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Bonbon Babies

Bonbon Babies (ボンボン・ベビーズ) were creatures which appeared only in the Sailor Moon SuperS movie. Poupelin, Banane, and Orangeat would create Bonbon Babies by using their flutes to transform colored candies, then again use their flutes to control their creations. Each Bonbon Baby was a different color depending on its owner: Poupelin's were blue, Banane's were orange, and Orangeat's were pink.

They did not seem to have any special powers, generally attacking by body-slamming their targets. The Sailor Senshi were able to easily destroy the creatures at first, but when powered up by Queen Badiane, they became much more resilient, and would immediately regenerate upon getting attacked.

When the original creator of the Bonbon Babies was destroyed, they disappeared along with them.


  • Besides the obvious associations between bonbons and candy in the Bonbon Babies' names, "bonbon" (ボンボン) is also an onomatopoeia for the sound of something bouncing.