Black Moon Castle

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The Black Moon Castle in Crystal

The Black Moon Castle (ブラック・ムーンの城; Burakku Muun no Joo) was the seat of the Black Moon Clan's power on Nemesis. In the manga, it looked like a trio of towers out in an open space. In the first anime, it was a larger city-like settlement. In Sailor Moon Crystal, it looked like a stronghold perched upon a cliff.

Within the structure there was a throne room called the Jakokusuishou no Hannouro (邪黒水晶の反応炉; Evil Black Crystal's Furnace), which was described by Saphir as the only place on the planet that was open to the air. There were also the clan members' respective quarters, of which only Prince Demande's was ever seen, and a maze of corridors. Beneath the fortress was the Ankoku no Heya (暗黒の部屋; Room of Darkness), which served as Nemesis' dungeons.


  • In the settei for the first anime, it was called プリンス・デマンドの城 (Purinsu Demando no Joo; Prince Demande's Castle), while in the settei for Crystal, the castle was labelled ブラック・ムーン城 (Burakku Muun Joo).
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