Amazon Stones

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Enemy Weapon
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Item Name: Amazon Stones
Item Name (kanji/kana): アマゾン・ストーンズ
English Name: Amazon Globes, Amazon Stones (Mixx manga)
Used by: Amazoness Quartet
Attack(s) Required For: Various (see CereCere, PallaPalla, JunJun, and VesVes)
First Appearance (anime): Mirror of Dreams! Amazons' Final Stage
First Appearance (manga): Act 39 Yume 1 Nisshoku Dream
First Appearance (musical):

The Amazon Stones were four magical orbs given to the Amazoness Quartet by Queen Nehellenia in Sailor Moon SuperS. The Quartet used these stones to perform tricks and attacks against the Sailor Senshi, and also to extract the Dream Mirrors of their targets. The powers of the stones were enhanced by Nehellenia in episode 162. After they received additional powers, all four gems turned black for a moment then returned to their original colors. Later in the series, Sailor Moon convinced the Quartet to break these stones to free themselves from Nehellenia's control.

In the manga and Sailor Moon Crystal, Zirconia trapped the Quartet in the gems after Sailor Saturn attempted to reach out to them. After Nehellenia was defeated, Sailor Saturn presented the gems to Neo-Queen Serenity, who used the power of the Silver Moon Crystal to revive the Quartet from the gems and restore them to their true forms as the Sailor Quartet.


  • The mineral amazonite is also referred to as "Amazonstone."