Believe in Love! Ami, a Kind Hearted Senshi

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Episode Data
Usagi and Minako find the Pure Heartless students
Original Episode
Name (Kanji/kana): 愛を信じて! 亜美、心優しき戦士
Name (Romaji): Ai wo Shinjite! Ami, Kokoro Yasashiki Senshi
Name (Translated): Believe in Love! Ami, a Kind Hearted Senshi
Name (Viz Dub): Believe in Love: Ami, the Kindhearted Guardian
Episode Number: 122
Director: Yuji Endo
Writer: Sukehiro Tomita
Animation Director: Hideyuki Motohashi
Air Date: January 21, 1995
Previous Episode: A Mystic Flower That Steals Hearts! The Third Witch, Tellu
Next Episode: Shadows of Destruction! The Awakening of the Messiah of Silence
First English Dub Episode
Name: The Science of Love
Number: 115
Company: Cloverway
Air Date: July 25, 2000
Previous Episode: Fiendish Ferns
Next Episode: Wake Up Call

With the latest round of national practice exams being held at Mugen Academy, the Sailor Team infiltrate the school, and Ami encounters her academic rival, Yui Bidou.


At the Hikawa Shrine, Ami, Minako, Rei, and Makoto examine the student handbook Tellu left behind after being killed by her own monstrous creation. The girls suspect there is something fishy about Mugen Academy, the school attended by both Tellu and their previous enemy, Mimete.

As they discuss the matter, Usagi arrives at the temple and excitedly congratulates Ami for getting the highest rank in the national mock exam with a perfect score. Slightly embarrassed, Ami says there was actually another girl with a perfect score: Yui Bidou, who is a star student at Mugen Academy. This new information only makes the girls more suspicious about the school, which happens to be hosting the next national practice examination. They begin to discuss a way to sneak onto the campus to investigate, but Ami shyly admits she has a pass for that exam, since she was thinking of taking it as well.

In spite of the snow falling over Sankakusu, numerous students crowd together outside Mugen Academy, waiting for their turn to enter. The girls join the long line, admiring the students' enthusiasm and determination. Rei remarks on Usagi's complete lack of good study habits, and the two of them start bickering.

Professor Tomoe and Kaolinite admire the long line of students from a security monitor in the principal's office, and Kaolinite comments on Mugen Academy's increasing popularity as a high-caliber educational institution, a reputation which will no doubt attract many intelligent and hardworking students. As she speaks, Kaolinite takes the professor's arm and moves closer to him, but quickly backs off as the two of them are interrupted by Viluy, the new executive from the Witches 5. It was Viluy's idea to organize the practice examination at Mugen Academy in order to steal pure hearts from the students. Before leaving to proceed with her plan, Viluy disdainfully advises Kaolinite to make herself useful instead of just fawning over the professor.

While hurrying to Hotaru's house, Chibiusa runs across Mamoru, who is waiting in his car in front of a pedestrian crossing. When Mamoru asks where is she going, Chibiusa evades the question and runs off smiling. As Mamoru drives away, he sees Setsuna, who seems to be following Chibiusa, in the rear-view mirror. Chibiusa arrives at the seemingly empty Tomoe residence, and wonders where Hotaru could have been taken after she was captured by Kaolinite.

Once inside the academy, the Inner Senshi are approached by Yui Bidou herself, who has heard much about Ami's success on the national examinations. Yui insists on taking Ami to the school's laboratories; meanwhile, the girls decide to separate into two groups to investigate the academy.

Elsewhere in the school, Haruka and Michiru discuss the ominous power they have sensed looming over Mugen Academy and, resolving to get to the bottom of it once and for all, they head down to a certain room in the basement they had previously tried to investigate.

Yui shows Ami a model of the universe of her own creation, pointing out a particular "Tau" star system. She explains that their school is broken into five classes: philosophy, entertainment, science, physical, and professional; superior students become lecturers, as she herself is in the science department, and teach other students. Ami is shocked to hear a mere student can become a teacher, and Yui replies that anyone intelligent enough can teach. Ami thinks doing well in academics doesn't necessarily make one a capable teacher, because a good teacher must also be someone who is able to understand the feelings and needs of all their pupils, including those with poor grades. Yui laughs at Ami, calling her an idealist, and claims science has nothing to do with emotions, only logic. When Ami disagrees, Yui says she doesn't sound like someone who is supposed to be so intelligent, then leaves, as the exam is about to begin.

