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Character Information
Name: Ail
Name (kanji/kana): エイル
Alignment: Makaiju
Species: Alien species created by the Makaiju
Gender: Male
Lives: On the Makaiju; Juuban Odyssey apartments
Occupation: Interplanetary scavenger, junior high school student
Family: Makaiju (parent)
Associates: An
Aliases: Seijuurou Ginga
First Anime Appearance: Moon Revived! The Mysterious Aliens Appear
First Manga Appearance: N/A
First PGSM Appearance: N/A
English Name: Alan Granger (dub), Seijuurou Ginga/Ail (Viz dub)
Actors: Hikaru Midorikawa (anime), Vincent Corazza (dub), Brian Beacock (Viz dub)

Ail was an alien who came to Earth with An on the Makaiju. While living on Earth, he adopted the name of Seijuurou Ginga (銀河星十郎). To help An steal energy from humans, Ail would summon a Cardian by playing a melody on his flute. During his appearance in Sailor Moon R, he developed a crush on Usagi Tsukino. He also considered himself a rival of Mamoru Chiba, in whom An expressed romantic interest.


  • The names Ail and An together are a pun on the word "alien."