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A butterfly is a common symbol for the soul, rebirth, or transformation, and butterflies appear often in the Sailor Moon series.

Super Sailor Moon[edit]

Super Sailor Moon's transformation sequence Crisis, Make Up, which appeared in the Sailor Moon S season of the anime and third season of Sailor Moon Crystal, included a swarm of butterflies made of multicolored light, and in her final pose she appeared with translucent butterfly wings.

Mister Magic Pierrot[edit]

In episode 149 of the SuperS season, the Lemures that was sent to destroy the Amazon Trio turned Fisheye's daggers into black butterflies.


In the anime, the Messiah was depicted with butterfly wings.

Sailor Heavy Metal Papillon[edit]

The final Sailor Animamate in the Stars arc of the manga and Sailor Moon Cosmos was Sailor Heavy Metal Papillon. "Papillon" is the French word for "butterfly," and the character herself had a pair of butterfly wings. She collected Star Seeds and buried them in her graveyard, allowing what essence remained in them to transform into butterflies and float away.

Princess Kakyuu[edit]

In the anime, Princess Kakyuu's aura was symbolized by a butterfly made of red light. The Sailor Starlights referred to this butterfly as the Princess's "scent." In many scenes of the Sailor Stars season, Chibi Chibi was seen following such a butterfly around in various parts of town. Sometimes it seemed as though only she could see the butterfly, but in episode 193 both Usagi and Seiya saw it.

Star Seeds[edit]

In the anime, Star Seeds were also associated with butterflies. When Sailor Galaxia removed her own Star Seed and released it into the galaxy, it took the form of a butterfly made of pink light.


In the first season of the anime, there was a Youma named "Papillon."


In the Sailor Moon video game Sailor Moon SuperS: Sailor Moon to Hiragana Lesson! for Playdia, there was a Lemures named Hiraganyan who first appeared as a grub and then evolved into a butterfly.

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