though, that there's more competition in their search, and she's concerned that the Princess might get hurt. Rei is of the opinion that this is the reason why Sailor V thought he was their enemy, and Makoto agrees, adding that he's also a thief. Usagi defends him, though, and in the ensuing argument Makoto asks if she likes Tuxedo Mask. She's unable to answer them, but after everyone has left she admits that she really does like him. She's certain that he must have a good reason for doing what he does.

Mamoru, back at his apartment, dreams about a female figure, dressed in white and surrounded by bright white light, who begs for the Silver Crystal. When he wakes, he sits up and looks at his Tuxedo Mask costume, telling himself that he will find the Crystal no matter what. He goes to pick up the jacket and Usagi's handkerchief falls out, making him remember when Sailor Moon wrapped it around his injured hand.

In the Dark Kingdom, Queen Beryl contemplates Jadeite's unconscious body, observing that even though he always failed, she admired his faithful heart. She waves her hands over him and he shrinks, turning into a stone; she tells him to conserve his power for a while, for her sake, then blows gently on the stone so that it turns black. Nephrite watches the proceedings jealously, then storms away more determined to find the Silver Crystal before anyone else. He considers Tuxedo Mask's current plan, then decides to follow him and take away the Crystal once he finds it.

In the meanwhile, public furor over the search for the Silver Crystal has grown intense - all the newspapers have headlines about it, people flood jewelry stores demanding to know if what they have is the Crystal, and even Ikuko has found her heirloom jewelry that she thinks might be it. Ikuko and Usagi watch the news as an expert named Teruaki Aoi appears to give his opinion on the matter. He talks about how valuable the Crystal is, then gives his phone number for those who think they have found it. Following his segment, the broadcaster talks about a recent rash of jewelry thefts by impostor Tuxedo Masks, and tells people to be careful with their valuables, which makes Ikuko frantically search for a place to hide her necklace.

Masanobu Narita comes to the Hikawa Shrine in search of Rei, and begs her to use her powers to guard his Silver Crystal.

At the junior high, Usagi's classmates clean the room as she absently cleans a window, wondering how Tuxedo Mask is doing. Naru shows up and teases Usagi for dreaming about the boy she likes, and is thrilled when she gets a reaction indicating that she was on the mark. Usagi tells Naru that he's not anyone she knows - and, honestly, she doesn't really know him either because he just appears and disappears. Naru is confused, and Usagi tells her that it's complicated, but Naru insists that Usagi needs to be aggressive and talk to him the next time he appears, because otherwise she'll regret it. Just then, Usagi's cell phone rings, and Luna tells her to meet at the Crown.

The girls all gather at the Secret Base to discuss the request from Narita. Rei says that he hasn't had his gem appraised yet, but is worried that Tuxedo Mask will steal it. She also thinks that his request for her to guard it is silly and doesn't want to use her powers in that way. Luna, however, thinks that they should at least check and see if it's the real thing. Ami volunteers to pretend to be a miko and go in Rei's place; Makoto likes that idea and announces that she'll go as well, just in case Tuxedo Mask does show up. Upon hearing that, Usagi immediately jumps up and says she'll go, but Luna sternly admonishes her to remember that Tuxedo Mask is an enemy.

The Narita residence is guarded by a number of police as Ami arrives, dressed in miko robes. Narita welcomes her warmly and tells her that Aoi, the expert, will be there soon. Outside, Usagi and Makoto survey the situation, then pull out their phones. Makoto disguises herself as a policewoman and joins those already on guard, while Usagi pretends to be a maintenance worker there to prune the trees. From her vantage point, Usagi thinks that, with this many policemen around, if Tuxedo Mask does show up he's likely to get caught; she hopes that he decides not to come.

Elsewhere, Tuxedo Mask strides through a grove of trees.

Aoi arrives and is greeted by Narita, but doesn't seem very pleased to see Ami there. He gets down to business, though, asking to see the gem. Narita removes the case from his pocket and displays the gem, which sparkles in the light. As Aoi leans down to inspect it, he glances at Ami, and she looks away.