At his office, Professor Tomoe and Kaolinite watch Ami from the monitor, and both agree that she seems suspicious. Viluy interrupts them once again and tells the professor to leave Ami, whom she suspects of being a Sailor Senshi, to her. Kaolinite protests but is pushed aside easily by Viluy, who kneels in front of Professor Tomoe and promises to not only carry out her plan but also get rid of Ami if she is confirmed to be a Sailor Senshi. Viluy then shows her bracelet, which gives her the ability to command nanomachines in control of Mugen Academy's highly advanced supercomputer. The professor is impressed and gives Viluy his blessing. Before the witch leaves the room, she teases Kaolinite about her uselessness again, openly questioning the professor's decision to bring her back from the dead.

Usagi and Minako peek inside a classroom full of students on computers, taking their exams, and at first all seems normal. Then Viluy launches her Pure Heart-extracting program, and the Crystals leave her victims' bodies and are absorbed into the computers. Their suspicions confirmed, Usagi and Minako decide the only way to save the students is to find the mastermind behind the plan and defeat them.

Down in the basement, Haruka and Michiru manage to access the mysterious room, which turns out to be the lair where Hotaru remains dormant. The girls immediately recognize her as the Messiah of Silence, and decide to destroy her right away, but they are stopped by Ami. Ami tries to convince them that Hotaru is just a pitiful girl who is being used by the Death Busters, but both of them refuse to listen.

Yui Bidou arrives and, recognizing Haruka and Michiru as students of Mugen Academy, orders the three of them to reveal their real identities, then exposes herself as Viluy. Haruka and Michiru run towards the stand where the Messiah of Silence rests in her throne, but they are stopped by Viluy's Mosaic Buster attack, which sends nano robots into their bodies that painfully paralyze them. Ami goes to their aid, ignoring Haruka when she tells her to escape. Viluy declares such idealism to sacrifice herself to save others is what will lead to her death, and fires another blast from her bracelet. The attack misses, though, and pops some of the balloons surrounding the Messiah of Silence's seat; Hotaru stirs in her sleep.

Ami transforms into Sailor Mercury and tells Viluy to stop abusing science for her evil deeds. The witch responds with another Mosaic Buster, and Sailor Mercury freezes the nano robots in mid-air with Shine Aqua Illusion, but Viluy simply presses a special button in her bracelet and the nano robots break through the ice and attack Mercury. Viluy explains that the nano robots bite into human bodies and break them up, leaving behind nothing but the victims' Pure Heart Crystals.

As Mercury collapses in pain, Sailor Moon, Jupiter, Mars, and Venus arrive. Viluy threatens to kill Mercury if they try something, only to attack them using Mosaic Buster, which the Senshi barely manage to dodge. Haruka and Michiru take advantage of the distraction to transform into Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune, then blast Viluy using World Shaking and Deep Submerge, respectively. The witch falls on her knees, defeated, and Sailor Moon powers up into Super Sailor Moon using the Holy Grail. Super Sailor Moon notices Viluy's power comes from her bracelet, and directs her Rainbow Moon Heartache against it. The attack doesn't seem to have any effect on the bracelet at first, but when Viluy orders her nano robots to attack Super Sailor Moon, they turn against their master and, unaffected by her cries for help, slowly consume her. The school's massive supercomputer is destroyed and the Pure Heart Crystals return to their owners, who wake up unharmed. As Viluy fades away and her bracelet is reduced to dust, Sailor Mercury sadly remarks that it was Viluy who said science and technology don't need hearts.

Professor Tomoe announces Viluy's defeat, and Kaolinite calls her a fool then smiles to herself, thinking she didn't need to worry about getting rid of Viluy after all. The professor is happy to have finally confirmed the Sailor Senshi's identities; he declares that the battle has just begun, then makes Hotaru disappear from her room through a magical portal. As Sailor Moon calls out for Hotaru, the girl's face contorts into an evil smile.

Chibiusa stands under the falling snow outside the Tomoe residence. Mamoru and Setsuna surprise her by bringing her an umbrella, but Chibiusa says she doesn't mind standing there until Hotaru returns. When she asks Setsuna if Hotaru will someday return, her friend simply embraces her lovingly.

Far from Mugen Academy, Haruka tells Ami that if she hadn't stopped Michiru and herself the Messiah of Silence wouldn't have been able to escape. She adds that Ami's idealism has endangered their mission, however, it was that idealism that saved both of them in the first place, and they thank her. Usagi and the others are relieved that they are finally able to cooperate with the Outer Senshi, at least for the time being.

Episode trivia[edit]

  • This was the only episode in which Viluy truly appeared.
  • When this episode was aired on YTV, the episode name card was never shown on screen.
  • At the beginning of this episode in the first English dub, the girls wondered who owned the book from Mugen Academy, even though in the previous episode Sailor Moon saw it belonged to Telulu, and Amy somehow knew Byruit's real name. Also in that dub, Sailor Moon's attack was spoken as "Rainbow Moon Heart Attack" instead of the usual "Rainbow Moon Heartache."


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