Out on the grounds, Usagi wonders what's going on, because she can't see anything from where she is. Just then a tuxedo-clad figure appears from the underbrush below her. Usagi frets that Tuxedo Mask will be seen by the police; she remembers Luna telling her to remember that he's an enemy, and Naru telling her to be aggressive. She watches a moment longer, indecisive, then her memory of Naru tells her that she'll regret it if she doesn't do anything. She nods once, decision made.

After Aoi has inspected the gem, he declares that it does fit the characteristics of the Silver Crystal. Narita is thrilled to hear that, but just then someone outside shouts the alarm that Tuxedo Mask has been sighted. Out on the grounds, Usagi has disguised herself as Tuxedo Mask and is trying to get the attention of the police guards. Makoto recognizes her and is confused about what she's doing. Usagi runs off into the bushes, bringing the other Tuxedo Mask along with her.

Inside, Aoi takes advantage of the ruckus to grab the crystal, but Ami spots him and says that she knew he was suspicious. He runs off with the crystal with Ami in pursuit, and Narita collapses, wailing in despair. Once outside, Aoi hands the gem to Nephrite, who congratulates him and then snaps his fingers, rendering the man unconscious. Makoto and Ami arrive and demand that he return the Silver Crystal; Nephrite recognizes them and tries to escape, but they transform into Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Mercury, and stop him. Nephrite, frustrated, fires an attack at them.

Usagi and "Tuxedo Mask" hide behind a wall as the police run past, and Usagi breathes a sigh of relief. "Tuxedo Mask" speaks up then and she suddenly realizes that it's not the real Tuxedo Mask. He takes his mask off and asks why she helped him, then realizes she's female and starts to stroke her hand in a creepy manner. Usagi screams and shoves him back, attracting the attention of the police; some of them grab hold of the fake Tuxedo Mask while others spot Usagi and chase after her. She finds herself trapped in a dead end and wonders what to do next, when she hears the real Tuxedo Mask tell her to transform. She takes his advice and transforms into Sailor Moon, leaving behind her hat and mask for the police to find.

Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Mercury continue to battle against Nephrite. His main objective seems to be to escape with the Silver Crystal, but they won't let him get away. They finally attack with Shine Aqua Illusion and Flower Hurricane, but he blocks their attacks and returns them with a blast of energy that throws both Sailor Senshi back. As he does so, though, he drops the supposed Silver Crystal and it shatters against the ground, making him realize that it's a fake. He disappears again with a swirl of his cape.

After nightfall, the police are still out searching, but Sailor Moon and the real Tuxedo Mask are safely hidden. He observes that she saved an impostor, and she replies that she'd thought it was the real one, admitting that it was stupid of her. He, however, only smiles in response. Sailor Moon asks why he told everyone about the Silver Crystal, and he says that he doesn't have powers like the Senshi do, but he also needs to find the Crystal. When Sailor Moon asks why, he replies that he needs to find out who he is. She asks what that means, and he is silent, remembering his dream. A police siren suddenly sounds and Tuxedo Mask starts to leave, but Sailor Moon stops him, saying that even though he's saved her so often she doesn't even know his name or his face. He replies that he thinks it's better this way, and leaves.

Back at the Secret Base, Ami reports on the day's events, and points out that Rei didn't really need to go after all. Rei thanks her, but Ami just smiles and shakes her head. Meanwhile, Makoto and Usagi argue about Tuxedo Mask, and Usagi finally slouches down in her chair to sulk. Ami walks over and sets her hand on Usagi's shoulder, and in response Usagi happily gives Ami a hug. Luna is glad that the fuss over the Silver Crystal has finally died down, and Ami points out that even with everyone searching it still wasn't found. Luna suggests that it might be with the Princess.

Zoisite sits at his piano, composing a song that he has titled "Requiem for a Princess."

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